• Workout of the day – Wednesday 25th October

    24 October 2017 Phil Morton

    Box Brief Remember we now have Weightlifting Club at 17:30 and 19:00, as well as our 11:00 class. Getting your lifting gains with the Dark Prince Coach Alan. Our Halloween Party is this Friday from 18:00! Workout of the …

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  • Workout of the Day – Tuesday 24th October

    23 October 2017 Phil Morton

    “People who do not know how to squat do not have normal hip function, don’t have normal leg functional. They can’t jump, run, throw or punch correctly.” – Greg Glassman Box Brief Remember we…

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  • Welcome Misty to the team!

    22 October 2017 Phil Morton

    Most of you know Misty… If you don’t, she is the 6am’er who leaves the inhuman times on the whiteboard after tough conditioning workouts. You also may know her as the one who replies to your emails! Wel…

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  • Weekend WODs & Events

    19 October 2017 Milo

    Yoga for Athletes, Saturday 1-2pm This week we’re going to work on mobilising the spine through all sorts of twists, as well as a couple of backbends to release the lower part of the spine. Be prepared to get those…

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  • Back Squat and Bench

    18 October 2017 Milo

    Workout of the Day A) 3×5 Back Squat B) Bench Press 40 Reps, break up as you want. C) For Time! 50 Calorie Row or Airdyne 50 Burpee Box Jumps 50 Calorie Row or Airdyne Met-Con Class 4 Rounds each for time: 30 Kb swi…

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  • Yoga for Athletes

    17 October 2017 Milo

    The number 1 reason I hear people give for not doing yoga is…’I’m not flexible enough‘. A common misconception, yet hardly a surprise if you consider how yoga is often portrayed on social media &#…

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  • Deadlifts and Pull Up Strength Work

    16 October 2017 Milo

    Hey Crew ! Day 2 is in! Deadlift is exactly the same as the Squat however the aim will be to add 5kg each time. Same principle, if you race too much at the beginning then you wont get the full bang for your buck at the e…

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  • Gain Train Has Arrived !

    15 October 2017 Milo

    Hey Crew ! Day one today of the new Strength cycle. This will be a very straight forward program to get us started. I’m very excited to be working with you all on your fitness journey. If you have any questions abo…

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  • Saturday Yoga , Halloween WOD and Fancy Dress!

    12 October 2017 Milo

    Swole & Flexy – Yoga for Athletes at CrossFit Thames In this week’s yoga class, we will focus on hip openers, to complement the new programming cycle which kicks off with heavy backsquats on Monday – ass to gr…

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  • Testing Day 4: 5 Rep Max DeadLift & Max Pull Ups

    11 October 2017 Milo

    Workout of the Day A) Deadlift 5 Rep Max B) Max Rep Pull and or Chin Up Met-Con Class 3 Sets: 30/25 Cal Row 30 box jump overs 32/24 30 Sandbag Squats *3 min rest between sets Structural Strength – Workout of the Da…

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