Hips Don’t Lie – By Christine

As an athlete you’re probably aware of the importance of hip mobility, and chances are your coaches will have pointed out restrictions in your hip hinge/extension on more than one occasion. Too tight, too weak, maybe a combination of both even?! Why is that, and what can you do about it?

Well, the why is a pretty simple one – we primarily move forwards – walking, running, cycling and so on, meaning we move the hips predominantly in one plane of alignment – forwards and backwards (flexing and extending) that is. The hip however is a ball and socket joint, and is therefore capable of a dynamic range of motion including rotation, and moving the legs out to the side and back in (abduction / adduction).

If the associated muscles controlling these ranges of motion are not put to work, they’re going into hibernation. In other words, they become weak, and tight. Add to that the fact that we spend way too much time sat on our behinds and you have – a perfect recipe for imbalance between key muscles for hip function such as the psoas and the glutes, as well as the muscles that support them like the adductors (those are the muscles you use when you squeeze your legs together).

Good hip function is vital to athletic success in any sport, and any small imbalance can trigger a string of reactions ranging from back pain to IT band issues to name but a few. Coming up in part 2 – a few simple exercises to stay on top of your hip mobility which you can do before or after class, first thing in the morning or before you go to bed at night. Stay tuned!

Programming for Week 12 – August 6th to August 11th

Here we are at the final week of the cycle crew! This week is a deload week, so use this time to recharge for the next two weeks of re-testing!


A) Deadlift
3 x 5 @ 65%

B) :40 on, :20 rest, until the work is finished, for total time:
50 wall balls 9/6kg
40 toes to bar
30 ground to overhead 40/30kg
20 burpee over the bar
10 BMU


3 x 5 @ 65%

B) 4 x 5 Minute AMRAP
250m row
12 OHS 40/30kg
30 DU

*3 min rest between sets


“The Ghost”
6 rounds of 1 minute per station (FGB style):

Row Calories
Double Unders


A) Shoulder Press
3 x 5 @ 65%

B) Weighted chin up
3 x 5, AHAP

C) 15 Min AMRAP
20m single arm OH KB carry (each)
50m single arm KB farmers carry (each)
20m single arm front rack KB lunge (each)

Rx’d @ 24/16kg


A) Back Squat
3 x 3 @ 65%

B) 21-15-9
shoulder to overhead 60/40kg
burpee box jumps


Partner WOD – 1 partner works, 1 rests
20 Minute AMRAP

60 Thrusters 50/35kg
30 Burpees
60 Deadlift 60/40kg
30 Burpees
60 Box jump overs 32/24”
30 Burpees

Remaining time: Row for calories

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