Events and Updates!

Yoga this Saturday!

Weekly yoga practice to complement your training, designed to improve flexibility and boost recovery. Suitable for all levels, complete beginners welcome.

It’s time for our monthly relaxation crew! Following last month’s practice of yoga nidra, it’ll be a progressive muscle relaxation (PMR) this Saturday. As the name suggests, you contract and
release specific muscles or muscle groups as you hear them named, while lying on the floor in a
comfortable position, eyes closed. Progressive muscle relaxation is a technique increasingly applied by sports psychologists and coaches, to help athletes up their game by sharpening their focus, releasing tension ahead of a comp, match, game, and to improve sensory awareness.

For further info about yoga at Thames, click here.

Ladies That Lift – Clothes Swap on Sunday 29th July from 1pm to 3pm

Calling all ladies! Coach Miller is organising a little event for you to get rid of some of your old gear in exchange for some slightly used new gear! Dig into your closets and bring all those items you know you’ll never wear, and while you’re at it bring some nibbles and treats to make a chill event out of it!

CrossFit Competitor’s Course – Saturday 7th July – Sunday 8th July

Just a note that this weekend in July there is a seminar on at the box so there wont be any classes on Saturday or Sunday.

Park Workout – Langdon Calisthenics Park – Saturday 7th July

While the gym is closed for the weekend, why not get outside for some more outdoor fitness?! Coach Miller will be taking you through your paces in the great outdoors at an outdoor calisthenics space. Our resident Yogi will also be holding two 30 minute yoga sessions for those of you that are keen to get swole and flexy!

What events would you like to see? Email with any ideas you have!

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