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Upcoming Events & Fridays Workout – AMRAP Fun!

Open Weekend – Saturday 20th & Sunday 21st January

Are you friends always asking you about CrossFit but yet to try it? Or are you tired of being the only one in your group to talk about ‘the gains’ and take pride in barbell bruises?…Well now is your chance to get a friend involved.

On Saturday (08:30 and 13:45) and Sunday (13:30) we are holding some free taster sessions for those wanting to give CrossFit a shot.

You can register your friends here.

Docklands Throwdown – Saturday 3rd February

We are joining up with our neighbouring CrossFitter’s for a Throwdown.

The Throwdown is a same sex pairs event and athletes of all abilities are welcome, and there will be both RX and scaled divisions.

To sign-up just find a team-mate and add your name to the list on the whiteboard at gym!

The Throwdown runs from 9am to 12pm, with food and drinks afterwards!

*A reminder this gym is closed this weekend for a CrossFit Level 1 Seminar, we apologise for how annoying this is! However, this is the last Seminar we are hosting until July!*

Workout of the Day – CrossFit

AMRAP Funzzies

A) 10 Minute AMRAP:
200m Row
15 Unbroken wall balls 9/6kg
10 Pull-ups

– Rest for 3 Minutes –

B) 8 Minute AMRAP:
100m Sprint
15 Unbroken Kettlebell swings 24/16kg
10 Pull-ups

– Rest for 3 minutes –

C) 6 Minute AMRAP:
15 Burpees
30 Double unders

Upcoming Events & Weekend Workouts

Open Weekend – Saturday 20th & Sunday 21st January

Are you friends always asking you about CrossFit but yet to try it? Or are you tired of being the only one in your group to talk about ‘the gains’ and take pride in barbell bruises?…Well now is your chance to get a friend involved.

On Saturday (08:30 and 13:30) and Sunday (13:30) we are holding some free taster sessions for those wanting to give CrossFit a shot.

You can register your friends here.

Docklands Throwdown – Saturday 3rd February

We are joining up with our neighbouring CrossFitter’s for a Throwdown.

The Throwdown is a same sex pairs event and athletes of all abilities are welcome, and there will be both RX and scaled divisions.

To sign-up just find a team-mate and add your name to the list on the whiteboard at gym!

Yoga for Athletes, Saturday 12.30-1.30pm

Please note the new start time for this class, it has now been brought forward from 1pm to 12:30

If you haven’t checked out the weekly yoga class we are now offering to round off your training at CrossFit Thames, perhaps now is the time! Not that you necessarily need to wait for a certain date in the calendar to form new habits, however psychologically it might help strengthen your resolve to stick with it if you set a specific start date.

So, if are making New Year’s resolutions, upping your mobility and general recovery game should definitely be on the list!

What does a yoga class at Thames look like?

Just like our CrossFit classes, the weekly yoga practice is one hour in length. You’ll spend the first few minutes tuning into your breath, practising pranayama (breathing exercises).

You’ll then be taken through a short warm-up, before moving through a series of sun salutation flows to mobilise the spine and wake up your joints. It’s a nice way to generate a little bit of heat in the body, especially at this time of the year!

The postures in the main part of the class will often focus on a particular muscle group or body part, for example shoulders, hip flexors or midline, with Christine making sure you understand the purpose of these exercises, and how they relate to your training in the gym.

The recovery element is a key principle of the class, so you’ll always find a few restorative poses towards the end of the practice in preparation for your final relaxation. Sometimes, this will even be its main focus, in which case you basically get to snooze for the best part of the class – and wake up feeling all nice and relaxed.

Christine deliberately refrains from playing music in her classes so as to minimise any external distractions. This allows you to really focus in on yourself, and your breath especially – you may be surprised by how quiet the gym can be without the hustle and bustle of the workouts going on, and it makes for a nice break from the general sensory overload of London life.

