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  • Award Winners!! – Coach Misty

    24 December 2018 Milo

    I cant believe 2018 is coming to an end, what a year it has been:-) Id like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for being a part of Thames these past almost 365 days. This has been a big year for me, and I have …

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  • Big Picture Programming for 2019!

    18 December 2018 Milo

    Hey Gang ! 

As promised I have been working away at the programming on a larger scale so you know what you are doing , why and where you are heading next and again, why. Now , please be aware some of these days may …

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  • Oly Club For The Week!

    18 December 2018 Milo

    Wednesday A) Snatch + Hang snatch 6 x 1+1@75-80% B) Back squats 6 x 2@75-85% C) Push press 3 x 3@75-80% D)Med ball hamstring curls/ GHR 3 x 8 -10 Sunday A) Clean + Jerks 6 x 1 B) Back squat 3 x 3@80-85% C) RDLs 3 x 6-8 D…

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  • Christmas Season Update!

    16 December 2018 Dan Thomas

    By now you should have all received an update about our hours across the Christmas season into the new year, but for those of you that may have missed it here it is again! While we know some of you are going to be away f…

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  • On The Twelfth Day Of CrossFit My Coaches Gave To Me…!

    13 December 2018 Milo

    Quick reminder about Friday gang! We are having a final do so we would love for as many of you who are able to come join us in the evening where we will be doing the last WOD and having a mini bake off ! We also have som…

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  • On The Eleventh Day Of CrossFit My Coaches Gave To Me…!

    12 December 2018 Milo

    Enjoy this variation on a two classic WODs ! Karen vs Annie For Time: 30 Wall Balls 9/6kg 50 Double Unders 50 Ab Mat Sit-ups 30 Wall Balls 40 Double Unders 40 Ab Mat Sit-ups 30 Wall Balls 30 Double Unders 30 Ab Mat Sit-u…

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  • On The Tenth Day Of CrossFit My Coaches Gave To Me…!

    11 December 2018 Milo

    A 12 Days of CrossFit Thames Classic peeps! Get in and get it done ! We are nearly there 🙂 Day 12 is the grand finale, this means after the final workout we will have a Christmas Party at the gym. If you know you̵…

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  • On The Ninth Day Of CrossFit My Coaches Gave To Me…!

    10 December 2018 Milo

    This is the day I’m sure many of you will hate me haha It’s ok I dont mind. Please forward all hate mail to For time: 7 bar muscle-ups 7 chest-to-bar pull-ups 7 chin-over-bar pull-ups …

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  • On The Eighth Day Of CrossFit My Coaches Gave To Me…!

    9 December 2018 Milo

    Hey Crew! Before we get into the nitty gritty of the 12 day’s WoD for the day, we asked one of our long-term members to tell us a little bit more about why they do what they do at Thames and here’s what she h…

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  • On The Seventh Day Of CrossFit My Coaches Gave To Me….!

    8 December 2018 Milo

    Sunday today gang so take the time to hit up some mobility at home or wherever you are today and get to bed early for the last 5 days going forward ! Some ideas for mobility work check out: Hips Don’t Lie with Chri…

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