2020 Thames Throwdowns! When, what and how?!

Hey Team!

To help you all plan out your fitness vibes for the year we are releasing when we will be having our in house throwdowns for you all to have some fun and some inter gym competition! 🙂 If that’s not your vibe then don’t stress. Ignore the scoreboards and embrace the community vibes and show some support for your Friends/Class!

First up! Let’s face it. The first event of the year most of you don’t want to be rowing calories away until you’re blue in the face undoing all that hard work you did eating over the Xmas holidays so our first event will be…

The Lift off!

When? Saturday the 02nd of May!

What? Our First ever Lifting event! Whoop whoop!
This will be a first for us in this kind of style. We will have two categories for this one. There will be “The Strong” and “The Fancy” categories.
The Strong: This category will be testing pure strength. Back Squat, Press, Deadlift and it will have a little twist of some strongman type vibes. Short bursts of power and strength will be thrown in for good measure.

The Fancy: This category will be for those of you that just can’t get enough Oly Lifting in your lives. We will be testing the Snatch and Clean & Jerk as pure lifts then we will also have some speed ladder styles to test all the elements of your capacity! 🙂

Closer to the time, we will release the signup info for you. Choose a category, turn up, THROWDOWN!, cheer and support the community, eat food, go enjoy the rest of your weekend! Win-win and win again!

The Thames Games

When? Saturday the 29th of August

Our in house version of the CF Games! This is our super “CrossFit” Throwdown of the year! For all the rest we generally have our own style of things along with a bit of a theme for each. The Lift off, for example, is more weight oriented, Interclass is more of a team vibe etc.

The Thames Games is our test of Fitness! We will be testing you in as many areas and domains as possible to find the fittest amongst you! Head Coach Milo is already programming for this and testing… be prepared 😛

For this one will have 3 categories for you to test yourself against your equals!
“The Ninjas” – Can Rx pretty much all of the WODs in classes (Within reason… Head Coach Milo is sometimes a little cray cray…)

“Weekend Warriors” – You like throwing down but can’t quite Rx everything yet. (Pull-ups, Toes to bar, Handstand Push-Ups, Clean and Jerk 70/50kg, Snatch 60/40kg)

“For the lolz!” – You’re here to have fun, enjoy some fitness and hang out with all the cool peeps 🙂

Once again, a little closer to the time we will be putting out some info for you all and probably teasing you with some WODs along the way for you to play with while you wait.

Let the mind games begin… 😛

The Interclass Throwdown!

When? 30th of November till the 5th of December! We loved last years format so much we will be hitting it again this year. We will go for the first 6 Days will be the interclass Throwdown then we will roll into the 12 Days to finish of the year in style!

What? Our Interclass Throwdown is our favourite and undoubtedly the best event we have up our sleeves! It runs across a 6 Day period. Basically on the first four days, you just need to turn up to your class and hit the workout as usual. However, for that week all the scores are tallied together and the classes are scored based on overall performances.

We usually run it with the Monday being a solo WOD, Tuesday a Pairs WOD, Wednesday a team of 3, Thursday a team of 4, Friday is a “rest” day and no Scores are taken on this day (although obviously there is still a WOD for you to get your fix if so desired! 🙂 ). Then it all comes together on the Saturday where we all get together and throwdown. The WODs on Saturday vary for pairs, to teams to entire classes! Just turn up and be ready to have some fun and throw some shade at some other classes for the bants!

Now for the big question on everyone’s mind… Can 6 am be beaten?!

Wednesday Oly Club

1) Clean
Build to a heavy single for the day

2) Clean pull
3 x 2 @105% of above weight

3) Split jerk
4 x 1@RPE 9

4) RDL
3 x 8

5a) Pull ups (weighted if necessary)
3 x 5
5b) Tricep work
3 sets

Sunday Oly Club

1) Snatch
Build to a heavy single for the day

2) Back squat
3 x 2@RPE 9

3) Snatch pull
3 x 2 @105% of todays single

4a) Pull ups
3 x 8-12
4b) Hamstring curls
3 x Amafa