• Observation

    25 February 2010 admin

    Good vibe in the gym lately. Our community is growing and everyone is improving. I especially like how everyone is calling each other out on their form. We are all in this to get better, and little tips and pointers are …

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  • Sandy

    24 February 2010 admin

    Tomorrow marks Sandy’s (temporary) farewell. He’s off to Australia to get married, then on his honeymoon. He’ll only be gone for a month, but we’ll really miss his intensity and effort on a daily …

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  • Rest = Stretch!

    23 February 2010 admin

    A: Spend at least 20 minutes doing your homework stretches Gastro-soleus streches and subtalar joint mobilisation to improve ankle mobility from Optimum Health and Performance on Vimeo.…

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  • Strength cycle – Week 4

    22 February 2010 admin

    A: F. Squat 3×3 B: B. Squat 1×18 C: 8 minute AMRAP 4 HSPU 8 32/24kg KB Swings 12 Knees to elbows We will be introducing personalised mobility work to all athletes starting from today. You will be doing this at …

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  • Sunday sprints

    21 February 2010 admin

    A: 8 x 60m run, these are all out efforts, 2 min rest between sprints B: Stretch – minimum 20 minutes…

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  • Nutrition Saturday

    20 February 2010 admin

    Paul Chek – Nutrition: The Dirt Facts…

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  • Friday 19th Feb

    19 February 2010 admin

    Are your legs sore yet? The end of another tough week, and we’ve been seeing great progress from several members of the community. Keep up the good work! A: Back squat 3×5 B: Handstand progressions C: 3 rounds…

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  • Free workout on Monday!

    18 February 2010 admin

    Bring your friends and family on Monday Feb 22 at 7pm for a free workout session at Thames CrossFit! The session will provide background on our programming and introduce participants to CrossFit with a warm-up, a short …

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  • Thursday 18th

    18 February 2010 admin

    A: DL 3×3 B: Power clean 10 – 7 – 4, 90 sec rest between sets C: 7 min AMRAP 7 Clapping push-ups 7 Knees to elbows Congratulations to Sandy who finished 30 Muscle ups for time as Rx’d for the first…

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  • What? Box steps?

    17 February 2010 admin

    A: Barbell box steps (high step-up) 3×5 (each leg) B: B.Squat 1×17 C: 30 Muscle-ups for time Here’s why we decided to give high step-ups a chance.…

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