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Every sport has a culture, and a mode of communication, that relates to its history and the goals of the game. Rugby tends to be pretty brutal in mindset when you’re at play, but manages to balance that with an open attitude and is one of the most socially inclusive spaces I have encountered.

Yes, there are some choice words, and it’s not for everyone. It probably won’t help you when you do the next workout. What’s interesting is the idea that you need to strip away mental detritus, to find a simple goal that unifies a group. This is perhaps the most difficult thing to achieve in sport, and the most important.

Teams with shared purpose, and a close bond are better equipped to win, and are more effective than those who may be physically superior but less cohesive. Professional sports and crossing back into the real world. Here is a collection of videos where some of the rugby pros deliver some mental encouragement for their teams. In the video above Scott Quinnell talks about “Crossing the White Line”.

Here’s Paul O’Connell giving an international team some “encouragement”:

Okay, maybe something a bit more positive from Paulie:

And, lastly, here’s one more Irish player:

Ronan O’Gara is fascinating, and this documentary is a very interesting look into the mind of professional sportsperson. It’s not all positive stuff, and there’s a level of honesty and introspection you don’t often find with athletes. It’s a long watch.

OLY Program for July 11th and July 14th


A) Snatch + Hang snatch
5 x 1+1@77.5-82.5%
B) Back squats
3 x 2@ 85-90%
C) Split jerk
5 x 2 @ 77.5-82.5%

Assistance work
Snatch RDLs
3 x 6
Weighted pull ups
4 x 6


A) Clean + Hang clean(mid thigh)
5 x 1+1@77.5-82.5%
B) Back squats
4 x 1@85-90%
C) Jerk dip + Split jerk
5 x 1+2 @77.5-82.5%

Assistance work
Bent over barbell rows
3 x 8
Weighted chin ups
4 x 6

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