Events and Updates!

Halloween Party – Friday October 26th 18:00 to 20:00

The annual Halloween Party is in the works! We will be running the night as a any sex pairs competition for the evening. Aka Boy/Girl Girl/Girl or Boy/Boy is allowed 🙂 There will be a scaled and an RX division, and prizes for WOD winners in their categories.

Come in your best Fancy dress as we’ll be judging outfits for yet another prize.

Enroll yourself on Pike13 so we have an idea of how many people to expect via the link below!

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Yoga for Athletes, Saturday 12.30-1.30pm

To get you back into the swing of things, we’ll resume our practice with a restorative class including guided relaxation. For more information on the importance of recovery, the role of your nervous system and how to hit reset,Click Here.

Bring a Friend Week – November 19th – November 24th

For those of you that have that one friend that has always been interested in trying out crossfit with you but never really had the proper opportunity – here’s their chance! For this week in November, we’re inviting you to bring a friend to workout with you in class.

Caoch Milo has some fun workouts in the works for the week, and there shouldn’t be anything too savage for those of your friends that are concerned about being fit enough.

All that we ask is for your guest to take the following steps:

1. Register with us on Pike13 – HERE
2. Sign a Waiver online on Pike13
3. Book into the class they want to attend ahead of time.

Guests can come as many times across the week as they like, as long as their are still spots available in the session you’re looking for.

If they are having any trouble of confusion, just have them get in touch with Dan at

Nutrition Drop-In Clinics

Sinead is still offering up some time slots for you guys to drop in and ask some of those burning nutrition questions you’ve been dying to ask someone. No need to come in with a food diary, and no pressure to signup to a plan afterwards. This is just so you can get to grips with some of your nutrition struggles. Dates are up on the poster next to the whiteboard, and also as follows for next month :

Tues: 6th 6-8pm
Thurs: 15th 6:30-8:30pm

What events would you like to see? Email with any ideas you have!