OLY Programming and Interclass Registration!

Don’t forget – the event is FREE to attend for all members – and you can sign up HERE for the event on Pike.

**Note: For those of you that are not on an Unlimited Membership, you will be allowed to attend all 6 sessions during this period for FREE so you can fully support your team!**

There will be a vote for the first workout TOMORROW, so keep an eye on all our social media channels for more info!

OLY Programming for Aug. 29th and Sept. 2nd


A) Clean + Front squat + Split jerk
5 x 1+1+1@ 70-80%
B) Back squats
4 x 1@ 80-85%
C) Clean deadlifts
3 x 3@110%

Bent over barbell rows
3 x 10-12

Weighted chin ups/dips
3 x 5-8


A)Snatch Pull + Snatch
2 x 1+1@75%
2 x 1+1@80%
2 x 1+1@82.5%
B)Back squat
3 x 5@75%
C)Split jerk w/2 sec pause in receiving pos
5 x 2@80%

3 x 8@RPE8-9

Weighted Pull ups/dips
3 x 5-8