Rowing , FGB Style Met-Con & Gymnastics

Workout of the Day

A) 10 Rounds
Row 300m @ 2km Pace
Rest 30s

B) AMRAP for 14 Minutes:
50 DU
14 1 arm DB Push Jerk 22/15kg

Met-Con Class

Workout of the Day
Fight Gone Bad Style for 3 Rounds :
1 Minute Per station , 1 Minute rest between rounds

Wall Balls 9/6kg
Ring Pull Ups
Box Jumps (Rebounding , adjust height as needed)
DB/KB Push Press 22/16kg
Over the Shoulder Sandbag 35/27kg

Gymnastics Class

Workout of the Day
A) Hollow Body Plank Sliders 10-10-10

B) Hollow to V-Up (feet on Wall Ball) 10-10-10

C) Headstand to Press against wall

D) Paralette L-sit to Press Up position 5-5-5-5-5