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Tuesday 14th November – Workout of the day

“Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength.” – Arnold Schwarzenegger

Workout of the Day – CrossFit

A) Deadlifts: 3 x 5, across
*Add 2-5kg from your last deadlift session

B) 10 Rounds of:
10 Slam balls (catch on the bounce or no rep! )
10 Deficit push ups
5/5 Split squats 16/10kg

Workout of the Day – Structural Strength

Continuing with our Supersets. Today see’s you go for max reps in a given time period. Choose loads that allow you to move for the full work periods.

A) 10 x 40 seconds on : 20 seconds off, alternate between
Ring dips (or bench dips)
Chin-ups (or box assisted)

5 minutes rest

B) 10 x 40 seconds on : 20 seconds off, alternate between
Dumbbell bench press
T-bar rows

5 minutes rest

C) 10 x 40 seconds on : 20 seconds off, alternate between
20 Dumbbell walking lunges, immediately into
20 Dumbbell death march

5 minutes rest

D) 60 Strict knees to elbows
*Break as needed

Workout of the Day – MetCon

5 rounds for time:
12 Wall ball 9/6kg
5 Chest to bar pull-ups
50 Double unders

Grand opening party on October 1st!

Come join us for Thames CrossFit’s Grand Opening on Saturday 1st of October at 12pm at our new facility! We’ve got a great event planned…What’s in store?

1) Workshops – ever wanted to learn how to climb a rope? do a perfect squat? or loosen up those tight hips? Attend one of our workshops and we’ll show you how!

2) Workouts – What would a CrossFit event be without a proper workout? We’ll have something planned for athletes of all levels

3) Challenges and games – Test yourself physically and mentally while sharing some laughs.

4) Intro to CrossFit – New to CrossFit? Want to know what it’s all about? Our staff of expert trainers will be there to introduce you to Crossfit and show you why we think it is the most effective fitness programme in the world

5) Food and Drink – If there’s one thing CrossFitters love more than a workout, it’s eating….Not to mention, a few pints to enjoy after the workouts.

This event is free and open to members, guests, and friends of Thames CrossFit. It kicks off at 12pm, with workshops and workouts until 2pm followed by food, drink, and games. RSVP here. If you don’t have access to Facebook, shoot us an email and let us know you’re coming so we can get a good estimate of numbers.

Look forward to seeing you there!

Workout of the Day

A. Front squat – in 15 minutes establish a 3RM

B. 12 minute AMRAP (As many rounds as possible)
5 Front squat 80/55kg
Row 250m

Holiday Schedule


The Phil and Philly having a rest after the open WOD.

We’ve got back to back 4 day weekends coming up, but Thames CrossFit will still be rockin!

Our holiday schedule is as follows.
Friday – 22nd April – 10-11:30 – All levels CrossFit Class
Saturday – 23rd April – 10-11:30 – All levels CrossFit Class
Monday – 25th April – 10-11:30 – All levels CrossFit Class
Tues 26th -Thurs 28th – Normal hours
Friday 29th April – 10-11:30 – All levels CrossFit Class
Saturday 30th April – 10-11:30 – All levels CrossFit Class
Monday 2nd May – 10-11:30 – All levels CrossFit Class
Tuesday 3rd May – Back to full schedule with NEW 5:30, 6:30, and 7:30 pm classes

If you are ever wondering what the schedule is, you can find it here.

What are you going to do during your bank holidays?

Workout of the Day:

A: Snatch – 5×2
B: 21 – 15 – 9
50/35kg Push press
Toes to bar

Last Official Park WOD in Hyde Park This Sunday!

hyde park wod 134.JPG

This Sunday’s park WOD is at the center of London in Hyde Park. It is our last official park workout as we say good-bye to the summer months. We would love to see as many of you come out to help us make it memorable!

We’ll meet in front of Hyde Park Corner Underground Station (go out through Exit 1, and up the stairs), rain or shine at 11:00am on Sunday, 19 September. We will wait there until 11:10, then head into the park for the WOD.

