Big Picture Programming for 2019!

Hey Gang ! 

As promised I have been working away at the programming on a larger scale so you know what you are doing , why and where you are heading next and again, why.

Now , please be aware some of these days may shift forward or back a week or two throwing this out of whack a little so don’t book holidays around it 😛 but its more to give you an idea of where we are going and why. Unfortunately however there are some things I can’t account for like exact dates for the CrossFit Open (more so as there are TWO of them in 2019!) so a few tweaks may need to be made here and there.

Here’s an outline for you for going forward:

Post X-mas Smash for 6 weeks (7th of January – 16th of Feb )
CrossFit Open 5 weeks (18th of February – 23rd of March )
Testing for 1 week (24th of March – 30th of March)
Positional work , Gymnastics and structure work 6 weeks (1st of April – 11th May )
2 week testing (13th of May – 25th of May)

Pure strength and power development 10 weeks (3rd of June – 10th of August )
2 week testing (12th of August – 24th of August )
Power endurance and strength endurance work 6-8 weeks (26th of August – 5th of October)
1 week testing (7th of October – 12th of October)

“Post X-mas Smash”

This is exactly what it sounds like. Sometimes I’m here to help you and sometimes I’m here to give you the rude awakening that you need. This will be very classic esq CrossFit style with plenty of variety in movements to get you moving again. Some strength work and some good intensity work that will be making you question all your holiday choices. So make sure you enjoy it and make it worth it 🙂
This part will be 6 weeks in length and it will have a very similar feel to what we have been doing in the past two cycles. So it has the “fun” but also “what was Milo thinking…” kinda vibes to it.

“Testing week and CrossFit Open take 1 for 2019!”

Now that HQ has released the official open dates for 2019 we can make a plan of action and we have done so.

The Open. For those that don’t know this is 5 weeks of CrossFit WODs that are used to start the selection process to the fittest on earth at the Reebok CrossFit Games. This is run world wide at each CrossFit box so you can see how you improve year to year compared to the rest of the field and have some fun doing it!
I’d like to do some testing just after the Open looking more a the lifts and some other classic WODs apart from the open WODs which you will have 5 weeks of before hand.

“Structure, Positional work and Gymnastics”

I can already hear the “but we don’t need that” arguments. Well , again I’m not here to stroke your egos and I’m telling you that you DO need this.
It’s 6 weeks where we will slow some days down a little (not as much as last year fear not haha) but enough that we can get some solid work in and lay a great foundation to build on for the year to keep you injury free and to maximise the gain train wave that we will be making you ride as the year goes on. Don’t be lazy and set the foundation so at the end of the year you will be the badass you want to be.

“2 Week testing period”

Here we will be testing some of our strength numbers , power outputs and some Classic CF WODs so we have some numbers going into the next phase and so you know exactly where you stand before and after.

“Pure Strength and Power Development”

This is where we will be chasing some pure strength work and building on that foundation that we will have laid with the positional work and with the GPP before that.
We will be hitting the classics such as Back Squat , Deadlift and Presses to get you as strong as possible in 10 weeks. We will do some power work which will also translate into your WODs which when you are pulling calories like an absolute boss on the row or air dyne mid WOD you’ll be thanking me. And…. probably cursing me at the same time but I’ll get over it don’t worry.

“2 Week Re-test period”

Here we will be re-testing all of the same WODs and lifts so you can see all the gains made. Wohoo! Plus a few other bonus things that we will be hitting up in the on coming cycle.

“Power Endurance and Strength Endurance”

This is where I expect the most hate mail all year to be honest. You know those workouts that once “time” gets called the gym goes scarily silent and all you can hear is peoples souls dying a little and hot breathing ?

… I’ll let that image sink in a little more….


That’s what this will be a lot of. Yay! 🙂

The aim here will be to build up your capacity again with your new found strengths and get you back into the suffer zone and to be able to keep going !

As ever if you want to get more technical or jump into the programming matrix with me then hit me up and we will go over it till I get blue in the face. If not as with most of the votes in the facebook group a while back, “just do what you are told” and get to work 🙂

Milo ( )