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On The Fourth Day Of CrossFit My Coaches Gave To Me…!

On The Fourth Day Of CrossFit My Coaches Gave To Me…!
Team Girls!

In teams of 4!

Broken into pairs for the following:

20 Minute Window:
Isabel into Mary!
Grace into Cindy!

How does this work?

2 Partners will complete Isabel into max rounds of Mary whilst at the same time, the other two partners will complete Grace into Max rounds of Cindy!

Within each pairing, only one person can be working at a time.

You MUST follow that order. Aka if you complete Isabel then you MUST also do Mary. You can’t swap who does what or change partners after the 20 Minute clock has started.

The score will be the combined total of rounds and reps of the entire team.
Aka one pair got 10 rounds of Cindy together, other pair got 7 Rounds + 5 Reps of Mary then score is 17 Rounds + 5 Reps 🙂

5 Pull Ups
10 Push Ups
15 Air Squats

5 Handstand Push Ups
10 Alternating Pistols
15 Pull Ups

On The Third Day Of CrossFit My Coaches Gave To Me..!

On The Third Day Of CrossFit My Coaches Gave To Me..!
Thames Team Glen!

In teams of 3

Buy In: 45 Sandbag Ground to Shoulder 60/40kg

Then 8 Rounds of
200m Run together!
3 Rope Climbs

Buy out:
50 Synchro Burpees!

– Rope Climbs Cannot be started until all team members are back from the run

On The Second Day Of CrossFit My Coaches Gave To Me..!

On The Second Day Of CrossFit My Coaches Gave To Me..!

Fight Gone Bad Style in Teams of 2!

Only one person working at a time
2 Minutes on each station alternating as needed between the two for the best possible score!
3 Rounds of:
Station 1: *Pull*
Station 2: KB Swings 24/16kg
Station 3: Push-Ups
Station 4: Alt Db Snatches 22/16kg
Station 5: Calorie Row
– Rest 1 Minute between rounds

As with the classes team, I Want to give you ALL a fair chance to showcase your fitness for your team and class. Soooo for the “Pull” Station, you have options!
Option 1: Muscle Ups – 1 Fully completed Rep is worth “3 reps”
Option 2: Pull Up – 1 Fully completed Rep is worth “2 reps”
Option 3: Ring Row (must be in line with the rig) – 1 Fully completed Rep is worth “1 rep”

– Ring and Bar Muscle Ups are allowed!
– You can have a mixed team, aka one person doing Muscle Ups and other doing pull ups
– You can ONLY swap movements from round to round, however. Aka Coach James starts on Muscle Ups and they burn out on round 1. He Can’t change to pull ups until round 2. And same again he can’t scale up or down again until Round 3. Once you complete any rep you are there until the next round.

Digital Detox – By Coach Dan

We hear about a variety of ways to detoxify our lives for our own wellbeing these days. Some people go on a juice cleanse or a “detox diet” after a heavy period of ‘dirty’ eating and alcohol, but have you ever considered taking a detox from technology? As we continue to advance into an even more digitally assisted time of life, we are becoming more and more dependent on the technology that surrounds us, and as much as there are benefits to having tech at an arm’s reach it can really be detrimental to our wellbeing in more ways than we know.

What even is a “Digital Detox”?

A digital detox is taking a period of time where you refrain from or limit the amount of time spent on digital devices (smartphones, computers, e-readers, etc.) and social media platforms. It has gained popularity as people are generally tending to waste more and more time staring at screens and disconnecting from themselves and the world around them. Here are some of the key feelings that drive people to consider a detox:

1. Not having enough time
2. Being constantly distracted or struggling to focus
3. Having noticeable neck and shoulder pain

What are the ways Technology Affects us?

Time Strain
Taking a break from technology can help us counteract each of these points above. Think about all of the Instagram or YouTube spirals that we fall into. I bet when you stop falling through the back to back videos and content you ask yourself – “wait, how long have I been here now?” Putting a conscious limit can open up some much-needed free time to get $h*t done!

Mental Strain
Psychologically speaking it’s easy to get sucked into the ‘perfect’ world that gets posted on social media. It can give us unrealistic expectations of how people live and look on a daily basis, which more often than not is far from the truth. Getting out of the digital space and keeping aware of the real world in front of us plays a big part in keeping us mentally healthy and conscious. This translates to your fitness in the gym space too! The more distracted you are by the emails and the social media posts the less focused you will be in developing that much needed coordination for the basic to the most complex movements in classes!