This class is open to non-members of Thames, so why not come down with a friend? Non-members are welcome to drop in at a cost of £10, to be paid on the day – as with our other classes, there is no need to sign up in advance, and all levels are welcome.

Box Notices

*Thursday 11th Jan – No Open Gym due to a photoshoot

*Saturday 13th & Sunday 14th Jan – Gym Closed for CrossFit Seminar (No more LV1 seminars until July!)

Workout of the Day – Friday

A) Find a Heavy single front Squat

B) 3 Rounds for time:
1 Length front rack walking lunge kb 24/20kg
15 Shoulder to overhead
10 Chest to bar pull ups

C) 3 rounds for quality:
45 second right side plank
45 second left side plank
10 Full GHD or Nordic curls
60 seconds rest

Workout of the Day – Saturday

A) “Angie”

For time:
100 Pull-ups
100 Push-ups
100 Sit-ups
100 Air squats

Last Workout Before Christmas – Murph!

Join Coach Alice at 10am on Sunday 24th December for a special Christmas Eve Murph!

This is your last chance to earn that Christmas Dinner!…

Workout of the Day – CrossFit

For time:
1 mile run
100 Pull-ups
200 Push-ups
300 Air squats
1 mile run

*If you have a 20lb weight vest, wear it.
*Start and end with a 1 mile run, partition the pull-ups, push-us and air squats as desired.

Member Appreciation Week – Day 4

Ok, it’s not the Wheel of Misfortune again, it’s a little kinder than that. Today you get to choose your own workout!

Each class will vote on one of the three workouts below, the one with the most votes is the one your class will do!

We are have included three of the most popular workouts we have programmed in the past, so hopefully there is something in there you like the look of.

Workout of the Day – CrossFit

Each class will vote for one of the three workout options below

A) “Angie”
100 Pull-ups
100 Push-ups
100 Sit-ups
100 Air squats

B) “DT”
12 Deadlifts 70/50kg
9 Hang cleans 70/50kg
6 Push jerks 70/50kg

C) Partner Double Glen
60 Clean and jerks 60/40kg
1 Mile run (togerther)
20 Rope climbs
1 Mile run (together)
200 Burpees
*Complete the mile runs together
*Split the other reps between the pair as needed with only one person working at a time

Workout of the Day – MetCon

5 Rounds, rest 60 seconds between rounds:
30 Double unders
5 Sandbag squats (heavy)
20 Wall ball sit-ups
5 Sandbag squats (heavy)
10 Burpee

On the ninth day of CrossFit, my coaches gave to me…

Conor ‘Captain Levers’ Ryan chose today’s workout, enjoy it gang!

More Sports Massage Services

We would like to welcome Sue Spelling to Thames!

Sue will be offering her services (alongside Hester and Emerson) to members of the gym. Let’s find our a little more about Sue…

I have been in the Health and Fitness Industry for over 15 years, starting out as a Spinning Instructor, then PT and now CrossFit Coach, CrossFit Kids Coach. Together with my hubby, Paul we have owned various health clubs and are now proud owners of our own CrossFit Box.

I started practicing Reiki (healing) and Indian Head Massage over 15 years ago and more recently Sports Massage. I treat a range of people from Triathletes, Ironmen, office workers and of course CrossFitters! As a Coach and a Crossfitter I have a knack for finding all those niggly problems you may be putting up with. My style is very ‘hands-on/old school’. I believe in treating the cause of the problem, to try to prevent reoccurrence.

On a personal note I am mum to 3 crazy kids-2 girls ages 21 & 18 and our son aged 7 –plus mum to all our members at our box!! We also have 3 nutty Jug dogs, 2 of which are puppies aged 5 months and 6 months named Princess Leia, Chewie and Luke.

I believe life is short and we should squeeze it to death every day!! I look forward to meeting you all soon either for a treatment, a consultation or a coffee, did I mention I was also a trained chef?

Check out my Instagram @suescave, you can contact through the Thames members only Facebook Group or through my email.

