Monday 6th November – Workout of the day

“Not only are squats not bad for the knees, every legitimate research study on this subject has shown that squats improve knee stability and therefore help reduce the risk of injuries.” – Charles Poliquin

Workout of the Day – CrossFit

A) Deadlift: 3 x 5, across
Superset with 3x max effort pull-up*

*If you are working on your first pull-ups you are doing the same progression as week 1 but aim to go heavier, for 3 rounds:
8/8 Dumbbell row
Max Chin over the bar hold
*No rest between movements, go as heavy as you can on the dumbbell row

B) 5 rounds of :
10 Dumbbell hang power cleans 22/16kg
2 Wall walks

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