Physical Strain
Nowadays we are starting to develop something called “text neck” from all the time we spend looking down at our screens in poor posture. This is where we get our rounded shoulders, rounded neck with the head protruding forward and a slightly slumped back. Aside from the sheer stress of the posture itself, this is what limits most of us in our overhead positions in the gym!

How to go about Detoxing

Like any other challenge or detox, you can take an approach that is either gradual or a full-on “radio-silence” approach where you cut all ties for a period of time. Here are a few ways you can meter your digital time.
Set yourself time limits / take an extended break from some things.
Phones are starting to take digital exposure seriously, and some of them now include “Zen Modes” which is kind of like a ‘Do-Not-Disturb” mode that blocks you from accessing your phone, so you can focus on your task at hand. There are apps for this as well, but if you want to train your own personal focus and will power you can set yourself a timer when focussing on tasks to give yourself meaningful breaks.
Delete some apps to limit your access to them
If you find yourself constantly (and needlessly) reaching for an app, consider deleting it from your phone for a while to limit your access to it. Causing that extra bit of friction to access Facebook or Instagram will curb your habit a bit so you’re not itching to reach for your phone as much.
Monitor the time you spend and re-prioritise that time
Take a time audit of the time you spend on apps. On an iPhone, you can use the “Screen Time” function to see how much time per day you spend, which is a nice wakeup call to see how you can repurpose the wasted time that you find!
Play a game – allow yourself media when you do something active or productive
If you do well with giving yourself some incentive, you can make yourself a challenge. Limit your exposure to media unless you do something productive or non-media related. For example, you can gain an hour of Netflix if you spend at least 15 minutes mobilising for the day, read a book, or went to the gym.

For more information or more tips on how to go about your detox, shoot me an email at!

Additional Resources:

A list of useful apps to keep us focused!

An Android version of “Screen Time” called “Quality Time”

On The First Day Of CrossFit My Coaches Gave To Me..!

Just because Dave Castro can’t/won’t make you do it doesn’t mean I won’t! 🙂 Welcome to the 12 days! 😛 – Head Coach Milo

1600m Run
9 Thrusters 60/40kg
800m Run
15 Thrusters 60/40kg
400m Run
21 Thrusters 60/40kg

The 12 Days Start Soon! Don’t Miss Out On The Last & Best Throwdown Of The Year!

Just a quick reminder team!

The 12 Days and The Interclass Throwdown are kicking off next week!
( If you don’t know how it works yet then hit this link 🙂 )

If you are here for the throwdown and the final for the interclass on the 7th then please sign up below! We need this for your donation and to know who is coming 🙂

Please Sign Up Here!

We are beyond pumped team!

Amazing WODs with better people!

What’s not to love!

Please Sign Up Here!

Pre-Workout Snacks … – Nutrition Coach Sinead


Fuel for speed, prepare for recovery!!

Achieved by:

A snack that is high carbohydrate, moderate to high protein, low fat and low fibre, eaten 1-2 hours Pre-WOD. Any closer than 1 hour and you are unlikely to get the benefit of the extra energy in the WOD as the food won’t be digested. And the food may still be sitting in your stomach, slowing you down as it digests and risking vomit central if you happen to be in one of Milo’s death WODs …

Great snacks:

0% fat Greek yoghurt + honey + banana
Oats + skim milk + banana

Beef jerky
Bagel + low fat cream cheese + ham
Sourdough toast + scrambled egg whites

Skim milk latte + banana
Oat milk latte + 0% fat Greek yoghurt

Keep for another time:

Salads, lentils, pulses … too much fibre.
Burgers, pizza, ice cream, ribs, chips, chocolate … too much fat.

Wednesday Oly Club

1) Snatch + Hang snatch
6 x 1+1 Reps@75-80%
2) Pause back squat
4 x 3@70-75%
Tempo 2201
3) Push Press
3 x 5 @70-75%
4) Wall press abs
3 x 8-10

Sunday Oly Club

1) Clean + Hang clean + Front squat
6 x 1+1+1@ 70-75%
2) Split jerk
5 x 3@70-75%
3) RDLs
4 x 6-8
4)Pull ups/Dips
3 x 5-8

Common CrossFit Mistakes – Head Coach Milo

CrossFit is an amazing tool but you shouldn’t fall into the traps that a lot of people make early on! We have progressed a lot as a community but people are still making the same errors at the beginning and that needs to stop now. As a community, we are better than that and we want you to be too!

