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Upcoming Events & Weekend Workouts

The CrossFit Open, Feb 22nd to Mar 26th

Yes, it’s nearly CrossFit Open time!

Unsure of what the Open is? Then check this out…

…and then read THIS BLOG POST.

The Open is for everyone and anyone and it’s some of the most fun you can have doing CrossFit!

We will be joining CrossFitter’s worldwide to complete 5 workouts over 5 weeks that we will perform during Friday’s classes at the gym. Each Friday we will have a theme to make the day even more enjoyable. The schedule for the 5 weeks is as follows:

Workout 18.1 – Feb 22-26
Workout date: Friday 23rd Feb (all classes)
Theme of the workout: Pretty in Pink

Workout 18.2 – March 1-5
Workout date: Friday 2nd March (all classes)
Theme of the workout: Smoothie Bar

Workout 18.3 – March 8-12
Workout date: Friday 9th March (all classes)
Theme of the workout: Total Blackout

Workout 18.4 – March 15-19
Workout date: Friday 9th March (all classes)
Theme of the workout: Be your own Superhero

Workout 18.5 – March 22-26
Workout date: Friday 21st March (all classes)
Theme of the workout: End of Open Party

Read more about the themes for each week here.

T0 register for the CrossFit Open just head over the CrossFit Games website.

Yoga for Athletes, Saturday 12.30-1.30pm

We’re in week 4/8, so halfway through the current cycle, and therefore you get a well-deserved snooze this Saturday – in other words, it’s time for a progressive muscle relaxation after a short restorative practice. To find out more about this type of guided relaxation, please click here.

It’s bound to be chilly this weekend, and as you will be still for a good part of the class, please layer up appropriately – wooly socks, a big scarf, a hat…perhaps a blanket even. Bring whatever you need to stay nice and warm throughout, and treat yourself to a hot bevvie afterwards

Workout of the Day – Friday

A) Every 2 minutes, until failure:
9 Thrusters 40/30kg
15 Double unders
9 Chest to bar pull-ups
15 Double unders

Workout of the Day – Saturday

A) “Tailpipe”

3 Rounds each for time, of:
P1: 250m Row
P2: Double kettlebell front rack hold 24/16kg

B) With a partner I go you go for max team reps of each:
4x 30sec work/30sec rest: Dumbbell strict press
– Rest 2 minutes –
4x 30sec work/30sec rest: Dumbbell push press
– Rest 2 minutes –
4x 30sec work/30sec rest: Burpee
– Rest 2 minutes –
4x 30sec work/30sec rest: Push-up
– Rest 2 minutes –
4x 30sec work/30sec rest: Kettlebell swing

Workout of the Day – Sunday, Weightlifting Club

Deload Week

A) Clean + high hang clean: 6 x 1+1 @ 75-80%
B) Strict press: 3 x 3 @ 75-80%
C) Push press: 3 x 2 @ 80%
D) RDL’s: 4 x 6@ by feel

Workout of the day for Tues 6th Feb – Interval Weight Training

Workout of the Day – CrossFit

A) Interval Weight Training (IWT)

*This is your last IWT before the CrossFit Open begins, give it your all!

A1) 3 Rounds, with a 2 minute between rounds:
8-12 Dumbbell thruster
2 minutes ALL OUT max distance row

– 5 Minute Rest –

A2) 3 Rounds, with a 2 minute between rounds:
12 Dumbbell push press
1 minute for max burpees over the rower
1 minute row for max distance

B) Skill Work Under fatigue

Workout of the Day – Metcon Class

For time:
8 Rope climb
20 Push ups
30 Goblet squat 24/16kg
600m Kettlebell carry (switch hands at 300m) 24/16kg
30 Goblet squat 24/16kg
20 Push Ups
8 Rope climb

Nutrition Programming with Jonny Landels!

It’s finally happening!

Jonny Landels of Next Step Nutrition is partnering with his old haunt to offer his nutrition programming services to you!

Jonny’s mission is to educate people about food and to clear up the nutrition myths that surround and confuse us on a daily basis.

There’s no bullshit here. No quick fix. No “6 weeks to flat abs”. Just real advice, coaching, and accountability, that brings real results. “I’m not about ‘diets’. I’m about small lifestyle changes that make a big difference.

Jonny moved into nutrition coaching back in September 2016 to continue pursuing his passion of improving people’s health and fitness. His own journey with fitness began back in 2009 when he started going to the gym to fill the gap from playing rugby.

