The Key To Developing Grit In Your WODs + Crushing PRs – Tom Foxley from the Alpha Movement

“The moment we believe that success is determined by an ingrained level of ability as opposed to resilience and hard work, we will be brittle in the face of adversity.” – Josh Waitzkin

In a world of safety and certainty, training gives us a little taste of what we are truly capable of. It shows how we react to hardship: do we embrace it with a fierce hunger or do we shy away, hoping we won’t have to face it?

It’s a choice we make every time we pick up a kettlebell, sit on a Concept2 or stare down a barbell.

Intensity is king, yet we shy away from it more often than we are willing to admit. We give 95% all too often and trick ourselves into believing that’s all we’ve got today.

The thing is, the more familiar it is to hold back on giving your all, the harder it will be to give your all when it really counts: whether that’s inside or outside of the box.

Intensity Tolerance is mostly a case of familiarity, yet there are other elements which contribute too:

Distraction: Can you switch off from today’s unrelated events? Are you checking your phone?

Purpose: Why are you here in the first place and who are you on your way to becoming?

Self-Knowledge: What are you saying to yourself when intensity rises? Which movements stop you in your tracks and which propel you. On top of this, which THOUGHTS contribute to your success and which thoughts limit your training and potential?

The above is a small part of what I’ll be discussing in the Mindset RX’d Seminar at CrossFit Thames on July 29th.

In short, I’ll be teaching you how to acquire the champ’s mindset model without all the bullshit that has historically goes along with mindset training.

We’ll be kicking off the day with an intensity tolerance WOD before moving on to why goal setting doesn’t work for everyone. Next we’ll be discussing how to push harder than ever before and embrace intensity.

The next topic is a big one – how to stay consistent with your training, nutrition, mobility and the like. If you’re someone who struggles to stick to a plan, then this is for you.

We’ll work together to develop something that works for you and then we’ll finish it off with a secondary WOD to put into practise what you’ve learned on the day.

You’ll leave with a drive that lasts instead of fluctuating motivation.

Oh, and I’m also going to chuck in a free copy of my book, Intensity Tolerance for anyone who gets a ticket.

There’s an early bird discount for those who want to take action and I’m limiting the tickets available as I can only work with so many people at once.

Mindset Rx’d Seminar: Reebok CrossFit Thames , 29th Of July 1200-1500

I look forward to seeing you on the day.


“The body must be fashioned, bruised, forged, stretched, roasted and refined – it is meant to suffer” – Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

P.s. On the Eventbrite page is an FAQ as I know you’ll have a few important questions, like “who are you?!”

Workout of the Day

A) In Pairs, split reps as req
20min AMRAP

4 Power Clean & Jerk 100kg/70kg
6 Bar MU