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On the 2nd Day of Crossfit my trainer gave to me…..

DSC_1424.JPGTonight could be your last chance to meet Nathan before he leaves to head back home. Nathan has been with us for around 6 weeks and has shown phenomenal improvements in such a short space of time, his baseline workout was cut by 5mins in just 4 weeks!….Nathan fit right in with us here at TCF and he will surely be missed!….Tonight will be his last workout with us, so make sure you around to say your Goodbyes! So lets meet Nathan…before its too late!


Age: 31

Height: 5’10

Weight: 74kg

What do you do all day? Usually waste time on the internet but I get paid to process derivatives trades for an American bank.

Can you give us some of your benchmark stats?
Baseline workout 5:56 Rx’d
1RM Deadlift 100kg

What is your athletic history? I played a lot of basketball from 8 – 17 years old and did triathlons fairly competitively from 13-18 years old and actually started up again last year. I’ve surfed/ skated/ ridden bikes for as long as I can remember.

Biggest Strength in the gym? Anything requiring leg strength. They over-compensate for my weak shoulders!

Biggest Weakness? Chin ups. They hurt me. But they are improving slowly…

What’s your drink? Do I have to pick a favourite? I don’t drink them very often but Jaeger bombs always make things fun… Otherwise I’m pretty happy with beer.

What is your biggest fitness goal? Running under 1:30 off the bike in a half ironman.

What do you enjoy most about Thames Crossfit? The lack of ego. There are so many people doing such amazing things here yet there are no big personalities strutting about. I think there’s a healthy respect for each other and it breeds a supportive, fun loving atmosphere.

What are some improvements you have made since joining Thames CrossFit? I’m quite happy with taking my baseline workout down from 10:51 to 5:56 within 4 weeks. I’m also learning a lot about lifting as I’ve never done this sort of thing before.

Any advice for new or potential CrossFitters? Just rock up. Don’t consider whether you can or can’t because with the support from instructors and other athletes you will find a way to succeed.

Also, attend the running class on Wednesday nights. These guys are way ahead of their time. It’s not physically stressful but learning the technique is a nice variation to usual training.

Most importantly: what is the greatest sport movie of all time? I’d have to say Point Break! It was the last alternative sports movie to be released without the ridiculously fake Hollywood storyline (bar the 50 year storm…). Patrick Swayze and Keanu Reeves suited their roles perfectly!

Day 2 of 12 WOD

150 Wall balls for time 9/6kg

Day 8 – Karen

Yesterday’s Linda-fest was a 3 hour marathon session that saw 8 dedicated CrossFitters smash through one of the tougher benchmark workouts. The photos above were taken by some of our budding photographers who documented the event.

On the 8th day of CrossFit, my trainer gave to me. 150 walls-a-balling.

Workout of the Day:

150 wall balls for time 9/6kg

Reminder, our next elements course starts today at 7pm!