• “Diane”

    19 March 2010 Jami

    “Diane” 21 – 15 – 9 100/75kg Deadlift HSPU…

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  • CrossFit Mobility

    18 March 2010 Jami

    Head over to check out our new CrossFit Mobility blog. It provides tools and strategies to improve performance and address movement restrictions. Do you want to take a minute off of your Fran or Cindy time? How about inc…

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  • “CrossFit Total”

    17 March 2010 Jami

    UPDATE: We’ll start the session at 5.30pm tonight to make sure you have the best opportunity to express your potential on CFT. You can still come at 6pm if you cannot make it before. “CFT” Back squat, 1…

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  • Rest and stretch

    16 March 2010 Jami

    Minimum of 20 minutes of stretching and myofascial release work. 3D Shoulder stretches with resistance bands from Thames CrossFit on Vimeo.…

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  • TEST WEEK – WOD I “Helen”

    15 March 2010 Jami

    This week is a test week. There will be only 3 main workouts: Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Thursday is a catch up day if you miss a workout today or Wednesday. “Helen” 3 rounds for time: 400m run 21 KB Swing…

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  • Breakfast

    14 March 2010 Jami

    A: Run 15 minutes for maximum distance B: Stretch 20 minutes What are you eating for breakfast? Post to comments.…

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  • Nutrition Saturday – Michael Pollan

    13 March 2010 Jami

    Michael Pollan – Omnivores Dilemma Weekend UK sectional WOD session has been postponed to Sunday as we’re still waiting for information on the events. Time will be announced as soon as we know the events.…

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  • Support

    12 March 2010 Jami

    Great work and great job cheering each other on this week. Thames CrossFit is all about pushing yourself further than you think you can go, and it is a lot easier when you have community support. A: Press 5 – 3 …

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    11 March 2010 Jami

    Phil and Aiden working the chin ups during the WOD on Wed. Tough one on Wed, but I think the Thursday’s WOD will serve as a reminder that the easy day is always yesterday. Enjoy! A: “THE AIR FORCE WOD” …

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  • Wednesday

    10 March 2010 Jami

    A: B.Squat 5 – 3 – 3 – 1 – 1 (Go heavy!) B: For time: 30 box jumps – 24/18″ 10 chin ups 20 box jumps – 24/18″ 20 chin ups 10 box jumps – 24/18″ 30 chin ups…

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