Contact info for the Thames Specialists:
– Emerson Fernandez (Physiotherapist): fernandez.emerson@gmail.com
– Hester McDonald Thomas (Sports Massage): hmtsportsmassage@gmail.com
– Sue Spelling (Sports Massage): susanspelling@hotmail.co.uk

Workout of the Day

Day 9 – Chosen by Conor

“Heavy Mini Badger”

3 Rounds for time:
15 Squat cleans 60/40kg
15 Pull ups
400m Run

On the seventh day of crossfit, my coaches gave to me…

High Fives! – After today you pass the halfway mark of the 12 Days of CrossFit!

*Remember, No Weightlifting Club today, we have regular classes at 10am and 11am!*

Workout of the Day

Day 7 – Chosen by Hannah Borel

“Regionals Event 1 , 2017”

For time:
1,200m Run
Then 12 Rounds:
4 Strict HSPU
8 Chest to bar pull-ups
12 Air squats

Super RX is with a weight vest!

On the fifth day of crossfit, my Coaches gave to me…

Yoga for Athletes, Saturday 1-2pm

By the time we get to Saturday, your body’s likely going to be shot and your CNS fried, particularly if you’ve been doing all of the Christmas workouts so far. Therefore, we’re going to take it super chill in this week’s yoga practice.

We’re going to stretch out some of the major muscle groups that will have taken a beating (shoulders, hip flexors, quads) and move the spine in various directions before you get to enjoy a progressive muscle relaxation. If you’re not sure what that is, you can read more about what it entails here. Please bring adequate layers, perhaps a thin blanket even, to make sure you stay nice and warm throughout.

Use this class as an opportunity to hit the reset button ahead of week 2 of the 12 days, to give both your body and your mind a chance to recover – you won’t regret it!

See ya there!

Workout of the Day

Day 5 – Chosen by Coach Anke

“Games Triple G”

For time:
100 Pull-ups
80 Wall Ball sit-ups 9/6kg
60 Pistols
40 Calorie wow
20 Single arm push presses (heavy!)

Thursday 30th November – Testing Week, Day 4

Box Notices

Yoga for Athletes
Please note that there is no yoga class this Saturday, 2nd December. The next class on Sat Dec 9th will coincide with the halfway point of the 12 days of CrossFit, so expect a restorative practice incl. progressive muscle relaxation, to help you recover and get ready for week 2.

– 12 Days of CrossFit starts this coming Monday 4th December!
– No MetCon, Structural Strength or Weightlifting Club during the 12 days
– Christmas Party & Bake Off on the evening of Friday 15th

Workout of the Day – CrossFit

A) Deadlift: Establish a new 5 rep max

B) Max rep strict pull-up / chin-up
*Use the same progression as when we tested this 7 weeks ago

C) Max rep kipping pull-up / chin up
*This is for the next cycle
*Have a long rest (5-10 minutes) between B & C

Workout of the Day – Structural Strength

A) “Single Arm Fran”

Dumbbell thruster, right arm
Ring row, right arm
Dumbbell thruster, left arm
Ring row, left arm

*Focus on quality of movement

B) Sandbag carry, bearhug hold
5 x 50m, rest 30 seconds between sets
*Choose a challenging load but one which you can maintain unbroken 50m

Workout of the Day – MetCon Class

Tabata burpee, 1 round
Run 800m
Tabata pushups, 1 round
Run 800m
Tabata situps, 1 round
Run 800m
Tabata squats, 1 round
Run 800m
For best time.

*One round of a Tabata = 8 x 20 seconds on : 10 seconds off

Bulletproof through the basics: Strength and Stability through the Strict Pull Up – Intern Dan

Possibly one of the most daunting movements that the general population let hold them back from physical fitness is: The Strict Pull Up. I’ve heard it time and time again and the story usually goes something like this:

“There’s no way I could ever come to one of your CrossFit classes. I can’t even do one pull up!”

