Big Picture Programming For 2020! – Head Coach Milo

Hey Team!

I have been working away for the past few weeks on our 2020 Programming cycles for the year to make us as awesome as possible!

As a lot of you know I have been playing with our programming a little to make sure you all get the most out of it and can make those tweaks you need to help you achieve your goals however they may change across the year. Like you guys I’m constantly trying to get better at everything I do and I believe that this year is going to be our best programming year I’ve done by far! TIME TO GET EXCITED! 🙂

So as with last year, the dates aren’t quite set in stone and may need to change here and there. Again we know roughly when the CrossFit Open will be but no exact dates so some slight tweaks may be made as we go.

What does the plan look like?

The X-Mas Burners! – From the 1st of Jan till the 19th of Jan (3 Weeks)

Hypertrophy/Prep Stages – From the 20th of Jan till the 16th of Feb (4 Weeks)

Deload and Testing – From the 17th of Feb till the 1st of March (2 Weeks)

Strength Gainz! – From the 2nd of March till 26th of April (8 Weeks)

Deload and Testing – From the 27th of April till the 10th of May (2 Weeks)

Power Phase – From the 11th of May till the 21st of June (6 Weeks)

Deload and Testing – From the 22nd of June till the 5th of July (2 Weeks)

Going Full CrossFit.. 😛 (General Physical Prep Phase) – From the 6th of July till the 2nd of August (4 Weeks)

Deload Week – From the 3rd of August till the 10th of August (1 Week)

Skill Vibes – 11th of August till the 30th of August (3 Weeks)

Open Prep! – 1st of September till the 4th of October (5 Weeks)

The CrossFit 2021 Open! (Estimate Dates) – 5th of October till the 8th of November (5 Weeks)

Deload/Testing and Fun Team WODs! – 9th of November till the 29th of November (3 Weeks)

12 Days of CrossFit & InterClass Throwdowns! 🙂 – 30th of November till the 11th of December! (12 Days 😛 )

There you have it team! Now as ever I appreciate some of you aren’t that fussed and just want to train. That’s awesome! All you need to do is turn up and the coaches here have got you covered. 🙂 If you have specific goals then here is your map to start making those plans and getting after them!

Here is a brief rundown of the year for those of you that want to know.

We will kick things off with a general phase to get back into the swing of things. As much as some of us may be raring to go when that first session hits us like a ton of bricks after way too much food and craziness over the holiday period then we will need a bit of time to just find our groove again and not have to chase specific numbers. Hence the “Xmas Burners” phase. It will get us primed and give us all that kick we so desperately need!

Then we will move over into our hypertrophy phase which for those of you looking to add some size to your frame is perfect time to take advantage. Now I can already hear the “I don’t want to get bigger!” complaints. Fear not! This phase is still GOOD FOR YOU! Trust me. Hypertrophy is also really good for prep stages and repairing our bodies from the beatings we give it. So as long as you aren’t eating more than you need to be then you won’t be adding any size.

Then comes everyone’s favourite! STRENGTH GAINZ! Whoop Whoop! Time to get as strong as possible. As ever we will work on the bigger lifts that have the most transfer over to everything else we do. Get ready to strap in because it will be rough as ever but you WILL get the Strongest you’ve ever been!

Power Phase will be our chance to build all that newfound strength into power with WODs or whatever we are applying our fitness to outside of the gym. This will also probably be one of our most “Fun” (read painful)… Yay…. 😛

After that, we will be going full CrossFit! 😛 All I mean by that is that we will be have a good mix across the board with everything with no set bias in any direction. The aim, however, will be to bring everything we have been doing up until that point together. The whole CF game is trying to be as well rounded as possible. This is where we will see how much better we have got across the board with all our cycles and enjoy some good training!

Skill Vibes! This is where we will have a dedicated 3 weeks to improve on all of those skills that you will need come Open time or what you have been wanting to improve on but avoiding! That said, I am working on improving our skill game with our programming so fear not this wont be the only time we do skills in the year but we will aim to bring a new level to it with these three weeks and make you upside down flying butterfly double undering ninjas (or insert skill as needed 🙂 )

Open Prep and the 2021 Open! Exactly what it says on the tin peeps! We need to get you Open ready so that means a lot of short bursts and hitting those classic Open style WODs, mixing in some skills and getting you ready for your best result in the Open if you choose to take part!

