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Nutrition Programming with Jonny Landels!

It’s finally happening!

Jonny Landels of Next Step Nutrition is partnering with his old haunt to offer his nutrition programming services to you!

Jonny’s mission is to educate people about food and to clear up the nutrition myths that surround and confuse us on a daily basis.

There’s no bullshit here. No quick fix. No “6 weeks to flat abs”. Just real advice, coaching, and accountability, that brings real results. “I’m not about ‘diets’. I’m about small lifestyle changes that make a big difference.

Jonny moved into nutrition coaching back in September 2016 to continue pursuing his passion of improving people’s health and fitness. His own journey with fitness began back in 2009 when he started going to the gym to fill the gap from playing rugby.

He found CrossFit in 2010 and became a CF-L1 instructor in 2012. This led him down the path of learning more and getting more coaching experience, before becoming a full-time trainer with us at Reebok CrossFit Thames in London in 2014. He coached here full time up until September 2016 before re-located back north and moving full time into nutrition coaching.

So how can Jonny help you, well let’s have him explain…

Nutrition programming with Jonny is a 3 month commitment (Rome wasn’t built in a day!) to develop healthy habits and a nutrition program for you to improve how you look, feel and perform.

During those 3 months you get:
– 90 day ongoing food log review
– 1x/week check-in (online) with Jonny,
– A website to submit weekly check-ins for review allowing Jonny to track your progress and adjust your plan
– Specific guidance based on your goals whether it be body composition or performance (or both!)
– Specific macronutrient and/or habitual recommendations based on your goals
– Before and after measurements with each weekly check-in
– A members-only Facebook group to lean on for extra support

At the end of the 3 months many clients feel comfortable going off into the big wide world by themselves full of confidence with what they have learned!

If you want to find out more, or get signed up just email us.

Bonus: The first 10 sign-ups also get a free e-book from Jonny on “Flexible Dieting”

Workout of the Day – CrossFit

A) Deadlift: Find a 10 rep max

B) Pacing and quality control:
50 Box jumps 24/20″
50 Knees to elbows
50 Double unders

EMOM until completed , 3 Power Cleans 60/40kg

Workout of the Day – MetCon

A) For time:
50 Kettlebell swings 24/16kg
40 Calorie row / airdyne
30 Wall ball sit-ups 9/6kg
20 Sandbag squats
10 Sandbag/DB clean and press
20 Sandbag squats
30 Wall ball sit-ups 9/6kg
40 Calorie row / airdyne
50 Kettlebell swings 24/16kg

Workout of the day – Wednesday 3rd January

Workout of the Day – CrossFit

A) Shoulder Press
5 x 5
*3 second hold at top of each rep

B) 8 Rounds for time:
12 Burpee box jumps 24/20″
50m Sprint
60 seconds rest

C) 50 Strict knees to elbows

Workout of the Day – Weightlifting Club

A) 3 Position snatch pull: 6 sets @ moderate weight.

B) Snatch + Hang snatch: 6 x 1 + 1 @ 75-80%

C) Pause Back squats: 6 x 2 @ 60-70% with 2 second pause at the bottom.
*Focus is on starting strength/speed out of the bottom position.

Sun Salutation!

The sun salutation (surya namaskar) is a set sequence of about a dozen asanas (yoga postures), performed in the same order and usually at the beginning of a yoga practice. There are different variations, e.g. the classical sun salutation, surya namaskar A & B – you’ll be coming across them all in my classes. Now, let’s look at why you should integrate them into your training regime to complement your programming.

1. It’s super versatile
The sun salutation involves approximately 140 muscles in the body, using nothing but your own bodyweight. How’s that for a well-rounded workout? It makes for a great warm-up, cool-down or a full-on workout in its own right. It all depends on how you pace it, how long you hold the postures for, and how many rounds you complete.

2. It mobilises the spine
The practice of yoga asana aims to move the spine in all directions by means of forward folds, backbends and twists. The sun salutation incorporates a number of poses that repeatedly flex and extend the spine, particularly the lumbar. This promotes spinal disc health as the biochemical process controlling disc hydration is stimulated through on and off pressure. The spinal discs already have very poor blood supply – now add to that gravity from walking upright, lack of movement due to a sedentary lifestyle, natural degeneration through ageing, as well as compression under load from weightlifting and you have…less than ideal conditions for your discs to stay happy and healthy!

3. It keeps your hammies happy
Struggling to keep a neutral spine when deadlifting? Tight hamstrings are a common plight, and not only among athletes. As they attach to the sitbones and the back of the thigh, tightness in these muscles may manifest as a tilt in the pelvis. This, in return, may compromise the integrity of the spine in CrossFit movements such as the deadlift. The standing forward fold (uttanasana) is an effective way to lengthen the hamstrings, particularly since is repeated several times throughout each round.

4. It requires no equipment
The sun salutation is a type of bodyweight exercise you can do anywhere, and with minimal space requirements. Get to it!