1. Too much too soon

Amazing! You’ve found a program you enjoy and a place to do it. CrossFit is an amazing thing and it can be incredibly addictive to most people who want to be their best self at most things. However, this takes TIME! Aiming to get better at everything by doing everything every day is going to be a tough ask of your body and mentally when you start burning out.

If you aren’t as good at squats as you want to be just adding more and more and MORE squats may not be the answer either. The squats may not the issue at all. Quality over quantity. Just banging out 5 sets of 5 and being like “yeah I’m done!” It’s been 12 Minutes and you have “warmed up” and done your working sets already. Doing more of that probably won’t get you very far. Training should be hard and the workout shouldn’t need a girls name for it to be so. Spend more time under the barbell and work those positions. This will help you stay pain free and better yet it will help you keep progressing over years to come rather than week to week.

2. Tekkers over weights

The sport of weightlifting is really awesome, and CrossFit has brought so much attention to it over the last few years. What we have to remember is that for our weightlifting movements, technique will generally be the limiting factor. Instead of thinking that the 40kg is the limiting factor which is the weight you are stuck at rather when in reality it’s that you haven’t got the movement dialled in yet.

The weightlifting movements are fantastic movements to learn for training and competition if it’s a part of your goals but spend time getting stronger and learning the proper technique and feel for each exercise. Contrary to popular belief, these things cannot be mastered in a matter of weeks. Be patient and take the time to learn the basics before jumping into the full movements.

Remember that all those people you love to follow on the gram learned all the technique in the world first throughout their teens and then got strong doing them not the other way around.

3. Avoiding basic strength exercises or bodybuilding movements

General isolated strengthening exercises can truly complement the full­ body and compound movements performed every day in CrossFit WODs and can fill in the strength gaps that may be present – making you a STRONGER athlete!

Isolated movements allow for concentrated efforts and therefore working weaknesses better and improving at a greater rate!

Accessory strength programming can be set by classic muscle groups (back/biceps, chest/triceps, legs, etc.) or daily overall body work targetting those weaknesses.

Neglecting strict movements of core CrossFit movements.

Although the kip is a big part of CrossFit and being who we are we always want more so we are always chasing more kipping pull-ups, more kipping muscle-ups, more kipping handstand Push-ups don’t neglect the strict parts of that movement.
It’s imperative that we keep building the strength of that movement to keep building strength in those positions that we sometimes pretty aggressively throw ourselves into. it also goes without saying if I can do more strict I’ll be able to do more kipping. Win-win!

This type of emphasis should occur during competition off­ season if you are a competitive athlete but can be added as warm-­up accessory movements to ensure proper activation once a workout begins.

This also helps to build strength to avoid injury during high rep/high volume workouts and competition. Longevity and staying healthy is key.

4. No coach, no program, no structure.

“Prepare for the unknown.” This can be achieved with a structured, planned program and should be. Doing random, unstructured workouts without reason is the perfect way to get injured and be unprepared for the unknown.

Hire a coach or someone to program specifically for you or at the very least FOLLOW A PROGRAM! This will hold you accountable, ensure your training includes movements you hate or are weak at (most athletes have a hard time acknowledging their weaknesses and programming accordingly). A quality coach and program will put you on the track for long-term progress, keeping you healthy and preparing you to perform your best when it is most important.

Don’t worry Thamesians, the coaches here have got you covered on this one! You just need to turn up 🙂

5. You’re a beginner and that is AWESOME!

You may see some training regiments from the Rich Fronings and Annie Thorisdottirs of the world and notice that, yes, sometimes they train multiple times per day or 8-9x per week and it’s REALLY COMPLICATED. We just have to keep some perspective and realize that as beginners, we might not be quite ready for that. In fact, it often takes years of dedicated training in order to NEED and then to benefit from elite level programming. This is true for virtually all sports and is simply an inherent part of the training process. Keep plugging away at the basics. I promise that if Rich could improve his back squat by doing a 3×5 back squat program for a few weeks he would but he would need something very specific and dedicated to do so. You don’t have that problem. Don’t take that as a slight take it as an opportunity!

