Oly Program for the Week and Bonus Content!

Here is a Ted Talk by Roger Frampton on how sitting down slowly “destroys” you. This is some general food for thought crew, but if you missed Sunday’s blog post about how to undo and mitigate some of the damage sitting can do to you, make sure you check it out HERE!

Stabilising Week


A) Snatch
Build to a heavy single for the day
then drop to 80% of above and perform
3 x 2
B) Back squats
4 x 2 @80-90%
C) Chin ups (weighted)
3 x 5
Superset with
Reverse grip bent over barbell row
3 x 5@RPE 8-9″


A)Clean and Jerk
Build to heavy single for day
Drop to 80% of above and perform
3 x 2
4 x 8@RPE 8
C)Reverse Flys
4 x 8 @ RPE 8″