12 Days & Interclass Throwdown Update!

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Hey Team!

As ever we want to do it badder and better with every event we host. This one is no different!

Now I know, “how can we make this awesomeness even better?”

Well, Two simple things.
Food Stall!


£15 per person on the day of the Throwdown. This will cover all the food, some better tunes than Coach Milo’s overplayed playlists and James’s whatever that is that gets played… 😛


Arrive for 0900, Plenty of time for you to move around a little, throw some shade at other classes and get prepped
Brief & first WOD 0930

We appreciate it is a Saturday so we will finish at 1330 but we will be hanging around and you are more than welcome to as well! 🙂 Hopefully, there will be leftover food 😛 #NomNom

Please Sign Up Here!