• Thursday WODs

    12 April 2017 Milo

    Workout of the Day A) EMOM 12 Odds: 5 Power Cleans 60/40kg Evens: 5 STOH B) 4 Rounds For Time: 15 Power Clean 42.5/30kg 30 GHD Sit Ups 400m Run Met-Con Workout of the Day A) 12 Minute AMRAP 5 KB Front Squats 20 Cal Sprin…

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  • Handstand Walk, Pistols and Oly Club

    11 April 2017 Milo

    Workout of the Day A) ALT EMOM for 10 Minutes Odds: R arm Evens: L arm 3 DB Power Snatch 3 DB Squat Snatch 3 DB OHS B) 5 Rounds Handstand Walk 100ft 30 Pistols Oly Lifting Club Workout of the Day EMOM 5 3 Hang Power Clea…

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  • Rowing and IWT Makes A Return!

    10 April 2017 Milo

    Some rowing tekkers for you all 🙂 Workout of the Day Row 5 x 5 mins on, 5 mins off Met-Con Class Workout of the Day IWT Day Part 1: 3 Rounds of, 8 KB Clean and jerks 2 Minutes Max distnace row! All out effort -Rest 2 …

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  • The Test Of Fitness

    9 April 2017 Milo

    “Fitness is not just in the gym. Fitness is outside of the gym. It’s life. Anytime you find yourself saying, ‘Damn it, I can’t do that,’ you have a hole in your fitness.” Workout of th…

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  • Events & Weekend WODs

    6 April 2017 Milo

    April Events April’s challenge will be 1x MAX set of unbroken wall balls! How many can you do ?? This means no stopping , no resting the ball against the wall, it has to be continuous movement! 🙂 Who’s got…

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  • 5 Tips for your Mobility gains

    5 April 2017 Milo

    #1: Have a plan. Pick your top 1 or 2 areas that need attention the most and hit them daily. Spend a few minutes picking different ways to hit an area or do some research on it. Need some Ideas or not sure where to look?…

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  • How to get better sleep

    4 April 2017 Milo

    How to get better sleep Adults should be aiming for 7 to 9 hours sleep, every night. Anything less this is a problem Here are our top 5 tips for getting a better nights sleep: 1) Maintain a sleep schedule: Aim to go to b…

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  • Nutrition

    3 April 2017 Milo

    Building on What Coach Dan said about the whole life challenge it’s time to take a little look at how your nutrition is sizing up. Still for myself the easiest way to think about Nutrition is CrossFit’s defin…

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  • Challenges in life and why you should embrace them – Coach Dan

    2 April 2017 Milo

    Having completed my third Whole Life Challenge, I have come to reflect on a question that I asked myself at the start of this year’s challenge: “Why on earth am I putting myself through this again?” Across the past…

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  • Events & Weekend WODs

    30 March 2017 Milo

    April Events The Results from the team Open are in! Here are the final standings: 1st Team WODSpotting – 139 points 2nd Team PB & Jelly Legs – 125 points 3rd Team Kia Kaha – 124 points 4th Team Tha…

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