Programming Update

Hey Crew!

Super excited to get this started and to see how you all progress!

Our next cycle will focus on strength. The cycle will be for 6 weeks with a testing week at the end to enjoy all the hard work and reap the rewards of your efforts.

We will be squatting heavy 2x a week (back squat focused), a press variation 2x a week (strict press, db seated press, bench..etc), focused pull up/chin up strength 1x a week, heavy deadlifting 1x a week and power clean work for the application of, you guessed it, power! So a little on each:


For starting numbers, if you have most recently done a 5 Rep max then we will be using between 75-85% depending on your level of confidence under that bar. If you have a recent 1 Rep Max then we suggest starting around 65-70%. If you have no available numbers to use then on day one just build up to a moderate weight for 5 reps.

In each subsequent squat session you will add 2.5kg, and keep increasing as the weeks go on. The first few sessions should feel ‘easy’, but please STICK WITH IT! DO NOT just add weight because it doesn’t feel heavy or you want to go heavy every time you squat. Trust the process, this is a basic linea progression and it works. Basic doesn’t mean easy. Get ready to work hard. #GainTrainDay


Here we are working on your raw strength so all the pressing variations will be strict movement based. Seated DB press will come up a lot as it is simple and effective. There wont be any percentages here. Day one will ask for a heavy 5 and then every 2 weeks try and go heavier. Simple. Effective. #BoulderShoulderDay #DontWorryLadiesYouWontGetBulky


Clearly the best of the lifts. Here will be a similar pattern to the Squat. The only difference is we will be deadlifting 1x a week so the aim will be to add 5kg each time you deadlift. Percentage aims for starting will be the same as with the squat. Get a deadlift buddy and get ready to have some fun! #SoreThumbDay #HookGripTilliDie

Power Clean:

For the Power clean the focus will be on exactly that, Power. Here we wont be using any percentages as we are more concerned about your positions along with power and your speed under that bar. Too many of us have poor positions with power cleans in terms of landing positions (knees caving forward and/or wide stance in the catch) so here we will be focused on correcting that as much as possible. Move fast and well. Each time it will be “Heavy” for the day. I use the term “Heavy” relatively loosely for the reasons above… #BumBackInTheCatchDay! #MoveThoseFeet!

Each day will have its focus in terms of strength pieces. All will have a short WOD after with accessory movements that are by no means easy but guaranteed to make you a better human and athlete.

This is going to be a fun 6 weeks! I have tested every single WOD that has been programmed so will give you tips as and when I can day to day or just enjoy the pain that you are about to go into having been there… 🙂

For those of you who are looking at doing other training on the side and for those who like to know what you are doing and when then have a look at the template above. Time to get fu**ing strong ! All aboard the gain train! Choo Choo mother trucker !

– Milo

Any questions then let me know

Workout of the Day

5 Rounds For Time:
30 Wall Balls
5 Squat Snatch 60/40kg
Rest 2 mins

Oly Lifting Club

Workout of the Day

A) Snatch + Hang Snatch + OH Squat
6 x 1+1+1

B) Snatch pulls
5 x 3@ 95%

C) Back squat
4 x 4@ 70-75%

D) Pendley rows
3 x 8@ by feel