He found CrossFit in 2010 and became a CF-L1 instructor in 2012. This led him down the path of learning more and getting more coaching experience, before becoming a full-time trainer with us at Reebok CrossFit Thames in London in 2014. He coached here full time up until September 2016 before re-located back north and moving full time into nutrition coaching.

So how can Jonny help you, well let’s have him explain…

Nutrition programming with Jonny is a 3 month commitment (Rome wasn’t built in a day!) to develop healthy habits and a nutrition program for you to improve how you look, feel and perform.

During those 3 months you get:
– 90 day ongoing food log review
– 1x/week check-in (online) with Jonny,
– A website to submit weekly check-ins for review allowing Jonny to track your progress and adjust your plan
– Specific guidance based on your goals whether it be body composition or performance (or both!)
– Specific macronutrient and/or habitual recommendations based on your goals
– Before and after measurements with each weekly check-in
– A members-only Facebook group to lean on for extra support

At the end of the 3 months many clients feel comfortable going off into the big wide world by themselves full of confidence with what they have learned!

If you want to find out more, or get signed up just email us.

Bonus: The first 10 sign-ups also get a free e-book from Jonny on “Flexible Dieting”

Workout of the Day – CrossFit

A) Deadlift: Find a 10 rep max

B) Pacing and quality control:
50 Box jumps 24/20″
50 Knees to elbows
50 Double unders

EMOM until completed , 3 Power Cleans 60/40kg

Workout of the Day – MetCon

A) For time:
50 Kettlebell swings 24/16kg
40 Calorie row / airdyne
30 Wall ball sit-ups 9/6kg
20 Sandbag squats
10 Sandbag/DB clean and press
20 Sandbag squats
30 Wall ball sit-ups 9/6kg
40 Calorie row / airdyne
50 Kettlebell swings 24/16kg

Workout of the day for Monday 15th – Renegades Man Makers

The Dumbbell Man Maker

The man maker is not something you see within CrossFit workouts very often, this is most likely down to the fact that it cannot be performed ‘fast’ and it often humbles us to using lighter weight, as CrossFitters we tend towards movements that let us move large loads quickly.

That being said the man maker has a whole host of benefits that can be valuable to the weekend warriors and athletes.

The movement itself (see the video below) encompasses almost all the major movements patterns; push, pulls, squat, press (and you could argue a hinge).

It also challenges you in all planes of motion with the front plane (push-up, thruster, row etc) as well as the often neglected sagittal and transverse planes (single arm rows/planks).

Just because its slower and lighter does not mean this is easy, prepare to be humbled. Ow, and don’t forget about the 5500m of rowing in this workout.

Workout of the Day – CrossFit

A) 10 – 1 reps of:
Renegade man makers
Row (1 rep is 100m)

*Perform 10 man makers, then a 100m row
*Perform 9 man makers, then a 200m row
*Perform 8 man makers, then a 300m row
*Continue until you complete the final round of 1 man maker and 1000m row

On the fifth day of crossfit, my Coaches gave to me…

Yoga for Athletes, Saturday 1-2pm

By the time we get to Saturday, your body’s likely going to be shot and your CNS fried, particularly if you’ve been doing all of the Christmas workouts so far. Therefore, we’re going to take it super chill in this week’s yoga practice.

We’re going to stretch out some of the major muscle groups that will have taken a beating (shoulders, hip flexors, quads) and move the spine in various directions before you get to enjoy a progressive muscle relaxation. If you’re not sure what that is, you can read more about what it entails here. Please bring adequate layers, perhaps a thin blanket even, to make sure you stay nice and warm throughout.

Use this class as an opportunity to hit the reset button ahead of week 2 of the 12 days, to give both your body and your mind a chance to recover – you won’t regret it!

See ya there!

Workout of the Day

Day 5 – Chosen by Coach Anke

“Games Triple G”

For time:
100 Pull-ups
80 Wall Ball sit-ups 9/6kg
60 Pistols
40 Calorie wow
20 Single arm push presses (heavy!)

Testing Week!

Hey Crew !

I for one am super excited for testing week on Monday! You have all put in the work and its time to reap the rewards of all that work. Some of you have started seeing PB’s rain already with more to come on the horizon! If you haven’t hit any PB’s yet then you should be feeling more solid in your squat and deadlift with the numbers you are currently hitting.

We will have Friday off the heavy squats this week. We will bench for those that missed it with the focus on the squats and just for the weekend gainz. Rest up as much as possible and ease off the shady food choices so come Monday you are feeling good and ready to get your prize on the Squats.

