Odd Object Day , Met-Con and Gymnastics

Workout of the Day

Active Recovery, Odd Object Day and Practice Day!
5 Rounds each arm

50m OH Single arm KB walk
50m Single Arm KB Farmers Carry

5 Rounds
15m Prowler drag (facing forwards)
15m Prowler pull (walking backwards)

5 Rounds
15m Yoke walk

5 Rounds
8 Sand bag over the shoulder
100m Sandbag Carry

Met-Con Class

Workout of the Day
A) 21-15-9
DB Hang Power Cleans + Press 22/16kg
Pull Ups
Airdyne Calories

B) 5 Minute Plank
Can you go Unbroken ?! Get as far as you can then rest and accumulate a total of 5 minutes

Gymnastics Class

Workout of the Day
Positional Strength
Hollow Hold 5 x 30:30
Arch Hold 5 x 30:30
Wrist pops 3 x 10 with 60s rest

2 Wall Walks

Switch Leg Box Drill

Kick up Balance Game 20 Attempts