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Workout of the day for Thursday 11th January – Barbell Cycling

Barbell cycling is found in CrossFit when we have to move barbells for multiple reps, in particular the snatch or clean & jerk.

It can be very tricky to learn, especially when you have so much other stuff to think about with the olympic lifts! The focus today is to practice bar control, positions and to build in mechanics and consistency when cycling through reps.

Here are some key tips…

On the ascent:
– Keep the bar close to the body
– Aggressive turn over to ensure a strong lock out overhead (punch the bar up!)
– Slight push-back of the hips to reach a quicker power position

On the descent:
– Shoot the hips back
– Get the elbows over the top of the barbell quickly and the keep the bar close to the body.
– Clear the knees, keeping almost vertical shins.
– Stay back on the heels, especially as fatigue begins to set in.

Touch Points on the descent

You will need to understand how many “touch points” the bar will have on the descent and also learn how different weights will influence this.

If you are comfortable going straight down while maintaining good positions and bar control (and having no contact with the bar at hip/thigh) then this is a faster way to cycle reps.

However as weight increases you may be required to have a touch point at the hips or thigh in order to help control the weight back to the floor without being pulled out of position.

Check out the video below of two CrossFit Games Champions going head to head on a 50 rep version of “Isabel“. In the video you will see Sam Briggs (in the black vest) touch the bar at the thighs during the decent, while Annie (in the red vest) went straight down with no touch point.

Workout of the Day – CrossFit

A) Barbell Cycling

21-18-15-12-9-6-3 reps of power snatch

*Start light and add load with each round. MUST BE UNBROKEN!
*Focus will be on cycling the movement well and building confidence moving the barbell with higher rep schemes.

B) Midline and stability work
3-5 rounds for quality:
45 seconds left side plank
45 seconds right side plank
10 Scap push-ups (use a band if needed)
2 Lengths bottom up kettlebell carry

Workout of the Day – MetCon

Every minute, until failure, alternate between:
1) 14/18 Calorie row
2) 1 Round of “Cindy” (5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, 15 air squats)
*40 minute cap

Workout of the day for Wednesday 10th January – Strongman Day

So these guys are pretty strong…

Why do we incorporate yoke carries into our training? Well, if you have ever got under a heavy yoke you will almost instantly get an idea of the benefits.

Squats and deadlifts are usually the most popular lifts in gym and often it’s because those two movements allow you to lift the most weight, and lifting up heavy stuff makes you feel awesome!

Whilst squats and deadlifts are certainly full-body movements, they don’t quite compare to picking up a heavy yoke and taking it for a walk in terms of head-to-toe muscle recruitment.

Given the fact that you’re putting your body under a much heavier load than it is used to (much heavier than a squat or deadlift!), a heavy yoke walk elicits an awesome physical response in the body. Benefits include strengthening the upper back, glutes, hamstrings, lower back and hips

Given the extreme load placed on the body super heavy carries should be performed occasionally as part of your training routine, even just a couple of times a month can give you great benefits.

In terms of standards to aim for Strength Education recommends 2 x bodyweight as a realistic and achievable weight for men and women who strength train. 2.5 x bodyweight is a marker of good progress, but the next big landmark is 3 x bodyweight, and that’s a pretty advanced standard. For women, 3 x bodyweight is a superb standard…Get yourself to 4 x bodyweight and you are in the top one percent in the world.

Workout of the Day – CrossFit

A) Build to a heavy yoke carry

B) Every 90 seconds for 15 Minutes :

5 Bench press (Heavy)
5/5 Dumbbell rows (Heavy)
AMRAP Row for calories in remaining time

Workout of the Day – Weightlifting Club

A) Snatch pull + Snatch
2 x 1+1 @ 70%
2 x 1+1 @ 72.5%
2 x 1+1 @ 75%
B) Push press
4 x 4 @ 70-75%
C) Back squat
4 x 3 @ 70-75%

Weekend Workouts

Yoga for Athletes, Saturday 1-2pm

Yoga is on this weekend, come on down for some end of year mobility funsies. Let’s be honest, we could all do more in that respect and as with everything, consistency is key. So don’t wait until January, or any specific date, to start forming new habits or get into a new routine – the time is now!

