Physical Lessons from Sport to Sport – Further Reading

Think wall balls are hard? Here’s a highlights reel of offloads (ignore the music)

The one at 2:18 still hurts. “Offload” means passing the ball out of a tackle. These are examples of controlling an object, the ball, while under fatigue, at high speed, and experiencing external forces out of your control. The strength, balance, and control required to achieve many of these examples is remarkable.

Think about the spatial awareness: putting the ball into the hands of someone else who is moving quickly and changing direction, often when you can’t see them. Then think about moderating the power of the pass to make it catchable over a variety of distances. While you strain to withstand an impact or run at full speed, you move your hands with just the right amount of force, control the rotation and arc of the ball with fine motor control.

OLY Lifting Programing For July 4th and July 8th


A) Clean pull + Clean
5 x 1+1@77.5-82.5%
B) Back squats
3 x 2@82.5-87.55%
C) Jerk dip + Split jerk
5 x 1+2 @77.5-82.5%

Assistance work
Bent over barbell rows
3 x 8
Weighted chin ups
4 x 6


**Gym Closed**

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