Going forward we have the 12 days of CrossFit which you can read more about here with Coach Phil’s Blog. Then we have a normal class programming to keep you ticking over for the X-mas period with a mix of strength and classic CF programming. Come the new year we have a cycle on Power Endurance and Strength Endurance to get you ready for the open and to start applying your new found strength. There will be more info on the new cycle soon. For now , pump yourselves up , cheer each other on and smash those PBs!

Testing week itself will be as follows:
*PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!* – Make sure you log your scores on Beyond the whiteboard and or the PB board so I can track how you have all done and where I might need to make adjustments to the programming going forward. The more info I have the better job I can do and then the better you will perform!


A) 5 Rep Max Back Squat
B) Max Rep toes to bar
C) Max Rep Double Unders

Woohoo! Gain day for the squats where we can really take our time with the squats and ride the wave from the all the work you’ve put in.
The max rep toes to bar will be a test for the next cycle so even if you scale ensure you keep a record of the number of reps completed.
For the double unders just go for max rep and see where the faults start appearing , is it fatigue or are your arms flailing about uncontrollably ? IF you havent got double unders then START practicing now and NOT 1 day before the open !


CrossFit Open 15.5
Row for calories

Ok, I get it no one wants to do this WOD. However it IS a great test and perfect for our next cycle. Even if you don’t PB from the last time you did it then don’t worry. You are coming off a strength cycle but it will give you some targets for the next cycle. Suck it up and come in even if you dont want to.


Recovery day or make up session if you miss a lift.
Exactly what it says on the tin crew. If you missed a day or will miss Thursday/ Friday and want to get it in here then do so.


A) 5 Rep Max Deadlift
B) Max Rep Strict Pull Up/ Chin Up
C) Max Rep Kipping Pull up / Chin Up
Deadlifting gain train! Get fired up , grab a buddy to lift with and pick up the heavy thing!
Max Rep Strict Pull up is a re-test from the last cycle. We have done a ton of work on the Pull up and accessory work around it so lets see how you’ve progressed.
Max rep kipping is a test for the next cycle.Again make a note of any scales and take note of where the breakdown starts happening. Is it a skill element with the kip or is it a strength/Fatigue issue.


A) 3 Rep Max Power Clean
B) 30 Second Airdyne output test
Power Cleans heavy 3 ! Focus on the catch position and get to lifting !
30 Second test isnt pretty we all know that but its only 30 seconds …. how bad can it be ? 🙂


My Favourite Open WOD of all time : 14.4
14 Minute AMRAP

60 Calorie Row
50 Toes To Bar
40 Wall Balls 9/6kg
30 Cleans 60/40kg
20 Muscle Ups

This is the most “Open” open WOD if that makes sense haha. Everything you could possibly see in a Open WOD is pretty much here. Its a perfect test of speed, skill and strength. Strap up and hit it hard.

See you in PB city!
– Coach Milo

Box Notices

– Next week is testing week! Time to see the progress from the strength cycle

– The gym is closed this weekend for a CrossFit Level 1 Seminar, but on Saturday we are going to Flip Out Trampoline! Contact james@crossfitthames.com for more info.

– A reminder that if didn’t fetch your shoes from the shoe rack they are in the cubby hole bag storage. They will remain there for the rest of this week. On Friday the 24th they will be shipped off and donated to a new home!

Workout of the Day for – CrossFit

A) Deadlifts: 3 x 5, across
*Add 2-5 kg from your last deadlift session

B) Performed “Fight Gone Bad” style
3 Rounds, 1 minute per movement, for max reps:
Dumbbell hang power clean 22/16kg
Wall ball sit-ups
Jumping split squats
Assault bike / Row for calories

Workout of the Day for – Structural Strength

If you completed this two weeks ago, aim to add load

2 Supersets
A1) Dumbbell hex press x 10-15 reps
A2) Single arm dumbbell row x 10-15 reps

2 Supersets
B1) Single leg deadlift with kettlebells x 10-12
B2) x 10-12

2 Supersets
C1) Dumbbell hammer curls x 12-15
C2) Tate press x 12-15

2 Supersets
D1) Single arm dumbbell high pull: 10-15 per side
D2) Front rack box step-up: 8-12 per side

*Rest 30 seconds between movements, and 2 minutes between sets
*All movements to be performed with the tempo 31X1 (3 seconds eccentric, 1 second pause, fast concentric, 1 second pause)

Workout of the Day for – MetCon

4 x 250m row
1 minute rest between efforts
4 x 400m run
2 minute rest between efforts

Tuesday 7th November – Workout of the day

What the hell is a Zercher Squat?