This class is also open to non-members of Thames, visitors are welcome to drop in at a cost of £10.

Upcoming Events

November Challenge

After the months and months of our Monthly Challenges we have tested strength, power, speed, endurance…but for a true test of all round fitness we have missed the BEST test.

Get your pre-wod ready…

Bring your knee sleeves, belts and best lifters….

It’s time to take on…THE FISH GAME!

This game is found of the Concept 2 Rower and the the object of this game is to rack up as many points as possible by eating the tasty fish while avoiding the large, toothy beasts that will send your score plummeting!

On the rower monitor, you’re the fish facing the onslaught of fellow ocean-dwellers, both good and not-so-good. Alter your intensity to move your fish up and down the left-hand side of the screen. When an edible “good” fish comes your way, try and gobble it up to get points and avoid the large predators, as they’ll take points off your score.

Each game lasts four minutes, with a play again option at the end.

Whilst this is a game, there is a point to this fishy madness. The Fish Game teaches you how to modulate intensity and it records all your workout information (time, distance, pace per 500 metres, and so on).

Time to go fishin’

Flip Out Trampoline – Saturday 25th November @ 10:00am

It’s like a playground for adults!…

We have organised a 2 hour session at Flip Out Trampoline where there is a ton of fun to be had. Trampolines, climbing, 100M caving experience, 30ft Drop Slide (Slide O’ death), Laser maze and more.

The cost is £15 per person for 2 hours, email james@crossfitthames.com to register your interest. Let’s get bouncy!

We have a CrossFit Level 1 on this weekend, so the gym will be closed on Saturday and Sunday.

12 Days of CrossFit & Christmas Bake-Off

Our annual Christmas WODGANZA is nearly here!

We challenge you to complete 12 days of CrossFit Benchmark workouts, back to back. Day 1 begins on Monday 4th December through to Day 12 Friday 15th December.

The last day is our grand finale and to celebrate in style we are having our Christmas Party with a CrossFit Bake-Off.. Bake your best Christmas goodies and bring it along to our Christmas Party. As members sample the delights they cast their vote for the favourite dish before our Bake of Champion is crowned.

The winner will receive a place on a Cookery and Baking Class at Little Portland Street Cookery School to further hone their skills

Workout of the Day – Friday

A) Back squat: 3 x 5, across
*Aim to add 2.5 to 5kg from the last session

B) Seated DB Press: 3 x 2

C) Cycle through for 10 minutes,for quality:
3 High box jumps
10/10 Bulgarian split squats
200m Run

Workout of the Day – Saturday

Odd object WOD

In a pair, complete for time:
40 Sandbag Clean and Jerks (Heavy!)
1 Mile run (together)
20 Rope climbs
1 Mile run
800m Farmers Carry

Events & Weekend Workouts

It’s nearly the weekend…

Happiest of Birthday’s to Coach Markus!

October Challenge

Just a few days left to try and get on the leaderboard for this months challenge!…

Halloween Party – Friday 27th October @ 18:00

It’s time for all the ghouls and monsters to get themselves to the gym to look good for their special time of year!

The evening will consist of a partner workout, some fun Halloween games and also prizes for the best costumes.

We’ll get the beers in but bring your favourite halloween treats for our spooky buffet! Join our Facebook Event page for the event!

Flip Out Trampoline – Saturday 25th November @ 10:00am

It’s like a playground for adults!…

We have organised a 2 hour session at Flip Out Trampoline where there is a ton of fun to be had. Trampolines, climbing, 100M caving experience, 30ft Drop Slide (Slide O’ death), Laser maze and more.

The cost is £15 per person for 2 hours, email james@crossfitthames.com to register your interest

Workout of the Day for Friday – CrossFit

A) Back Squat: 3×5, across
*Aim to add 2.5 to 5kg from your last squat session

B) Bench Press: 50 reps for time
Use the same weight as last weeks 40 reps for time

C) 4 Rounds of:
7/7 Dynamic push-ups
15/15 Dynamic step-ups
5 High box jumps

Workout of the Day for Saturday – CrossFit

A) Complete 12-9-6 reps for time of:
Deadlift 125kg/100kg
Muscle-up (Bar or Ring)

Workout of the Day for Sunday – Weightlifting Club

Week 4 – DeLoad

A) Snatch + Snatch balance: 6 x 1+1 @ 75-80%

B) Snatch pulls: 5 x 2 @ 95-100%

C) Back squat: 5 x 2 @ 75-82.5%

D) Bent over rows: 3 x 8 @ by feel

Open workout 12.3

So far we have had two single domain workouts with 7mins of burpees and then 10 mins of snatches. One was focused on moving bodyweight which the smaller athletes would have favoured and the other involved lifting increasingly heavier weights which is should have favoured the larger folks…a fairly even split so far?

What is in store today, well workout 12.3 has given us…..Please watch the video below for a breakdown of the workout and the movement standards.