Workout of the Day – Friday

A) Every 30 seconds for 8 minutes:
1 Power snatch – As heavy as form allows

B) 10 x 30 seconds on : 30 seconds off:
Max rep burpee

C) 3 Rounds of:
60 seconds plank
30 second right side plank
30 seconds left side plank

Workout of the Day – Saturday

A) Gymnastic Strength:
A1) Strict pull-ups: 4 x 4
A2) Strict dips: 4 x 4
A3) GHD sit-ups: 4 x 4
* Conduct all t the tempo 2 seconds up, 1 second hold, 2 seconds down tempo.
*Add weight as needed

B) For time:
Buy-in with 50 double unders
Then, 3 rounds:
6 Squat clean 70/50kg
6 Strict dips
6 Strict pull up
Then, buy-out with 50 double unders

On the eighth day of crossfit, my coaches gave to me…

Box Notices

– No MetCon, Structural Strength or Weightlifting Club during the 12 days
– Christmas Party on Friday 15th, in the evening!
– No Open Gym on Tuesday 12th December due to photo shoot, no classes affected.

Workout of the Day – CrossFit

Day 8 – Chosen by Coach Tom for carrying sandbags like a boss –

“Dallas 5”

5 minute AMRAP of: Burpees
1 minute: Rest
5 minute AMRAP of: 7 Deadlifts 70/50kg + 7 Burpees
1 minute: Rest
5 minute AMRAP of: Turkish Get Up 18/12kg (Alternating arms)
1 minute: Rest
5 minute AMRAP of: 7 Snatches 35/25kg + 7 Push Ups
1 minute: Rest
5 minute AMRAP of:: Calorie Row

Wednesday 22nd November – Workout of the day

Box Notices

– Next week is testing week! Time to see the progress from the strength cycle

– The gym is closed this weekend for a CrossFit Level 1 Seminar, but on Saturday we are going to Flip Out Trampoline! Contact james@crossfitthames.com for more info.

– A reminder that if didn’t fetch your shoes from the shoe rack they are in the cubby hole bag storage. They will remain there for the rest of this week. On Friday the 24th they will be shipped off and donated to a new home!

Workout of the Day – CrossFit

Muscle-Up Skill Development

A) Every minute for 12 minutes, alternate between:
Minute 1: 45 seconds Row / Assault bike (15 Seconds Hard effort , 30 Seconds steady effort)
Minute 2: 5 Muscle up transitions to catch + ring dip
Minute 3: Skill of choice

B) Every minute for 12 minutes, alternate between:
Minute 1: 45 seconds Row / Assault bike (15 Seconds Hard effort , 30 Seconds steady effort)
Minute 2: 3-5 Russian dips
Minute 3: Skill of choice

C) 30 Muscle Ups for time

Choose a scale from above if you are working towards full muscle-ups

Workout of the Day – Weightlifting Club

Testing day – Snatch

A) Build up to a heavy single for the day.

B) Snatch pulls: 5 x 2 @ 100%

C) Back squat: 4 x 2 @ 80-85%

Workout of the Day – Tuesday 31st October

Box Brief

  • 8am Classes – We are trialling some 8am CrossFit class times on Tuesday’s (31st Oct, 7th Nov, 14th Nov) and Friday’s for the next 3 weeks (3nd Nov, 10th Nov, 17th Nov)

Workout of the Day for – CrossFit

A) Power Clean: 5 x 2, across
*Focus on form and positions

B) For time, complete 5-4-3-2-1 reps each of:
Handstand Push Up (If needed, add a deficit to make these reps a challenge)
Hang Power Clean 70/50kg

*Handstand Push ups scale: Wall walks

Workout of the Day for – Structural Strength

A) Lower Body Accessory

3 Supersets
A1) Single leg Romainian deadlift with barbell: 8 per side with 4 second eccentric
A2) Weighted pistol off box: 6 per side with 4 second eccentric
A3) GHD hip extension (or good morning): 20 reps
*Rest 30 seconds between B1, B2 and B3, and 2 minutes between rounds

B) Upper Body Accessory

3 Supersets
B1) Single arm dumbbell bench press: 10 per side, ‘resting’ arm holds lockout position
B2) Pendlay row: 10 per side, with 3 second hold in the top position
B3) Single arm upright row: 10 reps per side
*B1 and B2 have a 3 second eccentric on each rep
*Rest 30 seconds between B1, B2 and B3, and 2 minutes between rounds

C) Finisher
400m Forearm med-ball carry 9/6kg

Workout of the Day for – MetCon

For time:
Buy In: 750m Row
KB Snatch 24kg (each)
Goblet squats 24kg
Buy out: 750m Row

CrossFit Thames’ Paul Minter : On the Snatch

Paul Minter

By: Paul Minter

Doing two years of CrossFit has changed the way I view movement and body mechanics. Basically, a lot of physical activities share the same traits and the snatch is king.

