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  • Testing Week 2 !

    13 May 2018 Milo

    Another week of testing before getting into the meat of the upcoming cycle crew ! Make sure you get that sleep in tonight before kicking off tomorrow. You are going to need it. 🙂 Week 2 , 14th – 19th May Monday …

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  • No Classes This Weekend!

    11 May 2018 Milo

    Reminder – No Classes this weekend Due to the level 2 (read below) this is the last reminder that there will be NO CLASSES on Saturday OR Sunday. Its been a rough week with all the testing and another week to go so…

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  • Testing Week 1!

    6 May 2018 Milo

    Here we go crew! Testing week is upon us. Go hard and push yourself harder than you think. Find that extra gear and lets smash this! Monday is a bank Holiday so remember classes are as per Saturday Schedule (1000 and 110…

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  • Events !

    4 May 2018 Milo

    Bring on the summer months and fitness in the sunshine! Yoga this Saturday! Once a month, your weekly yoga practice here at Thames consists of a guided relaxation, such as yoga nidra (yogic sleep) or a progressive muscle…

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  • Testing week 1 & 2!

    2 May 2018 Milo

    Hey Crew ! As most of you know we have testing week coming up for the cycle we have just completed and are about to embark upon coming up! Yup , you heard right. Its 2 Weeks! The reason for the 2 weeks is we want to get …

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  • This weeks training !

    29 April 2018 Milo

    Hey Crew! 🙂 Last week on the cycle! Monday is the last day for the tempo work on the squats so stick with it one last time. Next week we will be going into a two week testing phase with some more CrossFit-y WODs to ge…

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  • Programming Update

    25 April 2018 Milo

    Hey Gang! Programming update for you below. We are going into a absolute strength cycle with some conditioning and high level skill work thrown in. Strap up and get ready for this cause the gainz will be real! The last c…

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  • Cycle Aims and Whats next ? – Coach Milo

    22 April 2018 Milo

    So we are in the final 2 weeks of the current cycle so not long left to go gang! What’s next I hear you asking. Please don’t say more tempo work… 😛 haha With the cycle we are on now we have been work…

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  • Upcoming events – “Murph” & Run, Swim, Run

    19 April 2018 Phil Morton

    We have lot’s coming up during the Summer months, mainly involving fitness and sunshine! Take a look at what we have in store (more to be announced once we confirm some bookings!)… Murph – Monday 28th M…

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  • All about yokes!

    17 April 2018 Phil Morton

    The use of yokes as a training tool is often associated with Strongmen like Eddie Hall and Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson, it’s not too often the everyday fitness enthusiast gets to play “Strongman”, howe…

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