Testing Week Day 5 – Interclass Throwdown!!! All Next week

The InterClass Throwdown

Monday 17th July to Saturday 22nd July

Apologies for the email with the incorrect date (blame Coach Phil) but our Inter-Class Throwdown will be the week after testing week.

Our present Champions are the 7am Club!

The classes will be split into the following groups:
The “6am Crew”
The “7am Club”
11am and 12:30 – The “LTC”
5:30pm – The “Early Work Brigade”
6:30pm – Team “Strength In Depth”
7:30pm – The “Late Night Gang”

From the 17th July (Mon to Thurs) each class will perform the workout of the day. All of the scores from each class will then be logged and an average taken. The averages taken from each class over the 4 days will subsequently begin to form the leaderboard.

Friday 21st July we will schedule an active recovery workout so you can still train, but there will be no scores logged this day.

The challenge will end with a Throwdown on Saturday 22nd July from 0900 till 1200 with a BBQ after. A last chance to change the leaderboard!

The Reebok CrossFit Thames July Challenge – The Sandbag Carry

400m Sandbag Carry for time!
62kg for Male and 45kg for Female! Bonus challenge is can you stay unbroken?!

Mindset RX’d – Seminar

What this workshop will deliver is a method for overcoming the mental hurdles in between you and where you want to be.

If you’re inconsistent in your training, nutrition or mobility, if you find your mind prevents you from pushing hard enough in WODs, we will teach you our process for fixing that.

If you are someone who struggles with selfdoubt, feeling overwhelmed or just want to get a grip on your thoughts, it will show you how to take a step back and see the situation for what it is – meaning you can choose the action that will help you most.

The seminar will cover the four mindset models and why one size never fits all when it comes down to mindset. Everyone needs a unique approach and the workshop will show you how to find that.

The workshop will be on Saturday 29th July 12:00 to 15:00

More info: Check out the blog Tom wrote for us, or get more information on the registration page here!

CrossFit – Friday Workout of the Day

For Time:
Row 500m
21 Back Squats 100/70kg
Row 500m
15 Back Squats
Row 500m
9 Back Squats

CrossFit – Saturday Workout of the Day

15 Rounds For Time:
7 Burpees
5 Box Jumps
3 Toes to Bar

Weightlifting Club – Sunday

Establish a 1RM
Front Squat

B) Split Jerk