The past two Thursdays have seen a fantastic work ethic from everyone involved and it has also created a brilliant atmosphere to workout in. Lets make sure we make some noise tonight and get the gym pumped!

Workout of the day

Open wod 12.3
As many rounds and reps as possible in 18 minutes of:
15 Box jumps 24/20′
12 Push press 115/75lbs (52/35kg)
9 Toes-to-bar

Dress for success


Charlie demonstrates proper coordination, both in the overhead squat and in his colour choices. FACT: You will ALWAYS lift more if your clothes match your weights.

Workout of the Day:

6 x 3 minute intervals of
7 Ring dip
7 Box jump 24/20 in box
7 KB Swing 24/16kg

Rest 3 minutes between intervals


Its been a great first week back at ThamesCF and most of you seem to have shaken of the Christmas hangovers!….We have another hero workout for you this weekend, in light of that here is a picture of Chris/Tom/Brittany practising his Superman pose, although Jim cant quite make out where the big ‘S’ is meant to be!

Workout of the day

20 minute AMRAP:
10 push press 50/35kg
10 KB swing 24/16kg
10 box jump 24

Meet Trish!

Just a note to say there will be no 9am session on Saturday (17th Dec), the 10am will run as normal.


This athlete profile see’s us meet Trish!

Trish is one of our regulars and embodies everything about Thames Crossfit, she shows up and gives it her all each and everytime, and she constantly encourages those around her. Trish sets her goals and ensures she does everything she can to achieve them and her results stand as a testament to this. Trish brings a great personality to the gym….and she also makes delicious ‘fudge babies’!

Age: 39

Height: 5′-4″

Weight: 50 kg

What do you do all day? Explore London, walk all over creation with our dog, Silver, and network/plan my next career move

Can you give us some of your benchmark stats?
Deadlift 90kg 3RM
Clean & Jerk 41kg 1RM
Fran 4:15 but seriously scaled w/15kg thrusters & jumping pull-ups (looking forward to the day I can do it Rx)

What is your athletic history? I never really considered myself an athlete. I was a dancer and figure skater as a kid, then in my early 20’s I started playing volleyball, skiing, doing some yoga, cardio and weightlifting (typical globo gym stuff). I had shoulder surgery 2 years ago and had quit working out entirely about 6 months prior to the operation. I just got back into it 7 months ago when I moved to London and joined TCF.

Biggest Strength in the gym? Power lifting… this is one of the few areas where I can exceed the beginner requirements (despite my mobility issues with squats).

Biggest Weakness? Mobility! Too many years sitting hunched over a desk = really tight muscles. Really makes for some movement challenges!

What’s your drink? Swedish pear cider is my favourite, but a definite sugar bomb, so I generally try to stick with a nice red wine.

What is your biggest fitness goal? I want to be able to do all of the movements that come up in a workout. Ultimately, my goal is to Rx the weight, but first I at least want to achieve the right form and full range of motion for everything we do.

What do you enjoy most about Thames Crossfit? The community…it’s such a supportive atmosphere. I definitely push myself harder here than I ever have and I love how everyone encourages each other.

What are some improvements you have made since joining Thames CrossFit? I’ve cleaned up my diet, gained strength, lost about 4% bodyfat. I also noticed improvement in my endurance; I definitely feel better running now than I did when I first started.

Any advice for those new to Crossfit? Give it a try; everything is scalable! It’s really fun and so rewarding to see the progress you can make.

Most importantly, what is the greatest sport movie of all time? So many good ones to choose from, but Rocky is definitely at the top of the list for me. One of the first sports movies I ever watched as a kid. I love that the gym is so basic; it makes a CrossFit box look glamorous. I mean, he’s hitting slabs of beef at one point for pete’s sake! The scene when he runs up the steps and throws his arms in the air triumphantly is just absolutely classic. Like all great sports movies, it’s about putting all you’ve got into achieving a personal goal with the support you get from those around you along the way… just like at CrossFit!


Workout of the day
Overhead walking lunge 25/15kg plate
Ring dip
Box jump 30/24″

Thames Crossfit setting Guinness World Records at Canary Wharf!

Yesterday saw the Thames Crossfit crew help set not one, but two Guinness World Records!

The first was for the largest ever interactive anamorphic painting which was created by the artist 3D Joe and Max. It is a stunning piece and is transformed into a awesome piece of 3D art when viewed through the camera lens.


Not content with being part of one new Guinness World Record, we also decided to get in on another. This was a Pants for Poverty campaign which saw us and 50 other people strip down to some rather fetching and brightly coloured underpants. We then all climbed inside a giant pair of pink underpants where we had to stay for 5 minutes….It got a little cosy and there were times I dare not look down to see what I was touching or being touched by!


Workout of the day

A: Back Squat – Establish 5RM in 20 mins

Finisher: Max hollow hold, rest 2 min, then max rep box jumps @ 24/18