Cycle Aims and Whats next ? – Coach Milo

So we are in the final 2 weeks of the current cycle so not long left to go gang!

What’s next I hear you asking. Please don’t say more tempo work… 😛 haha

With the cycle we are on now we have been working on positions a lot to help you build that foundation and shown you were you can still improve upon your movement even if you have been rocking this CrossFit thing for a while now. And if your new then this program would have been great for you to build on that foundation going forward to limit those imbalances.

Now we are going into a slightly longer cycle with a 12 week cycle. That may seem a long time but its something most of you are probably a bit more used to in terms of programming. We will be hitting the big lifts to build some raw strength now that we have improved your positions to get you lifting even more. And we will be hitting some horrible classic CrossFit WODs, some challenging intervals, some heavy WODs and then some complex high level gymnastic WODs to really challenge you no matter what level you are at.

Lifts we will be working on as the main focus will be the Back Squat again for obvious strength gainz , the Overhead Squat so we can start building upon all the positional work we have been doing, Deadlift (because its by far the best lift ) and strict press because we all know we suck at it and if we can get better at that so can we at push press and push jerk. We will be doing plenty of the later in WODs along with Front squats so don’t worry about “missing” out on them but the main strength focus in terms of movements will be those 4.

I will still be pushing for focus sessions where you can really hammer a skill you may not have done in a WOD before and we wont care about the clock too much and then there will be some where we will be ego checking you and getting you to go light so you can set yourself on fire and hammer that intensity that we know to be so incredibly effective. Each week the WODs will be posted with the aims from each by my self for you to hit. If some are interested in targets to chase most if not all these WODs will have been tested by myself and Coach Dan (aka Mr Fitness) so we can post up our times so you can get after us 🙂

Video with more info on Wednesday Blog ! Hit me if you have specific questions now so I can address there if needed. Have a great Sunday evening crew and start getting pumped for the week ! See you tomorrow 🙂

Workout of the Day – Monday


A) 4 Sets of :
2 Hang muscle snatch above the knee + 2 Hang muscle snatch below the knee

B) Seated behind the neck press
4 x4-6 @ tempo 31X1
*Rest 2 minutess

C) 3 Rounds of:
608 Dumbbell bench press @ tempo 20X1
* Rest 45 seconds
Ring push-ups, 20 second AMRAP
* Rest 45 seconds
Ring row hold, 30-45 second
* Rest 90 seconds

Workout of the Day – Tuesday


A) Back squat
2+2 @ tempo 31X1, rest 15 seconds between
(these are clusters – you perform 2 reps and then re-rack the bar for the specified number of seconds before completing 2 more reps to finish out the set – 4 reps per set)
* Build weight with each cluster for a total of 4 sets

B) Superset work, 4 rounds of:
6-8 Bulgarian split squat, per leg @ tempo 30X1 (Dumbbells loaded in front rack position)
Strict pull-up, 30 second AMRAP
4-6 Seated single arm Arnold press @ tempo 2112
* Rest 90 seconds

Extra Credit Work 12mins AMRAP:
10 Kettlebell deadbugs
10 Ring rows (hold 1 second at the top of each rep)
10 Strict toes to rings
1 Length 2-arm kettlebell overhead Carry (choose a moderate weight for you)

MetCon Class

5 Minute AMRAP:
5 Clean and jerk
* 2 min rest
4 Minute AMRAP:
5 Clean and jerk
* 2 min rest
3 Minute AMRAP:
5 Clean and jerk
* 2 min rest
2 Minute AMRAP:
5 Clean and jerk

Workout of the Day – Wednesday


A1) Gymnastic skill work
Work on skills with HSPU and rope climbs

A2) 10 minute AMRAP:
1 Rope climb
15 Air squats
7 Strict HSPU
15 Air squats

Choose either B or C as the second part of class and move well throughout
B) Superset work for 3 rounds:

8-10 Ring row @ tempo 21X1
* Rest 30 seconds
Weighted plank (elevate your feet on a low box) 45-60 seconds (plate loaded on your back)
* Rest 60 seconds

C) 3 sets not for time
30sec One-leg wall sit per leg
AMRAP Russian twists in 30 seconds
10 Dumbbell power Cleans
* rest as needed between sets
* Pushing you a bit more this week with long wall sits. Try for the full time unbroken.

Weightlifting Club

Technique bias

A) Cleans: 6 x 2 @ 77.5-82.5%

B) Front squats: 5 x 1 @85%

D) Jerk dip + Split jerk: 5 x 1+2 @ 75-80%

Strength bias
A) Front squat
1 x 3 @ 77.5%
1 x 3 @ 80%
1 x 3 @ 82.5%
1 x 3 @ 85%

B) Cleans: 4 x 2 @ 75-80%

C) Split jerk: 4 x 2 @ 77.5-82.5%

Workout of the Day – Thursday


A) Power clean
2,2,2,2,2 @ tempo 3113
* Rest 2-3 minutes between sets
(This week the 3 second pause at the top is to be performed at the hang just above the knee. Build a strong power position and keep your back muscle turned on)

B) 5 Rounds
15 Kettlebell swings
20 second Tuck L-Sit / 20 second hollow rocks
10 Burpees over the rower
200m Row (increase your row pace each round)
* Rest 90 seconds between rounds

MetCon Class

60 total reps of each movement, for total time:
Single arm dumbbell push press 22/16kg (even work each side)
Abmat sit ups
Double unders
Single arm dumbbell thrusters 22/16kg (even work each side)
Abmat sit ups
Double unders
*EMOM 3 burpees until you finish

Workout of the Day – Friday


A) Back squat
2,2,2,2,2 @ tempo 20X1
* Rest 3mins between sets
(Try to build weight a little with each set – make the last two sets very tough)

B) Superset work for 4 rounds:
4-6 Reverse lunges, per leg (kettlebells front rack loaded)
* Rest 45 seconds
Kettlebell deadbug 45-60 seconds continuous slow reps
* Rest 45 seconds

C) Side plank
1 set for max seconds on each side – take plenty of rest between sides.

Workout of the Day – Saturday


A) Deadlift
5 x 4

B) 4 Rounds of:
20/16 Calorie row
16 KBS 32/24kg
12 Single arm dumbbell push press 28/20kg
* Rest 90 seconds between sets
* If you cannot meet the suggested loads for today then scale back accordingly. Get faster with every round.

Workout of the Day – Sunday, Weightlifting Club

Technique bias
A) Snatch triples: 6 x 2 @ 75-80%

B) Snatch pulls: 3 x 2 @ 100%

C) Back squats: 4 x 1 @ 85%

D) Bent over barbell rows: 3 x 8 @ by feel

Strength bias
A) Back squat
1 x 4 @ 77.5%
1 x 4 @ 80%
1 x 4 @ 82.5%
1 x 3 @ 85%

B)Snatch: 4 x 2 @ 75-80%

C)Snatch RDLs: 3 x 8 @ RPE 8-9

D)Pull ups or dips (weighted): 3 x 5

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