If you get lost or have any issues, call Jay at 077 8871 7768. This workout is free and open to everyone, and will be scaled to your abilities. Also, remember to bring water and wear layers. You’re going to get hot!

View Larger Map

WOD: – If you can’t make it to the park on Sunday:

Run 8 x 40m sprints with 1 minute recovery time in between

Paleo Challenge Standings

Week 2 results are in!

Team Phil was in the lead after Week One with 43 points and scored another 58 points during Week Two. Team Phil = 101 points

Team Griff had a bit of a rough start with 39 points in Week One but kicked it into high gear in Week Two earning 63 points. Team Griff = 102 points

Oooh hooo, the race is heating up and we’ve got strong, determined and disciplined players on each team. It’s practically neck and neck.

I can hardly stand the suspense!

Let’s all keep it solid through the rest of Week Three. Consult your trainers or team captains (they are both angling to win this thing) if you have any questions or need a little inspiration. And hang in there!

Rest day, make up a workout you missed or do the following Skill WOD.

Skill WOD
A. Front levers / back levers – 10 minutes
B. Handstands – 10 minutes
C. Ice cream makers – Tabata – 4 minutes total
D. Free skill practise

Lift heavy loads


Troels showing us a sumo deadlift.

One of the basic tenets of CrossFit is to “Lift Heavy Loads”. Yesterday we got to experience that with a combination of thrusters, cleans, and sumo deadlift high pulls. Today we get to literally lift heavy loads with deadlifts. If that weren’t enough, we finish off with thrusters with some double unders sprinkled in. Another beautiful day in London with Thames CrossFit…Don’t you just love this stuff?

Workout of the Day:

3 sets of 5 reps.
On the last set, lift as many reps as possible.

21 Thrusters – 40/25 kg
42 Double Unders
15 Thrusters – 40/25 kg
30 Double Unders
9 Thrusters – 40/25 kg
18 Double Unders

Weekend WOD in Hyde Park

hyde park wod 134.JPG

This Sunday’s park WOD is at the center of London in Hyde Park.

We’ll meet in front of Hyde Park Corner Underground Station (go out through Exit 1, and up the stairs), rain or shine at 11:00am on Sunday, 22 August. We will wait there until 11:10, then head into the park for the WOD. Please be on time. If you get lost or have any issues, call Jay at 077 8871 7768. This workout is free and open to everyone, and will be scaled to your abilities.

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WOD: – If you can’t make it to the park on Sunday:

20 mins stretching

Trainer profile: Jami

Today we highlight our head trainer and resident osteopath Jami T. Jami is responsible for the daily workouts and the mobility work we do everyday. Let’s find out what makes him tick.

Age: 27
Height: 177cm
Weight: 80-ish kg

Can you give us some of your benchmark workout stats?
CrossFit Total: 430kg (947lbs, I need that 1000lb total)
Fran: 2:53
Cindy: 34 rounds (back in the day)
Fight Gone Bad: 329 (so only 200 less than Mikko)

What is your athletic history?
I started Judo at age of 6 and ended up competing in Finnish national juniors team for few years. In my teenage years I also found b-boying (breakdancing) and trained fairly consistently for almost 3 years (without much progress I might add). When I was 20 years old I moved to Paris and trained Wing Chun (Southern Chinese style of kung fu) for 3 years. It was during this time that I found CrossFit.

How/when did you get into CrossFit?
As mentioned above, I was training Chinese martial arts at the time (2006). Random google search sent me to Crossfit.com. The workouts looked interesting and I watched some videos of old time firebreathers like Greg Amundson and Dave Leyes going head to head on Fran and other “fun” WODs. What they were doing seemed impossible but the workouts on the site looked “so easy”. Little did I know.

My first workout ended up being: 4 RFT – 400m run/50 squats. I expected it to be a breeze but when I saw people walking past me during my 3rd run, I realised that there might just be something in to this program. I was sold ever since.

