• Testing Week Day 4

    12 July 2017 Milo

    Workout of the Day Isabel and Grace Mash Up A) Isabel 60/40kg *Rest at least 10 mins B) Death by Clean and Jerk Met-Con Class Workout of the Day 3 Sets: 10 Min AMRAP 2k row + AMRAP 1 C2B, 2 Sandbag Thrusters , 3 Burpee o…

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  • Testing Week Day 3

    11 July 2017 Milo

    Workout of the Day CrossFit Open 17.5 9 Thrusters 42.5/30kg 35 Double Unders Oly Lifting Club Workout of the Day Weightlifting Total A) 1RM Snatch B) 1RM C&J Structural Strength – Workout of the Day Our next c…

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  • Testing Week Day 2 ! Repeat WOD

    10 July 2017 Milo

    Workout of the Day 5 Rounds For Time: 500m Row 400m Run Optional Extra Classic CrossFit Warm up Met-Con Class Workout of the Day 10 Rounds of: 15 Cal AD sprint 20 Jumping Lunges *:90 rest…

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  • Reflections after Rainhill Trials – Embracing Competitions as a Newbie by Coach Dan

    9 July 2017 Milo

    I’ve recently realised that I have been setting a goal for myself to partake in a few competitions. Really I think I have set it as a goal every year for the past 5 years now, but due to a few unforeseen situations tha…

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  • Upcoming Events

    6 July 2017 Milo

    The Reebok CrossFit Thames July Challenge – The Sandbag Carry 400m Sandbag Carry for time! 62kg for Male and 45kg for Female! Bonus challenge is can you stay unbroken?! Testing Week Next week! It’s the end of…

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  • Reminder – CrossFit Seminar Weekend

    5 July 2017 Milo

    Reminder – CrossFit Seminar Weekend We are Hosting a Level 1 Seminar over the weekend so this means there will be no classes or open gym available. Enjoy the rest and get yourselves ready for Test week next week! W…

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  • Happy Birthday Coach Milo!

    4 July 2017 Milo

    A big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Coach Milo! Have a great day buddy! Workout of the Day 800m Run 75 Thrusters 35/25kg 800m Run Oly Lifting Club Workout of the Day A) Burgener Warm Up B) Skill Transfer Movements Snatch Push Press …

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  • 21-15-9 Awesomeness

    3 July 2017 Milo

    Workout of the Day 21-15-9 for least sets! Overhead Squats 60/40kg Muscle Ups Met-Con Class Workout of the Day 10 Sandbag Clean and Jerk 10 burpee 200m run 8 Sandbag Clean and Jerk 8 Burpee 200m run 6 Sandbag Clean and J…

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  • Never skip run day – Nick Gibbins

    2 July 2017 Milo

    The sun blazes onto my arms and legs and I know they have been slowly cooking for hours. Thankfully my head is partially spared as I have a desert running cap – one with a flap that hangs down over the back of my n…

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  • Mindset RX’d – Seminar

    29 June 2017 Milo

    What this workshop will deliver is a method for overcoming the mental hurdles in between you and where you want to be. If you’re inconsistent in your training, nutrition or mobility, if you find your mind prevents …

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