Stop Trying and Start Training

Many of us spend a bulk of our time on this planet stranded atop the plateaus of life. Despite our busy schedules and exhaustive efforts to accomplish something beyond the ordinary, we make very little progress.

It’s common to chalk this all up to a busy life, which is partially true, but there’s something else preventing us from making sustainable and meaningful gains.

From our earliest memories, we were taught to merely “Try” things. Food, sports, classes, and even careers. A wholesome way to sample life, but a useless way to live it.

What keeps us stuck is that we keep “trying” to do things rather than “training” to achieve them.

To break this frustrating cycle of stagnation, we must get really good at discerning between the two.

Trying Vs. Training:

To “try” is to attempt to achieve something with our existing skills, knowledge, or structures. If what we were “born” with (as if there were such a thing) doesn’t cut it, we just move on.

Trying is a 1/2 step more than just really wanting something. It’s a toe dipped in the pool, a nibble of broccoli, or the purchasing of a lottery ticket. When we try something, we are actually just hoping to get lucky and receive the benefit without paying the price.

To “train” is to commit to achieving something by developing the skills, acquiring the knowledge, and obtaining the required structures through sustained and intentional effort and practice.

When we train, we’re committing to taking all of the necessary steps until the result we’re after is produced.

“You’ll know you’re training for something when you can point to its time commitment on your calendar.” Eric Davis

Workout of the Day

A) For Time
50 Med Ball Cleans 9/6kg
25 Jerks 70/45kg
50 Med Ball Cleans

B) AMRAP for 12 Minutes:
35 Double Unders
Evens: 15 T2B

Met-Con Class

Workout of the Day
5 Rounds for Time:

30 Russian KB Swings 32/24kg
30 Russian Twists
30 Push Ups