Beyond The Workout! – September 27th

Beyond The Workout Is Making A Come Back!

Going forward we are setting mini themes for the month in terms of Media content and in terms of over arching themes for each month. This is to help drive home certain subject and much like our cycles to help give you direction with your training and your goals! That way we feel we can better help you and will give us certain topics each month to help build out our content on our APP!

Yes , if you didn’t know already. We HAVE AN APP! Woohoo!

You can find it on the Apple store here Thames WOD. Members will have to register their name and email. We will send you the access code separately or you should have already seen it on the Whiteboard before classes 🙂

Before we get into more we wanted to just take a second and send a huge , huge, HUGE! THANK YOU to Victor! Our in house app making ninja!

Ok, getting back on track. For September we will be focusing on New Skills for the month. For the majority of us that means Gymnastics. So we during beyond the workout we will have coaches on hand to help show and take you through progressions of all the holy grail gymnastic movements!

What, when and how !

What? :So , incase you have no idea what I’m talking about. Beyond the workout is something old school from back in the day at Thames where we used to have all the Coaches come down to the gym and have open sessions for people to practice anything they wanted and coaches could give guidance. This can be a little random and chaos can ensue without a little structure. I mean let’s face it. As soon as there is a delay of any sorts in London we form an orderly queue haha. So we are bringing it back but bringing in the structure with it.
So we will have NO classes during the evening of Friday the 27th of September and we will have as many coaches as possible down to help you with the below gymnastics movements. We will coach them, show you progressions and then take some time to go a practice under the coaches observation so they can give you SPECIFIC progressions for YOU!

When? : Friday the 27th of September , 1800 – 1930

How ? : Sign up here on Pike so we know how many of you will be coming and thats it! This is FREE for members !

The Focus Movements will be:

  • Handstand Push Ups
  • Ring Muscle Ups
  • Bar Muscle Ups

The reason for these movements as like we said for most these are the holy grail for most, are fun and something we all want to get or get better at! They can be broken down in so many ways to help us get our first reps or to even go to weighted or fancy variations.
Also as the Open is just around the corner now is the time to start practicing rather than just hoping and wishing you are all of a sudden going to be able to do them during Friday night lights at the box.

Put in the work now ,earn those positions and feel like a ninja!