Testing Week!

Testing Week Day 1 !

Testing week is upon us crew. Time to set yourselves ready for the next cycle which if you still havent heard about what we are doing then you can check our YouTube video for the aims of the cycle for each class with Coach Phil, Milo and Alan here!

And you can also check the blog on some more specifics and training day template with Coach Milo’s Blog here!

For the testing week we have slightly altered it so we can get some new and usable numbers for you for the cycle and as we do with mobility so we can test and the re-test to ensure you are making the gainz you want to. Here is what we are testing:

5 Rep Max Back Squat

Row 2km
with Death by burpee

A make up day if you missed Monday/ Wednesday Or “Active Recovery”
Alt EMOM30
10/8 Cal Row
10 Burpee
35 Double Under
8 DB Snatch 22/15kg
10/8 Bike
8 Wall ball Sit ups

A) Deadlift 5 Rep Max

B) Max Rep Pull and or Chin Up

2 MU
8 KB Swing

A) 3 Rep Max Power Clean

B) 30 Second Max Calorie Airdyne

Or A make up session from the week with the lifts

Workout of the Day

5 Rep Max Back Squat