Christmas Survival Tips & Weekend Workouts

Ever wonder how you will cope when the gym is closed over Christmas?

Yeah we thought most of you might say ‘No, it’s Christmas?!‘, but for those few die-hards who want to make sure training stays on track, we have a few helpful tips.

#1 Go Nutritional Off-Roading

Eating for health and wellbeing is not complicated, it really isn’t. It whole, natural, real foods, get plenty of veggies and chuck in some good fat. We have written many a blog on this before (check out this).

What gets really difficult is eating the unhealthy food.

Wait? What?! It sound’s stupid right! Well it’s not…After you start eating right and you start caring about the food you put in your body, eating clean is now far easier.

But how do you eat dirty and importantly not let it derail your hard earned gains!

This great chart from Whole 9 walks yourself through a series of checkpoints that all lead to one of three conclusions
1) Don’t eat it
2) Eat the “less bad” option,
3) or, eat the real deal.

It provides you with structure, a forum for intelligent self-reasoning, a map of “guidelines” to follow in previously uncharted territory.

It lets you enjoy the good stuff without overdoing it on the ‘meh’ stuff.

#2 Get Your Workouts In

Working out is pretty darn good for us, we all know it.

Training over the Christmas period can help deal with hangovers, re-inforce good eating habits, keep us in a jolly mood and overall make us feel better about ourselves.

Just because it’s Christmas does not mean you need to stop training, but it also does not have to be long or complicated to get all the benefits of a workout.

Most of us don’t have access to a gym at Christmas, but there are plenty of workouts that can be done sans-equipment, here are but a few examples.

– Run for 20-30 minutes, perform 10 burpees (or any other movement) every 5 minutes
– 3-6 rounds: Run 400m, 30 Walking lunges, 30 Push-ups, 30 Sit-ups
– Death by burpees: Perform 1 burpee on minute 2, 2 reps on minute 2, 3 on minute 3…and so on until you cannot complete the work within the minute.

None of those float your boat? Then check out this ultimate guide on bodyweight workouts! Your choice is endless

#3 Get Your Friends Involved

Ok, this is a tough one.

CrossFit can be a hard sell at the best of times, after all how many people want to join your crazy cult?! But getting friends or family to do a workout with you at Christmas?!

However it can be done (I got my Mum to join in one year!), but I find it works best to do the following.

1) Don’t call it “CrossFit” or a “WOD” – If you want to entice your friends to joining you in a session don’t try and bait them with these terms. Most people associate CrossFit with crazy ass workouts that only fit people can do, so instead just ask if they want to do a little workout to get them moving and have a little fun.
2) Don’t try and have them do snatches – You want them to have fun, not break themselves. Keep it simple and keep it basic. Running, squats, push-ups, sit-ups, burpees, broad jumps are all effective (and non threatening!)
3) Make it a partner workout – They are always way more fun, and if they are working out with you and not against you they are more likely to enjoy it
4) Don’t make it race against the clock – Just have fun and do some fitness!

If all else fails just use the line ‘all I want for Christmas is to do a workout with you‘ and employ the puppy dog eyes…it might work, who knows!

Bonus Tip

It’s Christmas…

…You are with your friends and family…

…You can forget about the gym for a couple of days and enjoy a few days break!

We’ll miss you of course, but we will be right here waiting when you get back.

Have a very merry Christmas!

Workout of the Day – Saturday

30 Thrusters 50/35kg
20 Chest-to-bar pull-ups
1200m Run

– 5 minute rest –

3 minute for max burpee muscle-up
Immediately into
2km Row @ 80%

Workout of the Day – Sunday

Join Coach Alice at 10am on Sunday 24th December for a special Christmas Eve Murph!

This is your last chance to earn that Christmas Dinner!…

For time:
1 mile run
100 Pull-ups
200 Push-ups
300 Air squats
1 mile run

*If you have a 20lb weight vest, wear it.
*Start and end with a 1 mile run, partition the pull-ups, push-us and air squats as desired.

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