Then as the title gives away team, the 12 days and the interclass WILL be making a return together in 2020! 🙂 We already are beyond fired up for that 🙂 Has anyone got it in them to take down the 6 am Crew?!?

What else?

Here are some little notes from me as well of what else we will see in this year’s programming!

More team WODs! – I am to add in a lot more team WODs and partner WODs on other days than just the Saturdays.

More Skills! – As I hinted at above team we will be adding in a lot more gymnastics to the programming for those of you who are working towards specific skills. I’ll go over how soon as I’ve been chatting a lot more than you need on a Sunday night probably!

Saturday WODs will still be Partner WODs but may have in more set time to work on drills and skills. We pretty much spent the entire year doing 30-35 Min AMRAPs or the like on Saturdays and although fun I’m sure we can make even better! They will still be partner WODs but we will be mixing it up a little more for you and your bestie!

Closing out team. I CANNOT WAIT for this year! I truly believe it’s going to be our best yet and I’ve learnt a lot and already put in a lot of time to this years programming to make sure you are all getting everything you possibly can out of your training with us.

For those who want it, I can go into more detail if needed just fire your questions across and I will happily talk until you are sick of listening to me 🙂 Keep your eyes peeled for another Update for 2020 Events!

Speak soon team!
– Head Coach Milo


A) Coach Misty’s Birthday WOD!
Teams of 2

2km Row/Ski
100 Power Cleans (Increasing)
50 Syncro Bar Facing Burpee

– 30 min Time Cap –
Power Clean Break Down
30 @60/40kg
30 @70/50kg
20 @80/57.5kg
10 @90/65kg
10 @100/70kg

B) 5-10 Minutes of Skill Work of choice


Classic CrossFit

A) 3 Rounds
30/24 Cal Ski/Row
5 Muscle Ups (ring)

– Rest 4 Mins –

B) 3 Rounds
30/24 Cal Ski/Row
3 Legless Rope Climb

– Rest 4 Mins –

C) 3 Rounds
30/24 Cal Ski/Row
5 Muscle Ups (bar)

Target Time: Sub 8:00
Time Cap: 13:00


35min. to finish…
400m Run
50 Back Squats 40/30kg
400m Run
50 Pull-Ups
400m Run
50 American KB Swings 24/16kg
400m Run
30 Back Squats 60/40kg
400m Run
30 Pull-Ups
400m Run
30 American KB Swings 32/24kg


Classic CrossFit

A) Deadlift heavy set of 5
Do at least 5 working sets to get to your heavy 5

B) 3 Rounds
500m Row
50 Single Arm Dumbbell Shoulder to Overhead 22/16kg (50 total: 25 R/25 L)

Target Time: 14:00
Time Cap: 18:00


Classic CrossFit

A) Squat Snatch Heavy Triple
At least 5 working sets.

*Does not have to be TnG.
*Finishing close 75-80% 1 RM is a good goal.

B) For time:
100 Double Under
25 Burpee Box Jump Over 24/20
25 Toes to Bar
50 Wtd Sit-Ups 16/10kg
25 Toes to Bar
25 Burpee Box Jump Over 24/20
100 Double Under

Target Time: 12:00
Time Cap: 17:00


3 Rounds:

400m Run
500m Row
100 Double Unders

3 Rounds:

30 Alt. DB Snatch 22/16kg
20 Wtd Sit Ups

50 KB Deadlifts 20/16kg
30 Burpees!


Classic CrossFit

A) 10 Sets
18/14 Cal AD/Ski
6 Sandbag Clean 60/40kg
2 Rope Climb

*1 Set Every 4:00


Teams of 2. I go you go for a “round” each on each AMRAP!
10min. AMRAP:
3 Power Snatches 60/40kg
10 Toes-To-Bar

10min. AMRAP:
3 Hang Power Cleans 82.5/60kg
10 HSPU’s

10min. AMRAP:
3 Deadlifts 100/70kg
10 Wall Balls 9/6kg

3 Mins rest between AMRAPs