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  • Topic and Training for Week 2 of the Cycle!

    27 May 2018 Dan Thomas

    Corporate Wellness: Don’t Sit the Gains Away! – By Coach Dan I’m sure the majority of you reading this article are avid fitness goers, or at least manage to make it into the gym a few times a week, but …

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  • Events!

    25 May 2018 Dan Thomas

    The Bank Holiday weekend is upon us! Murph – Monday 28th May Join us on the 28th May (Bank Holiday Monday) for your yearly dose of Murph! The gym will be running weekend hours with classes at 10am and 11am. After t…

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  • Olympic Lifting Program for the Week!

    22 May 2018 Dan Thomas

    Wednesday Oly Program A) Cleans Build to a heavy single for the day B) Split jerk Build to a heavy single for the day C) Bent over rows 3 x 5 @ RPE9 SQUAT PROGRAM A) Front squat Build to a heavy single for the day B) Spl…

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  • Training for Week 1 of the Cycle!

    20 May 2018 Dan Thomas

    Here we are team! Testing is over and now it’s time to start putting in the hard work for all the gains. Just a heads up regarding the blog posts, we’re going to be shifting around the format a bit to make su…

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  • Events!

    18 May 2018 Dan Thomas

    Bring on the summer months and fitness in the sunshine! Yoga this Saturday! Weekly yoga practice to complement your training, designed to improve flexibility and boost recovery. Suitable for all levels, complete beginner…

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  • Muscle Ups – Skill Video with Coach Milo & Coach Phil

    15 May 2018 Milo

    Here is a video with coach Milo and Coach Phil on how to get your muscle ups. If you are trying to get your muscle ups then there can be so many things that can be holding you back. We tried to break a few of the bigger …

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  • Testing Week 2 !

    13 May 2018 Milo

    Another week of testing before getting into the meat of the upcoming cycle crew ! Make sure you get that sleep in tonight before kicking off tomorrow. You are going to need it. 🙂 Week 2 , 14th – 19th May Monday …

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  • No Classes This Weekend!

    11 May 2018 Milo

    Reminder – No Classes this weekend Due to the level 2 (read below) this is the last reminder that there will be NO CLASSES on Saturday OR Sunday. Its been a rough week with all the testing and another week to go so…

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  • Testing Week 1!

    6 May 2018 Milo

    Here we go crew! Testing week is upon us. Go hard and push yourself harder than you think. Find that extra gear and lets smash this! Monday is a bank Holiday so remember classes are as per Saturday Schedule (1000 and 110…

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  • Events !

    4 May 2018 Milo

    Bring on the summer months and fitness in the sunshine! Yoga this Saturday! Once a month, your weekly yoga practice here at Thames consists of a guided relaxation, such as yoga nidra (yogic sleep) or a progressive muscle…

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