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OLY Update from Coach Alan

So, following on from the two stream approach of the previous cycle which enabled many of you to focus your energy on either the oly bias or the squat bias, this block we’ll be focussing a lot more on the split jerk and overhead presses which it seems a lot of you still struggle with technically and strength wise, so these will be a staple in both sessions. Squats will always be in both sessions alongside the main lift as a mainstay. With regards to the accessory work I’m going to give people two options. I’m going to include a pull up stream for those that haven’t yet acquired that movement or want to focus on it. There will also be the more mainstream accessory work that you’re familiar with and again that will change depending on the individual needs. This block will last for 6 weeks, so 3 weeks building, 1 week deload, 2 weeks peaking and then testing.

I would just like add that for some of you, the class times don’t always fit in with you
finishing work e.g. Class starts at 5.30 and you finish at 6 but don’t want to wait around for next class at 7.00. Because Oly is 90 mins long, even if you start 30 mins late, you still have ample time to at least get some lifting in, therefore I’m completely ok with you joining in. Consistency is king when it comes to getting results, so I’d rather you come and train than go home and miss a session.

Competition Time – Strength in Depth!

We are about a week and a half away from the first submission of our scores for this qualifier! If you’re thinking of attempting this one again, make sure you make the most of the time you have left to get it done – and hopefully rope in another few people to do it with you!

Remember guys we have until the submission cut off for the first qualifier to get you registered as a part of the team if you’re interested, and there’s no real pressure as to whether you go on to the finals until we get that far.

Key info:
1. Qualifier 1- Individual event: is announced 1 June and submission cut off is 27 June.
2. Qualifier 2- Pairs: announced 5 July, have till 5 Aug to submit
3. Qualifier 3- Teams of 4: Announced 9 Aug and have till 9 Sep
4. Final if we get in :-): 3rd and 4th of November in Bath.

If you’re interested in signing up or need to submit your qualifier WoD 1 score, just shoot Misty an Email at More details about Strength in Depth can be found HERE!

Yoga this Saturday!

Weekly yoga practice to complement your training, designed to improve flexibility and boost recovery. Suitable for all levels, complete beginners welcome. This Saturday will continue with last week’s theme of practising standing postures and exercises to improve ankle mobility. Poor mobility leads to compensation, and you’ll learn more about how this may manifest in your lifting, running and rowing. You will be practising a number of exercises to loosen up those tight joints – simple things you can add to your own stretching routine before or after a workout.

For further info about yoga at Thames, click here.

Affiliate Solutions Seminar – Saturday 23rd June – Sunday 24th June

Please remember crew that this weekend in June there is a seminar on at the box so there wont be any classes on Saturday or Sunday. We’re currently in the process of planning an event for Sunday, so watch this space for more info to come!

Run, Swim, Run @ Hyde Park Lido – 23rd June, 10:00am

Time for some outdoor fitness!

Come and join us in the summer sunshine for a taste of the CrossFit Games event “run, swim, run” (1.5 mile run, 800m swim, 1.5 mile run). All you need to bring is your usual training gear, your swimming costume, a towel and £1 coin for the lockers.

Don’t worry if your swimming is not up to scratch, the lido has a shallow lane so you can plant your feet on the floor whenever you need!

What events would you like to see? Email with any ideas you have!

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