• Wednesday 8th November – Workout of the day

    7 November 2017 Phil Morton

    Did you see our video on how to work towards your first muscle-up?.. Here is another great video from CrossFit.com on improving the muscle-up Workout of the Day – CrossFit Muscle Ups Skill Development A) Every minu…

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  • Tuesday 7th November – Workout of the day

    6 November 2017 Phil Morton

    What the hell is a Zercher Squat? This odd looking squat variation is named after a Mr Ed Zercher, a All-Around Weightlifter in the 1930’s, best known for this style of squatting. Ow yeah, he also had a reported deadli…

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  • Monday 6th November – Workout of the day

    5 November 2017 Phil Morton

    “Not only are squats not bad for the knees, every legitimate research study on this subject has shown that squats improve knee stability and therefore help reduce the risk of injuries.” – Charles Poliqu…

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  • Next Level Chillin’, Events & Weekend Workouts

    2 November 2017 Phil Morton

    Progressive Muscle Relaxation – Next level chillin’ High intensity training regimes such as CrossFit are very taxing on the central nervous system, even more so if you do not allow your body (and therefore ultimately…

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  • Workout of the day – Thursday 2nd Nov

    1 November 2017 Phil Morton

    Workout of the Day – CrossFit A) Back squat: 3×5, across *Add 2.5 to 5kg based on your last squat session B) Seated dumbbell press 3×6-7 *Use the same weight as last week and aim to increase reps C) For t…

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  • Workout of the day – Wednesday 1st November

    31 October 2017 Phil Morton

    Workout of the Day – CrossFit A) Yoke Carries Choose a variation and build to a heavy/technical load – Overhead carry – Front rack carry – Back rack carry B) 20 down to 1, reps of: Calorie airdyne…

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  • Workout of the Day – Tuesday 31st October

    30 October 2017 Phil Morton

    Box Brief 8am Classes – We are trialling some 8am CrossFit class times on Tuesday’s (31st Oct, 7th Nov, 14th Nov) and Friday’s for the next 3 weeks (3nd Nov, 10th Nov, 17th Nov) Workout of the Day for &…

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  • A big thank you to this ‘cool as ice’ coach…

    29 October 2017 Phil Morton

    We want to take a moment to thank Dan. Apart from being one of the coolest mofo’s out there (he really needs to be a model for aviators), Dan is a top notch Gent and a valuable member of our team. Dan has an amazin…

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  • Events & Weekend Workouts

    26 October 2017 Phil Morton

    It’s nearly the weekend… Happiest of Birthday’s to Coach Markus! October Challenge Just a few days left to try and get on the leaderboard for this months challenge!… Halloween Party – Friday…

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  • Workout of the Day – Thursday 26th October

    25 October 2017 Phil Morton

    “If you think lifting weights is dangerous, try being weak. Being weak is dangerous.” – Bret Contreras Workout of the Day – CrossFit A) 3 Supersets of Deadlifts: 3×5, across (add 2.5 to 5kg f…

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