What was your first CrossFit breakthrough (i.e. first muscle up, how long it took, etc)?
I think my first breakthrough was to be able to do more than 20 rounds of Cindy (20min AMRAP / 5 pull ups/10 push ups/15 squats). I used to do this workout often as I had no equipment to start off with. I think I got there on my 4th or 5th attempt, pull ups were the killer.

What does your typical training diet look like?
Breakfast: Meat + vegetables
Lunch: Salad (spinach, tomatoes, celery, avocado..) with some more meat (I do love burgers, without the bun of course)
Dinner: very similar to my lunch or if I’m feeling adventurous this might be organic full-fat greek yogurt mixed with frozen berries..mmm…

What’s your (training and non-training) drink?
My training drink has very recently changed from just water to a post-workout recovery potion (ingredients top secret). Outside the gym I’d have to go with coffee (extra shots + cream please) and in the pub, Guinness and red wine (preferable not at the same time).

Do you do the same WODs that the classes do?
This varies a lot depending on my goals. I try to do all the nasty ones before the class just so that I know what’s coming up for the members. I however also agree with the saying that “the athlete who coaches himself has an idiot for a client,” and therefore I try to make sure that other people are involved in my programming.

Given your extensive CrossFit experience, have you found a consistent strength or weakness? What are they and how do you work on them?
I think that the hardest part (and my weakness) of doing CrossFit is not the movements (although they’re not easy) but having the mental fortitude to put yourself on the line in every workout and fight against the urge to quit before the end. Negative self-talk is the biggest enemy of CrossFitters. You need to learn to get comfortable with the uncomfortable.

I’m reminding myself of this during every workout, trying to get stronger, one rep at a time.

What goal are you still aiming to accomplish?
How many can I give? The beauty of CrossFit is that there’s always something new to accomplish. My current goal is not to suck at olympic lifting.

What has kept you into and motivated by CrossFit?
The community and the fact that CrossFit just makes sense. It’s amazing how you can travel around Europe and US, go to a CrossFit gym and always find home. It truly is the like-minded people of this community that make CrossFit what it is.

Oh, and also it being the worlds greatest GPP program helps.

Have any advice for our new members or potential CrossFitters?
You need to give this a go. CrossFit will literally change your life. Once you’ve started the most important thing is consistency. This applies to both attending the classes and your technique. Spending time early on to establish solid foundations on basic CrossFit movements is going to pay back hundred fold later on down the line.

Most importantly: What is the greatest sports movie of all time?
I’m undecided on the best sports movie but Facing the Giants has one of the best scenes of any sports movie.

Thank you, Jami!

Thursday’s WOD:
5 rounds for max reps of:
Bodyweight bench press

A fond farewell

Josh and Chris

August marks the month we say farewell to our good friend and trainer Josh S, and a few weeks later our good friend and cheerful member Chris G.

To wish them a fond farewell, we’re holding a Thames CrossFit party (woo!) on Wednesday, 25 August at 7pm, in the gym (7pm classes will be moved to 6pm). There will be drinks, food, revelry and exercise. Ok, no exercise.

This will be a great chance to mingle with members old and new. Come share a few laughs before the bank holiday weekend and the September Paleo challenge. Hope everyone can make it out! Please RSVP to comments.

A: Power Clean
3 reps of 65% of your 1 rep max
3 reps of 75% of your 1 rep max
As many reps as possible of 85% of your 1 rep max

B: 6 Rounds for Time of:
200m run
12 kb swings 32/24kg
8 clapping push ups

Skills and Deadlifts


Chris being coached on proper deadlift technique.

We’ll be deadlifting as part of our Wendler 5/3/1 strength cycle, then working on skills today. When deadlifting, be sure to keep your core tight (despite the soreness from yesterday’s Angie), to ensure a solid trunk and a successful lift.


Rest or

A: Deadlift
3 reps X 65% of your 1 rep max
3 reps X 75% of your 1 rep max
As many reps as possible X 85% of your 1 rep max

B: Tick off as many skill levels as you can. Who will be the first to finish Apprentice?