Remember, don’t get too caught up in the short term, and always have a long term plan in mind. With training and practice you will be able to tolerate crazier training loads in the future, but for now, focus on the basics. Prepare for your competitions in a logical way or whatever goals you are chasing. Don’t spend too much time throughout the year preparing for competitions when you could be doing serious training for a select few. Learn and rely on your technique. It will help you break through many of the barriers you will encounter along the way and keep you safe in the process.


A) Squat Work
3 Sets of:

2 Front Squats + 4 Back Squats
@ 70% of Front Sq.
Superset with 10/10 Single Leg Glute Bridge (use band or weight as needed)

B) 20 Min Amrap:
Pull ups
30 push ups
45 air squats

Classic – 15 Kipping Pull Ups
Strength Work – 5 Strict Chest to bar
Hybrid machine ?? – Both! Go strict Chest to bar until failure then go kipping to keep moving!
Skill – 5 Muscle Ups


Classic CrossFit

A) Push press
5 x 3, touch and go @ 70%
Superset with 1/1 Length Single arm OH KB Carry

B) 5 Sets:
15/12 calories of choice
12 Deadlift
9 Hang Power Clean
6 S2O

1 Min rest between sets

Classic – 70/50kg for classic DT and move as fast as possible. Aim to finish all movements in 1-2 sets!
Strength – Increase weight with each round, Aim to finish in 2-4 sets! Complete 3 HEAVY Sets , 2 should be greasing the groove.


12min. AMRAP:
8 Front Rack Lunges 35/25kg
8 Wall Balls 9/6kg
8 weighted Sit ups

3min. AMRAP:
1min. Plank “Buy in”
Max Slam Balls in remaining time.

12min. AMRAP:
8 Front Rack Lunges 35/25kg
8 Wall Balls 9/6kg
8 weighted Sit ups

3min. AMRAP:
1min. Plank “Buy in”
Max Slam Balls in remaining time.

*Rest 2min. After Each 12min. AMRAP.

*Rest 1min. After Each 3min. AMRAP.


Classic CrossFit

A) Back Squat
3 x 5 @ 70%

B) Each in a 4 min window:
50 WBS 9/6kg
Max Rep KB Swing 24/16kg

-2 min rest

50 Box Jumps 24/20
Max Rep Chest to bar

-2 min rest

30 Burpee
Max Rep Goblet Squat 24/16kg

-2 min rest

25 Front Squat 60/40kg
max Rep Shoulder to overhead 60/40kg

*score= total reps


Classic CrossFit

A) “Don’t fall on your head”

1000m row
30 Thrusters 50/35kg
750m row
20 Thrusters
500m row
10 Thrusters
Straight into!
Hollow rocks
AB Mat Sit Ups


8min. AMRAP:
10 DB Bench Press 22/10kg
12/9 Cal Row

8min. AMRAP;
8 DB Power Cleans 22/16kg
8/6 Cal Assault Bike

8min. AMRAP:
8 DB Bent Over Rows (ea. arm)
60 Double Unders

8min. AMRAP:
10 DB Skull Crushers
10 Barbell Bicep Curls 20/15kg bar

*Quality reps here, not speed. Just aim to keep moving. Aim to compete a “round” then rest 20-30 sec and go again.
Rest 2min. after each section.


Classic CrossFit

A) Ladders
1 to 10 Deadlift 100/70kg
10 to 1: Toes to bar


In Teams of 2:
35min. running clock…

2 Rounds:
50 Cal Assault Bike
50 Pull-Ups
immediately into:
2 Rounds:

50 Wall Balls 9/6kg
50 Snatches 40/30kg
immediately into:
2 Rounds:

50 Burpees
50 Overhead Squats 40/30kg
immediately into:
50 Curtis P’s 40/30kg
1 Curtis P = 1 Power Clean + 1 Lunge On Each Leg + 1 Push Press.

12 Days & Interclass Throwdown Update!

Please Sign Up Here!

Hey Team!

As ever we want to do it badder and better with every event we host. This one is no different!

Now I know, “how can we make this awesomeness even better?”

Well, Two simple things.
Food Stall!


