• Recovery – Further Listening!

    19 June 2018 Dan Thomas

    Following on up from this Sunday’s blog on recovery, here’s a really fun and interesting Podcast Episode of the Mind Muscle Project on Sleep and Recovery! In this episode the guys interview Allison Brager …

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  • Recovery – Coach Milo

    17 June 2018 Milo

    Last time we went over how sleep is the number one performance enhancing activity we can do. So if you haven’t read that then go do so here before continuing on. If you don’t have time to read both then read …

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  • Events and Updates!

    15 June 2018 Dan Thomas

    OLY Update from Coach Alan So, following on from the two stream approach of the previous cycle which enabled many of you to focus your energy on either the oly bias or the squat bias, this block we’ll be focussing a lo…

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  • Backbends and Deadlifts – Further Reading

    12 June 2018 Dan Thomas

    Following on from Sunday’s blog, let’s take a closer look at how adding backbends to your mobility regime will benefit your training, whether it be gymnastics or lifting. The different parts of the spine possess diff…

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  • Backbends and Deadlifts: How the Locust Pose Connects your Lifts – Yoga Instructor Christine

    10 June 2018 Dan Thomas

    You’ll likely know the locust pose (salabhasana) as ‘superman’ as part of your warm-up, arch to hollow for example. Did you know that this pose is also a brilliant way to build strength in the back with a view to p…

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  • Events!

    8 June 2018 Dan Thomas

    Competition Time – Strength in Depth! By now most of you will have either forcibly or willingly entered yourself into these qualifiers and taken on the first workout in Thursday’s Classsic CrossFit classs. Fo…

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  • Sleep articles for further reading!

    5 June 2018 Milo

    How Does Poor Sleep Affect Our Ability To Learn? 1. A study conducted by a team of researchers from the University of Zurich examined the effect of disturbed deep sleep on the brain’s ability to learn new things. 2. Th…

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  • Winning desired so sleep is required – Coach Milo

    3 June 2018 Milo

    Sleep Let’s be clear out the gate. Sleep is the Number 1 performance enhancing activity that we can do for EVERYTHING we do. Regardless of your training program or how hard you push yourself, if you aren’t recovering…

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  • Events!

    2 June 2018 Dan Thomas

    Competition Time – Strength in Depth! For anyone that missed the post on our Facebook group, we have been putting together a team for this years’ Strength in Depth competition! For the qualifiers guys we can …

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  • Oly Program for the Week and Bonus Content!

    29 May 2018 Dan Thomas

    Here is a Ted Talk by Roger Frampton on how sitting down slowly “destroys” you. This is some general food for thought crew, but if you missed Sunday’s blog post about how to undo and mitigate some of th…

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