The Interclass Throwdown is Back!

When: Monday 3rd September to Saturday 8th September

What is it?
It’s that time of year again! Time to see which class will win this year’s battle between the classes of CrossFit Thames!

Some of you may be wondering what I’m on about, so before we get into the details, a little back-story:

The Inter-Class Throwdown began 5 years ago when the coaches thought it would be a good idea to see if classes could back up their smack talk with their performances on the floor.
Since then it has grown into the most popular time of the year (next to the Open of course) with teams planning their outfits well in advance!

Our present Champions are the 6am Crew!

The classes will be split into the following groups:
The “6am Crew”
The “7am Club”
11am and 12:30 – The “LTC”
5:30pm – The “Early Work Brigade”
6:30pm – Team “Strength In Depth”
7:30pm – The “Late Night Gang”

From the 3rd September (Mon to Thurs) each class will perform the workout of the day. All of the scores from each class will then be logged and an average taken. The averages taken from each class over the 4 days will subsequently begin to form the leaderboard.

Friday 7th September we will schedule an active recovery workout so you can still train, but there will be no scores logged this day.

The challenge will end with a Throwdown on Saturday 8th September from 0830 till 1300. A last chance to change the leaderboard!

The event is FREE to attend for all members – and you can sign up HERE for the event on Pike.

**Note: For those of you that are not on an Unlimited Membership, you will be allowed to attend all 6 sessions during this period for FREE so you can fully support your team!**

There will be a vote for the first workout in the upcoming weeks, so keep an eye on all our social media channels for more info!

Oly Programming for Aug. 8th and Aug. 12th


A) Snatch
4 x 1@85-90%
B) Back squats
4x 1@ 80-85%
C) Split jerk
4 x1 @ 85-90%

Assistance work
Snatch pulls
3 x 2@100%

Weighted pull ups
3 x 5


A) Clean
4 x 1@85-90%
B) Front squats
4 x 1@80-85%
C) Split jerk
4 x 1@85-90%

Assistance work
Clean Pulls@100%
3 x 2

Weighted chin ups
3 x 5

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