£15 per person on the day of the Throwdown. This will cover all the food, some better tunes than Coach Milo’s overplayed playlists and James’s whatever that is that gets played… 😛


Arrive for 0900, Plenty of time for you to move around a little, throw some shade at other classes and get prepped
Brief & first WOD 0930

We appreciate it is a Saturday so we will finish at 1330 but we will be hanging around and you are more than welcome to as well! 🙂 Hopefully, there will be leftover food 😛 #NomNom

Please Sign Up Here!

Drink up: How much is enough? – Nutrition Coach Sinead!

Fluid in the body is like oil in a car. It helps everything work properly. From carrying things around in the blood, to digesting food, to allowing joints to move and muscles to contract … to pretty much everything else we do as live humans!!

When we are just 1.5% dehydrated concentration and mental ability can be affected. So basically any movement that requires even the vaguest bit of coordination to avoid you bopping yourself (or someone else) on the head with a wayward barbell, dumbbell, wall ball, kettlebell … soooo, basically 90% of CrossFit movements.

Yet we typically don’t feel thirsty until we are 1-2% dehydrated. Which means we need to hydrate before we realize it.

And hydration is more than water …

Hydration = salt + water.

The fluid in the body is not actually water, it is a salt solution. So, to stay hydrated we need salt + water.

When we train hard and sweat a lot (don’t deny it) we need to be particularly conscious of ensuring we have enough salts in our food to compensate what we sweat out.

Two rough rules of thumb:
1. If your pee is not clear or very pale, drink more fluids!
2. If you prepare food at home, salt it! You don’t usually need to worry if you eat out or buy ‘processed’ food, as that is typically well salted.

Top tip: if you find you forget to drink regularly, leave a filled water bottle on your desk and in various places around the home … visual reminders as you go about your day! And / or set reminders on your phone until it becomes a habit you don’t forget.

Wednesday Oly Club

1) Clean Pull + Power clean
4 x 1+1@RPE7-8
2) Back squats
4 x 6@RPE7/8
3) Split jerk
2 x 3
2 x 2
4a) Pull ups
3 x 5 (Weighted)
4b) Bear plank w/arm lift
2 x 5 breathes per side

Sunday Oly Club

1) Snatch deadlift + Snatch
4 x 1+1@RPE7-8
2)Front squats
4 x 3@RPE8
3) Push press
3 x 5
4) RDLs
3 x 6
5) Bear plank
2 x 5 breathes per side

Recovery For All Ages & Goals – Head Coach Milo

Most of you are probably going to hate this blog. It’s going to be my biggest “it depends” blog of my career. (there’s been quite a few already haha)

So, common question all the time. How much should I be training? I’m an older athlete how much should I be training? I’m an endurance athlete, how much should I be training?

It depends.

I’m going to frustrate you all and tell you all the above are irrelevant. (to a degree…) I know. What the F Milo are you actually going to tell us anything or what?

Ok, listen. All of the above is the WRONG question. The right question should be “What can I recover from?”

Joe blogs who has trained all his life but is over 60 years old will probably recover better than Mr Smith who is 20 and has only ran after his friends in the playground when he was 6 and tells people he runs. So Joe doesn’t need less just because he is older than Mr Smith.

The next one is what can YOU as an individual recover from? Are you thinking about recovery at all? I’m not just talking a day off a week I’m talking actual recovery where you sleep and feel good the next day after training. Yes, training by default will cause fatigue. If it didn’t it’s chances of helping you progress would be slim if any at all.

But let’s say you’re training 3-4 times a week and you feel good and are making progress. You change nothing and decide to add an extra day of training. You are still super stressed out on Fridays because everything at work needs to be done before the Close of play for the weekend but you’re going to add an extra session anyways. After a few weeks, you aren’t feeling so great. Well, maybe you just aren’t there yet. Maybe other things in your life are stressing you out enough as it is and you trying to kill yourself with thrusters isn’t helping. Stress is stress. Good stress caused on the body by training (pending on your program maybe… 😛 ) is still the same as stress caused by some douche bag at work. It’s something you and your body have to recover from. If you don’t then fatigue starts to kick in. And trust me it has a fucking steel toe cap boot on it.

