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  • Hips Don’t Lie – By Christine

    5 August 2018 Dan Thomas

    As an athlete you’re probably aware of the importance of hip mobility, and chances are your coaches will have pointed out restrictions in your hip hinge/extension on more than one occasion. Too tight, too weak, may…

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  • Events and Updates!

    3 August 2018 Dan Thomas

    Nutrition Drop-In Clinics If you missed a trick and haven’t seen that we have a new In-House Nutrition Coach, head on back to Sunday’s blog and give it a read! Sinead is offering up some time slots for you gu…

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  • The Basic Building Blocks of Nutrition – by Sinead

    31 July 2018 Dan Thomas

    “Exercise is king. Nutrition is queen. Together you have a kingdom” Jack LaLanne In the last blog we talked about why the ‘right’ nutrition is important, and that what is ‘right’ is different for different pe…

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  • Introducing Feed.Fuel.Perform Nutrition!

    29 July 2018 Dan Thomas

    Hey there, Sinead here! 🙂 As a member of Thames for almost two years (typically found lurking in the depths of the 6am class), I am SUPER excited to be writing this blog and to be linking up as the new nutrition coach…

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  • Events and Updates!

    27 July 2018 Dan Thomas

    Updates and Announcements From Weekly to Monthly If you missed the note in the previous weekly email, we have decided to discontinue the weekly email to make it a monthly newsletter! We wan’t to give you much more …

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  • Turning Injuries into Opportunities – Further Reading

    25 July 2018 Dan Thomas

    If you missed Sunday’s blog post on turning an injury into an opportunity, go back HERE and check it out! Though it touches upon what you can do for your training and your mental state while you’re injured, I…

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  • Turning an Injury into an Opportunity – Coach Dan

    22 July 2018 Dan Thomas

    I just want to take a moment to reflect on the photo above. It is a particularly strong, and intense looking photo of me doing a poolside muscle-up while on holiday. What you can’t tell from this image, is that I’ve …

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  • Events and Updates

    20 July 2018 Dan Thomas

    Ladies That Lift – Clothes Swap on Sunday 29th July from 1pm to 3pm Calling all ladies! Coach Miller is organising a little event for you to get rid of some of your old gear in exchange for some slightly used new g…

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  • Oly Programming for the Week!

    17 July 2018 Dan Thomas

    OLY Program for July 18th and July 22nd Wednesday A) Clean 5 x 2@80-85% B) Back squats 4 x 2@75-80% C) Jerk dip + Split jerk 5 x 1+2 @80-85% Assistance work Bent over barbell rows 3 x 8 or Weighted chin ups 4 x 6 Sunday …

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  • Holiday Training – by Coach Misty

    15 July 2018 Dan Thomas

    So you’re on holiday, loving the sun, sleeping in and all the good food. Who really wants to train? In all honesty I really didn’t feel like it, morning (I’d rather sleep in) or evening (I’d eaten and drunk too m…

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