Imagine you’re about to try for your biggest ever box jump. You’ve progressed up from smaller challenges and now the mound of bumper plates is intimidating. Nonetheless you know that with an aggressive jump and quick feet you’ll do enough to land it.

At the set-up of the box jump you lower your hands, hinge at the hip, and bend your knees.

Then you take a deep breath, head up, and jump like a madman.

Quick as a flash your knees are up, you stick the landing, and you stand up slowly with a triumphant smile. Welcome to your new 1RM box jump.

Now as a thought experiment re-read the above but swap “box jump” for “snatch”. Go on, do it, I’ll wait for you.

Same same huh? A bit of a tweak for the importance of the hands but the close-open-close of the hip hinge is exactly the same. In more technical terms this is the body moving through global flexion – global extension – global flexion. I’m sure you have been drilled on the importance of opening and closing the hip hinge and that’s because it’s everywhere in CrossFit. Let me give you some examples…

The close-open-close of the snatch has obvious commonality with the close-open-close of the squat clean and kettle bell swing. Equally the close-open-close of the box jump is obviously common to a standing broad jump. But what if we’re not using weights or jumping, so the pattern is less obvious?

The muscle up is a demon of many. Multiple MUs without a false grip are a demon to all that rely on their shoulder strength. But watch a proficient crossfitter do multiples and you will start to see the close-open-close pattern. The feet swinging in front of the athlete closes the hip angle. The pop open of the hips generates height and brings the athlete’s chest to the rings. The aggressive sit up through the rings closes the system and (save for half a ring dip) finishes the MU.

Have a look at someone on a rowing machine. The recovery begins with the hands then shoulders travelling forwards to close the hip angle. Next the knees bend to fully close the system before an aggressive opening on the drive phase. The hip angle is then closed again as the sequence is repeated.

What about some wilder examples? Watch a back flip in slow motion and you will see a close-open-close pattern with similar explosive properties as the snatch. Same applies for the butterfly swim stroke in a pool.

Once you consider movement in this light you can see the pattern everywhere.

What about something much more mundane? Next time you are walking up stairs take them two at a time. Then think about how you are repeating the close-open-close mechanics of your hips as you propel yourself upwards. Are there any others you can think of?

I believe the commonality of the snatch movement pattern to so many areas of CrossFit, sport, and life in general make it the most important lift. It’s not easy, it requires coaching and mental aptitude but it’s worth it. By training your ability and power in the movements of the snatch you will find yourself making leaps and bounds in a multitude of areas, some you haven’t even considered yet. And that’s awesome. As they say in Thailand, same same but different.

Post Questions for Paul in the comments!

Workout of the day

A: Push Press
5 sets of 5 reps

B: Open 11.6
7min AMRAP:
Thruster 45/35kg
C2B Pull-up
Do 3 reps of each in round 1, 6 reps in round 2, then 9, 12….and so on.

TCF’s Battling Duo!



This weekend saw TCF’s Sam and Jos competing at the London Throwdown which was attended by some of Europe’s top athletes and even the odd few from stateside! It was a tough weekend with some grueling workouts but our duo took on everything thrown at the with grit and determination with Sam finishing the weekend in 34th place and Jos ending in 13th.


We are extremely proud of you both and happy to say you are out there representing Thames Crossfit, thanks for you hard work and well done!

Workout of the day

A: Snatch
– 4-6 sets of 3 reps
– Use 70-80% of 1 rep max

B: 5 rounds for time:
12 Wallball shots 9/6kg
12 Toes-to-bar

TCF’ers competing this weekend!

This weekend see’s the London Throwdown take place and two of our own will be there to compete, Sam and Joss. Good luck guys! Go out and smash it!




Below is a short TED talk by Stephen Guyenet and he talks about the history of the American diet and he gives a great insight into how we have run into the health problems many face today.

Workout of the day

A: Snatch
– 6-9 sets of 2 reps
– Use 80-90% 1RM

B: 3 rounds of:
1 minute – Max rep Wall balls 9/6kg
1 minute – Max rep Power clean 40/30kg
1 minute – Max cal Row
Rest 1 minute between rounds 1 and 2
Rest 2 minutes between rounds 2 and 3

– Aim to maintain your score each round