Weekend WODs and Events

October Challenge

This months challenge is set ! Max Rep Push Ups for one set. As soon as anything other than your chest hits the floor your set is done. Full lock out at the top of the movement and midline engaged. No sagging of those hips! You CANNOT rest in the down ward dog position.The only rest you can take in in the top plank position. Grab a judge and get pushing!

Kilos for a Cure – Saturday 21 October, from 9am

Every October for the past two years, CrossFit 1864 has hosted Kilos for a Cure, a charity event to raise money for Breast Cancer Now. For the event, the participating athletes (both from our box, other boxes in London and also a few weightlifting gyms), took on “Grace” and found their one rep max clean and jerk.

Prizes from our sponsors, including Kitbox, SGF speed ropes, Built up North, Whatever it Takes and Icon Nutrition, were awarded to the fastest Grace and the heaviest clean & jerk in beginner, intermediate and advanced divisions, as well as prizes for the best dressed athlete and the spirit of the event. In total, we have raised well over £4000 for the charity!

We have recently confirmed the date for the event this year, and I have dreams of making it bigger and better – the more athletes we have involved, the more money we can raise for charity.

To find out more and get registered please check out this page!

CrossFit – Friday Workout of the Day

A) C&J
Build to a heavy 3

B) For time
15 C&J @ 50/30kg
12 C&J @ 60/40kg
9 C&J @ 70/50kg

CrossFit – Saturday Workout of the Day

Heavy Day
A) F.Squat
Build to a heavy 3.

B) Bench

Weightlifting Club – Sunday


A) Clean + Hang clean
6 x 1+1@ 70-75%

B) Clean pulls
5 x 3@ 95%

C) Split jerk triples
5 x 3@ 70-75%

3 x 8@ by feel