Programming Update

Hey Gang!

Programming update for you below.

We are going into a absolute strength cycle with some conditioning and high level skill work thrown in. Strap up and get ready for this cause the gainz will be real! The last cycle you are just finishing up has been leading into this one as a prep and to make sure you are good to go. We have built on and improved upon your positions and made sure you are moving better than you were before so we can really focus on moving weight and getting stronger and faster. Learn new skills and really push the envelope.

If you want to know more watch the video below and if not then make sure you get loads of sleep next week ready for testing going into the new cycle.

Dates: 2 week of Testing starts on the 7th of May
I will post up the full two week testing so you can hit the days you want and need to the most if you are limited on visits etc.
Cycle kicks off 21st of May !

As ever gang if I missed something or you want some questions answered then you can find me here : .. or at the gym every day except Sunday…. 😛

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