On The Eighth Day Of CrossFit My Coaches Gave To Me…!

Hey Crew! Before we get into the nitty gritty of the 12 day’s WoD for the day, we asked one of our long-term members to tell us a little bit more about why they do what they do at Thames and here’s what she had to say about it all!

Member Profile – Katha Schaps: National Dragon Boat Racing Competitor

Hi all!

I’m Katha and I’m German by nationality but grew up in Brussels and have been living in London for 3 years. I’m a physiotherapist working in the city and Canary Wharf.

My main sport is Dragon Boat racing which most people only know as something you’d do as a charity event (it’s a real sport, I promise!). I started Dragon Boating in 2011 while living in Singapore and since moving back to the UK I’ve been part of the GB national team.

I picked up Crossfit to get stronger on the boat and the results showed in my time trials, I got so much faster! Last year I travelled to Kunming, China for the Dragon Boat World Champs and it was hands down the best sporting experience I’ve ever been through! Our ladies crew exceeded all expectations and we won a Bronze medal over 200m against some fierce competition.

Since this year I have been assistant coach at my local Dragon Boat club ‘Raging Dragons’, which is based at Dockland Sailing and Watersports Centre (just around the corner!). The team has had a fantastic season and we won the mixed league and came third in the ladies league. We are always recruiting for new team members so if you’re interested in giving it a go please get in touch with me or the club. The potential to make it to GB level is very high for anyone who is strong!

Find out More about The Raging Dragons!

I can hear the burst of excitement from some of you already! As pumped up as some of you may be for this one remember you have been through a lot already with the 12 days so don’t be afraid to take it a little easier if needed. DO NOT HURT YOURSELVES chasing a PB or something cray today. Enjoy it and have fun ! 🙂

Sum of the Best of Each Lift
Back Squat
Shoulder Press

Athlete gets 3 attempts at each lift. Weight must increase after each successful attempt at each movement. A failed rep counts as an attempt.