Now, for the above example, we can make adjustments to make it work. If you train super hard 3 x a week but want to ramp it up to 5 to maximise gym time and work on your goals then a one of or all these things need to happen.
1. You need to add more recovery to your goal as well! This means making sure you get enough sleep. (dans blog) You need proper food to support your body and your goals.
2. You need to think about the volume getting put in. If you are seeing progress on squatting 2x a week just adding another day of squats to that may not be the best approach if you aren’t recovering. Maybe have 1 hard session and then split the other session across two? Still getting the same amount of work done but you’ll be able to recover a lot better. Simple.
3. Similar to number two. You need to split your “focus”.
Day 1: I’m going to go HAM as a MF.
Day 2: I’m going to move as well as humanly possible and think about accessory work.
Day 3: I’m going to pour gasoline on myself and get some!
Day 4: I’m going to take a chill pill and move. Improve some skills and spend some time at a place I love. Sweet!

So, if we go back a little it has nothing to do with how many sessions a week you can do but what is the maximum amount of work you can put in that you can actually RECOVER from to help it be beneficial to you. And that, unfortunately, I can’t put into one blog and say you need to do “X” and you need to do “Y”. This is going to be extremely individual again based on the amount of volume you are doing, your day to day stress, how much you sleep, food, your “engine” (Someone who has worked out for Years compared to someone who has just stepped into a gym) etc etc

Aka, It depends. 🙂

The best amount of training is the training that pushes your body to adapt AND you can recover from. There needs to be a balance of Intensity and volume. Not a blanket of I’m in the “X” age category so I need this. I’m an Olympic weightlifter So I need “Y”.

There. Confused yet? 😛


A) Shoulder Work
5 Sets through of
10 Shoulder press
8 Pendlay Row

B) 4 Sets:
100m sprint
Shoulder to Overhead
100m sprint
*2 min rest

Classic – OHS & STOH, 15 reps @ 40/30kg Aim to stay unbroken and push the pace to earn that rest!

Strength – OHS & STOH , 15-12-9-6 Increasing in weight and aim to complete in 1-2 sets. Needs to be a challenging weight but shouldn’t stop you from moving!


Classic CrossFit

A) Back Squat
6 Sets of 1
@ 85 – 95%, climbing, rest as required

B) 21-18-15-12-9-6-3
Cals Of Choice
Thruster 35/20kg


EMOM x 35min: (5 Rounds)
Min 1:
12/10 Cal Row
Min 2: 15 DB Bench Press 22/10kg
Min 3: 12/10 Cal Bike
Min 4: Max DB Skull Crushers
Min 5: 60 Double Unders
Min 6: DB Hammer Curls
Min 7: Rest


Classic CrossFit

A) 8 Minute EMOM:
3 Position Snatch (High Hang, Hang, Floor),
choose a weight and stick with it

B) Intervals
3x: 30 ME AD for cals, -1 Min Rest
-3 min rest
3x: 30 ME Row for cals, -1 Min Rest
-3 min rest
3x :30 ME Ski for cals, :1 Min Rest

– The score is total calories!


Classic CrossFit

A) Push press
Build to around 60-70%
8 Min EMOM for 3 Reps TNG
(add weight if needed to make challenging!)

B) For Time!
400m run
50 WBS 9/6kg
400m run
40 Wall Balls
400m run
30 Wall Balls
400m run

High Skill – Muscle Ups 12-9-6
Strength – Pull Up 30-20-10 (As many strict as possible every time you jump on the bar)
Classic CF – Chest to Bar 30-20-10


2 Rounds:

400m Run
50 Push Press 35/25kg
500m Row
50 Push-Ups

5 Rounds:

15 Bent over rows (R.G)
10 KB Deadlifts 32/24kg

Max Russian twists with a 15/10kg DB.


Classic CrossFit

A) 15 min to climb to as heavy as possible for the day
1 Front Squat + 2 Back Squats

B) Bulgarian Split Squat
5 x 5 (per leg) , 30X1 Tempo

C) 9 Minute Amrap:
12 Alt DB Snatch 22/16kg
5 Burpee Box Jump 24/20


35min. to finish…
100 Cals of Choice
100 Hang Power Cleans 60/40kg
100 Cals of Choice
100 American KB Swings 32/24kg

50 HSPU’s

50 Cals of Choice
50 Hang Power Cleans 60/40kg
50 Cals of Choice
50 American KB Swings 32/24kg

25 HSPU’s

Teams of 2! Only one working at a time!

-Are you both HSPU ninjas?! Double it! make it 100 and 50 HSPU between sections 🙂