• Cindy

    31 March 2010 Jay

    A nice demonstration of Cindy. A: “Cindy” As many rounds as possible (AMRAP) in 20 mins of 5 pull-ups 10 push-ups 15 squats This is an all bodyweight workout, so if you’re lamenting low numbers on your …

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  • Congrats to Sofia and Julie

    30 March 2010 Jay

    Congrats to Sofia and Julie, who finish their elements class tomorrow. These two hard-working ladies bring the intensity to the gym every time they walk through the door. Looking forward to letting them loose on our regu…

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  • FRAN!

    29 March 2010 Jay

    Original CrossFit fire-breathers Annie S and Greg A doing ‘Fran’ at the former CrossFit headquarters in Santa Cruz, California. They finished in less than 3 mins, so how hard can it be? Note that HQ is about …

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  • Weekend WOD – Tabata sprints

    27 March 2010 Jay

    Only four minutes of work…which should tell you something about the intensity. Don’t skip this one, get out there and do it even if you’re just running up and down the streets of London (unless you live…

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  • What are you eating?

    26 March 2010 Jay

    This meal cost 16 pounds and fed four hungry CrossFitters with leftovers. How are you eating? Are you getting the results you want? Diet is 80% of the reason you succeed or fail in the gym. What did you have for dinner l…

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  • Jumping in London

    25 March 2010 Jay

    Griff jumping with Canary Wharf in the background. One of the purest tests of athletic ability…How high can you jump? A: Max height box jump Followed by…how much weight can you lift overhead? B: 1RM Snatch &#…

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  • Handstands

    24 March 2010 Jay

    Be sure to keep your shoulders active during the handstand, as Julie demonstrates above. A: Handstand practise B: 5 RFT 30 double unders 20 burpees 10 ring dips Don’t forget about our FREE workout session this Thur…

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  • Rest, stretch, and feedback

    23 March 2010 Jami

    We want your feedback. How are things going for you at the gym? Is there anything you’d like to see done differently? Over the last few weeks we’ve gotten a few suggestions about how to make things better (mo…

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  • Recovery, Benchmarking and Free Session

    22 March 2010 Jay

    Phil goes for a new Deadlift PR. This week is a chance for everyone to work on technique and work on your benchmarks. If you’re destroyed from last week, you’ll get a chance to recover this week before we hit…

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  • John qualifies for CrossFit Games Regionals!

    21 March 2010 Jami

    A: Run 5k B: Stretch for a minimum of 20 minutes John did what we already expected he would this weekend at the UK and Ireland CrossFit Games 2010 sectionals and qualified for the Regionals, held later this spring. He p…

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