Programming Update and Template!

Hi Team,

I know you’ve all been patiently waiting/eagerly anticipating the release of the revised programming template. So I’ll get straight to it….

Programming Template

What you’ll see above is that the program has been broken down into 6 week blocks (meso cycles) concluding with a Test Week on the 6th week. The Test Week will largely direct the preceding 5 weeks of programming, ensuring we are continuously working towards our short term goal while also following the CrossFit Methodology of Constantly Varied Functional Movements at High Intensity. We can then gather this data and repeat or target a new area of our fitness over the next 6 week block. This systematic approach will enable us to all keep track of our progress. This has also been promulgated in the box therefore, you all now know in advance when the element you may wish to bias is planned in.

Without further ado, I can reveal the workouts we will face in Week 6….
Day 1: 2km Row
Day 2: Nate (20 min AMRAP Muscle Ups, 4 Handstand Press Ups, 8 KB Swing 32kg)
Day 3: CrossFit Total (1RM Press, Deadlift, Squat)
Day 4: Grace and Annie (30 C&J 60kg and 50-40-30-20-10 Double Unders, Ab-Mat Sit Ups)
Day 5: The Other Total (1RM Clean, Bench, OHS)
Day 6: Desforges (5RFT: 12 Deadlift 100kg, 20 Pull Ups, 12 C&J 60kg, 20 Knees to Elbows)

Therefore, you will not be surprised to see rowing efforts feature regularly along with muscle up and double under development. Furthermore, basic compound weightlifting movements will occur often to support our CrossFit Total endeavours along with plenty of cleans!

The test week is not intended to put us under pressure to perform, quite the opposite. It is to allow us to gauge where we are currently at and also CRUSH* some PB’s along the way. (*note to self: hmmm I like that, lets call it Crush Week!) This in turn will allow us to enjoy our new found levels of fitness. The utilisation of Benchmarks will not only be during Crush Week, they will occur every other week in the form of CrossFit Benchmarks, Open WODs and WODs we have previously conducted at Reebok CrossFit Thames. This will allow to more accurately gauge our fitness especially when tracking our performances on Beyond the Whiteboard.

Next, to break down the other 5 weeks of programming. A heavy day will feature weekly along with a Strength followed by Met Con day to provide adequate exposure to heavy stimulus. We will go long twice during the cycle as the intensity during these sessions lowers and therefore are less effective, although there is benefit to going long occasionally.
You will notice that there is an Active Recovery day programmed for every Thursday. These will also be a longer duration piece purposefully performed at a lower intensity to allow the body to recover and adapt to the previous stresses it has been exposed to. Do not be alarmed though if Thursday is a day when you wish to come in and go HAM. The WOD will be written in two formats, Active Recovery and Classic CrossFit! It will be a shorter and most likely heavier version of the Active Recovery WOD. The classes will most often consist of a barbell skill, gymnastic skill and a mono structural movement so we can focus on mechanics absent of intensity and practice pacing also.

Rest day is scheduled on a Sunday as there is no Classic CrossFit on a Sunday. However, there is Speciality Weightlifting Class that shall remain. At present all speciality classes will remain as they are. Remember though guys, these are supplementary to the Classic CF programming. They are an opportunity for members to focus more particularly on areas that they have identified as a weakness and shouldn’t replace the Classic CF programme. By the very nature of a varied programme everything will improve over time. That being said, there is more benefit to focusing on your weaknesses than trying to improve your strengths.

To that end, the Classic CrossFit classes will have a generic warm up which will address a glaring weakness among us at Reebok CrossFit Thames and CrossFitters in general. We are going back to basics and introducing a slightly modified Classic CrossFit Warm Up. This is the warm up that coined the phrase that some of you OGs may remember, ‘Our warm up is your workout’. Here is Greg Amundson the original Firebreather busting out the pre WOD routine back in the day at CrossFit Santa Cruz! The warm up is totally scalable for all levels of ability and will be of benefit to EVERYONE! It’ll vastly improve our strict gymnastic strength which will have monumental carry over to all endeavours.

That’s it for now folks but as always, any questions do not be afraid to fire them my way.

Coach McCoy

CrossFit – Friday Workout of the Day

Midline March
25 GHD Sit Ups
50ft HS Walk
50ft OH Walking Lunge 70 kg

Structural Strength – Workout of the Day

This 8 week cycle is all about bulletproofing the shoulders.

This cycle will have several objectives, primarily concerning improving shoulder mobility, increasing strength at end ranges and improving overall joint health.

If you follow the programming consistently you can expect to improve overhead position, pressing strength, core strength and improved grip and carry strength.

CrossFit – Saturday Workout of the Day

800m Run
Isabel 50/30kg
800m Run
Grace 50/30kg
800m Run
Elizabeth 50/30kg

Weightlifting Club – Sunday