Usually there’s one of two ways to go about it from here – either give up and avoid the one movement that could be beneficial for your performance for your strength and health in life, OR do something about it!

Having struggled with the movement myself in the past, I can honestly say that there are right and wrong way to go about it. Here’s a good few places to start checking in with yourself in preparation for the strict pull work.

Strengthen up that core!

Keeping the body in the right position during the hang will prove to be essential for getting that chin over the bar. Without the core in a braced position we are actually blocking ourselves from the full potential of our strength. Hanging with an open hip and an arched rib cage reduces torque on the bar and leaves you hanging from smaller stability muscles and ultimately leading to unstable shoulders. Learning how to hold the hollow body positions is huge for the pull up game. We often programme these are a part of the warm up for sessions that require a bit more a gymnastic effort, but if you still struggle with it you can check out this vide from GMB Fitness as a reference to how you can scale the movement to work for your own flexibilities.

Tighten up that grip

Some of us actually have a surprising amount of strength in us to get our chin up and over the bar, but our grip from our forearms weakens first! Embracing the benefits that can be gained from farmer’s and waiter’s walks would be an excellent place to start. These movements not only aid your grip, but when done correctly will help to strengthen the stabilising muscles through the back, rotator cuffs and the core – all of which will help to bulletproof your shoulders and help to prevent injury in the future.

Another great way to work on the grip is to get to hanging off of that pull up bar! Working on static hanging is a great way to get a feel for holding your own body weight for grip strength. Dynamic holds will also do you some good here, so working on jumping up to the top of the pull up and holding with a tempo descent will give you some big strength gains for developing the pull from a dead-hang. Check out this awesome article from the depths of the Thames blog for a more in-depth look at the hang and all the gains that can be had!

The Thames Hanging Challenge

Work on the pull

There is a right and a wrong way to pull. When the body is put under foreign tensions of movement it sometimes compensates by recruiting the wrong muscles. Through spending some time with a movement like the Ring Row, we can work on activating and developing the right pulling muscles while varying the body angle for our own personal level of difficulty. Getting strong chest to ring pulls can really help to strengthen the muscles needed to get through the final pull at the top of the movement. Bent Over Row and Batwings are also killer movements for working on any asymmetries in pulling strength.

“But if I can kip why should I go back to basics?”

I’m not shunning the kip by any means. It is in fact an adaptation of movement that has its time, place and need, however the transferrable benefits from working on a strict pull up are far from endless. Let me highlight just a few:

  • It will develop strength in the pull for your Power and Olympic lifts
  • Your rowing power output will rise noticeably
  • They will help improve your posture, especially if you’re stuck at a desk for +8 hours per day
  • Proper pull up movement will develop stable and strong shoulders and prevent injury
  • You’ll always have two tickets to the gun show!

As former Royal Marine PTI Sean Lerwill says – “A lot of guys get fixated on their bench press best, but I think your total pull-ups effort is a far better indicator of a strong, stable and functionally fit upper body that has real-world performance capability.”

So it’s time to reclaim your strength over the bar – let’s get those strict pull gains!

Workout of the Day:

A) Strength – Back squat

Establish a 3RM

B) Conditioning

27-21-15 reps, for time of:
Back squat 75/52kg (no rack)
Handstand Push-Up

Met-Con Class

Workout of the Day:
15 Minutes on Each

A) 2-4 Rounds
10 SandBag Squats
10 Sandbag Presses
10 Dynamic Push Ups (Using Sandbag)

B) 2-4 Rounds
10 Get Ups
10 DeadBugs
10 Partner Ham Raise
10 Hamstring Curls

C) 2-4 Rounds
100m Farmers Walk
100m Front Rack Carry
100m OH Carry

17-05-2014 – “Angie”


All levels
Workout of the Day:
100 Pull-ups (Ring rows)
100 Push-ups
100 Sit-ups
100 Squats
(Time cap: 30mins)
– Must be completed in the above order
– Advanced can add a weight vest

Workout of the Day:
Skill of the Week: