Reebok CrossFit Games BBQ and Viewing & The return of the SUMMER SLAM!

The Reebok CrossFit Games Games begins soon! From August 3rd to the 6th the world’s fittest athletes will tough it out for title of ‘Fittest On Earth’.

..and let’s not forget the we have Team JST and Sam Briggs heading over to compete and represent the Brits!

So how should we honour this event?

Fire up the grill, pop open a couple of beers, then sit back and watch as others go into the pain cave!

On the evening of Saturday 5th August we are having a CrossFit Games Viewing Party and we invite you all down to join us!

What’s on, starting from 18:00


  • BBQ, Beer and refreshments. If you have a favourite dish you want to share with gang please bring it along. (“Cough” Emma’s chocolate brittle “cough”)
  • Watch the CrossFit Games streamed live at the gym
  • Bring your dollar bills and get ready to back a horse! For each heat of the workouts we will be running a betting pool with winner takes all!
  • Spikeball Doubles Championship. Coach McCoy loves his spikeball, so much so that he is putting together a doubles Championship. Find a nimble partner who has lightening fast reactions and you might be in with a chance!
  • Test your metal and attempt one of the workouts from the CrossFit Games

On the same weekend we will be holding a CrossFit Level 1 Seminar and we invite the Seminar Staff and attendees to hang out with us for the evening.

Check out our Facebook Events page to stay in the loop!

The mixed pairs SummerSlam Throwdown returns on Saturday 9th September.

The idea is simple. Find a partner of the opposite sex, dress up as your favorite wrestler and come down to battle it out to become Tag Team Champions (you can even win some legit wrestling belts!).

The throwdown will run from 09:00 to 13:00 with each team completing at least 3 workouts before a semi-final and a final.

So, find a partner and get ready to take to the ring!

Join our SummerSlam Facebook Events page, a great way to stay up to date and also find a partner.

CrossFit – Friday Workout of the Day

Strength and Metcon
A) Squat Clean

B) 27-21-15-9
Squat Clean 42.5/30kg
Ring Dips

CrossFit – Saturday Workout of the Day

Reminder !

No Classes due to Level 1 seminar.
Come to the evening BBQ event and throwdown then and eat some burgers after ! 🙂

Weightlifting Club – Sunday

Closed due to Level 1 Seminar !