This odd looking squat variation is named after a Mr Ed Zercher, a All-Around Weightlifter in the 1930’s, best known for this style of squatting.

Ow yeah, he also had a reported deadlift of 3.45x bodyweight. Yes thats 243kg / 536lbs at a bodyweight of 79kg / 156lb!

The Zercher squat’s bar placement (held in the crook of the elbows, see picture above) offers considerable benefits over a front squat or back squat, mainly in the development of upper back and spinal erector strength.

Those who struggle during deadlifts and back/front squats due to spinal and/or upper back rounding can greatly benefit from this exercise.

Whilst a barbell is one tool of choice, odd objects like sandbags (used today) can make this movement even more of a challenge and punishing on the midline.

Remember…Strong People Are Harder To Kill.

Workout of the Day – CrossFit

A) Back Squat: 3 x 5, across

B) Bench Press: 3 x 3, build to a heavy 3

C) 10 down to 1 reps of:
Sandbag zercher squat or double kettlebell front rack squat
Between each set 10 Russian kettlebell swings 32/24kg

Workout of the Day – Structural Strength

2 Supersets
A1) Incline dumbbell flys x 10-15 reps
A2) Bent over dumbbell raise x 10-15 reps

2 Supersets
B1) Weighted ring dips x 10-12
B2) Bent over barbell rows x 10-12

2 Supersets
C1) Front squat x 8-12
C2) Sumo-deadlift x 8-12

*Rest 30 seconds between movements, and 2 minutes between sets
*All movements to be performed with the tempo 31X1 (3 seconds eccentric, 1 second pause, fast concentric, 1 second pause)

D) Midline
3-5 sets, rest as needed
Side plank with rotations x 10 per side
Single arm overhead carry, 50m per side

Workout of the Day – MetCon

For time:
800m Run
15 Sandbag to shoulder
800m Run
15 Sandbag shoulder to overhead
800m Run
15 Sandbag clean & jerks

Workout of the day – Thursday 2nd Nov

Workout of the Day – CrossFit

A) Back squat: 3×5, across
*Add 2.5 to 5kg based on your last squat session

B) Seated dumbbell press 3×6-7
*Use the same weight as last week and aim to increase reps

C) For time:
30 Sandbag thrusters – Choose load
90 Calorie row / airdyne

Workout of the Day – Structural Strength

A) Lower Body Accessory

3 Supersets
A1) Front rack reverse lunge: 12 reps per side – Perform all on one side, then all on the other
A2) Cossack squats with goblet hold: 10 reps per side
A3) GHD hip extension (or good mornings): 20 reps
*Rest 30 seconds between B1, B2 and B3, and 2 minutes between rounds

B) Upper Body Accessory

3 Supersets
B1) Half kneeling dumbbell press: 10 reps per side
B2) Single arm ring row: 10 reps per side
B3) Single arm upright row: 10 reps per side
*Rest 30 seconds between B1, B2 and B3, and 2 minutes between rounds

C) Finisher – Bench press burner!
– Start with an empty bar and perform 7 bench press
– Immediately add 10kg (males) or 5kg (females) and perform 7 more reps,
– Immediately add 10kg (males) or 5kg (females) and perform 7 more reps,
– Repeat until you reach a hard but manageable 7 reps (do not go to failure)
– Immediately remove 10kg (males) or 5kg (females) and perform 7 more reps,
– Work back down to an empty barbell

Workout of the Day – MetCon Class

A) 400m Sandbag carry (bearhug hold)

B) CrossFit Open 12.1
7 Minutes to complete as many reps as possible of burpees to a target

C) 200m Sandbag Carry (Same weight as A, no breaking!)

Workout of the Day – Tuesday 24th October

People who do not know how to squat do not have normal hip function, don’t have normal leg functional. They can’t jump, run, throw or punch correctly.” – Greg Glassman

Box Brief

  • Remember we have our Halloween Party on Friday from 18:00. Get dressed up and come on down for a workout and some Halloween games
  • Have you tried out our new Yoga for Athletes Class? Saturdays 1pm to 2pm!

Workout of the Day – CrossFit

A) Back Squat: 3×5, across
*Aim to add 2.5 to 5kg from your last back squat session

B) Seated dumbbell press: 3 x 5

C) 5 Rounds of:
8 Dumbbell push press
10-12 Nordic hamstring curls (6- 8 Full GHR)

Workout of the Day – MetCon Class

A) For time
400m Run or row
15 Dumbbell hang squat clean 22/16kg
400m Run or row
15 Dumbbell shoulder to overhead 22/16kg
400m Run or row
15 Dumbbell hang squat clean 22/16kg
400m Run or row
15 15 Dumbbell hang squat clean and press 22/16kg

B) 8 x 15 seconds on : 15 seconds rest
Max calories on airdyne

Workout of the Day – Structural Strength

A) Lower Body Accessory

3 Supersets
A1) Romanian deadlift: 10 reps with a 4 second lower on each rep
A2) Skater squats: 10 per side
A3) Banded good mornings: 20 reps
*Rest 30 seconds between B1, B2 and B3, and 2 minutes between rounds

B) Upper Body Accessory

3 Supersets
B1) Single arm dumbbell bench press: 10 per side, ‘resting’ arm holds lockout position
B2) Single arm dumbbell row: 10 per side, ‘resting’ arm holds top of row position
B3) Reverse snow angle: 20 reps
*B1 and B2 have a 3 second eccentric on each rep
*Rest 30 seconds between B1, B2 and B3, and 2 minutes between rounds

C) Finisher

Every 30 seconds, for 8 minutes, alternate between
10 Push-ups (load as needed)
5 Strict pull-ups (load as needed)

Welcome Misty to the team!

Most of you know Misty…

If you don’t, she is the 6am’er who leaves the inhuman times on the whiteboard after tough conditioning workouts.

You also may know her as the one who replies to your emails!

Well, from November Misty is joining the team full time to take on a General Manager and Coaching role.

Lets find out a little about Misty “Gun Show’ Botha.

Hopefully most peeps know me already, but encase my name is just something you have seen on the whiteboard, here is a smidge more detail.

I am originally from South Africa (which you can tell within 5 seconds of speaking to me as I’m holding on to my accent and slang with all my might). I have worked in the states and now the UK, and have a financial and accounting teaching/training background.

I’m a big fan of being outdoors/any outdoor activity other than swimming (man do I hate swimming). Although I don’t experience fresh air as much since moving to London, I try travel when I can to get those bubbles of happiness into my system. I’m happy when I’m fed, have tea or wine (or a new addition is an “old fashioned”), hanging out with friends, chilling at home or at the gym, if you want to make me super happy let there be a dog around in one of those instances then I’m pretty much golden.

I only have a few odd quirks (6am may disagree), but I can never go first in a workout if it’s run in heats, I hate hate the feeling of paper or cardboard or hearing someone else touch paper or cardboard…and bananas are gross man, why do you people keep eating them?

I got into CrossFit because of a boy actually. I’d love to have some cool sporting goal story for you, but I mainly played team sports like netball, touch rugby, baseball and then did a whole lot of running. My audit client (my now husband for those that have met him) told me about MMA and CrossFit at his gym. I decided to give the CrossFit thing a go (yes I passed on the MMA). I just wanted an excuse to see him outside the work environment, little did I realise just how gross and sweaty that environment would be (and that I wouldn’t be able to lift my chest off my bed for the next two days after my first class). So in hindsight no matter how cute the clothes, that kind of gross and sweaty was not the image I wanted him to see, but what I did get was the CrossFit addiction and have loved it ever since.

My coaching experience starts in the financial world where I have coached/mentored trainee accountants and presented accounting training for the past 9 or so years. Now I’m in the way more exciting CrossFit coaching world and as you all may know I’m quite a newbie. I have completed the Thames internship (thank you for all your patience), have my CrossFit level 1 and have done various CrossFit online courses and quite recently the StrongFit weekend seminar. I want to improve and develop in programming and also maybe throw in a PT qualification. I am excited to develop my skills further and work alongside you all.

I hope to continue to add to the great family and community vibe that I have always loved at Thames. To strive for continual improvement and become a great coach, like the ones I have had at Thames and to put my organisational/intense need for perfection to good use on helping everything run efficiently in the background.

Welcome to the team Misty!

Workout of the Day – CrossFit

A) Power Clean: 5×3, across
*Increase load 1.5 to 2.5kg from last week.

B) In 15 minutes complete as many rounds and reps as possible of:
10 Dumbbell hang power cleans 22/16kg
10 Ring dips
10 Dumbbell walking lunges 22/16kg