• EMOMs , Met-Con and Gymnastics

    26 July 2017 Milo

    Workout of the Day EMOM for 30 Minutes (6 Rounds) 1) Row 15/12 Cal 2) 9 Ring dip (Strict or kipping) 3) 12 Toe to Bar 4) 20 Walking Lunge 5) Rest Met-Con Class Workout of the Day 3 Rounds 10 Sandbag Thrusters (UB!) 2 Min…

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  • Strength & Met-Con, Oly Club And New Cycle For Structural Strength!

    25 July 2017 Milo

    Workout of the Day Strength & Metcon Day A) Build to a heavy 3 Hang Power Clean B) 7 Rounds For Time: 7 Power Clean 60/40kg 35 Double Unders Fastest times Male Joe HD and Coach McCoy 8.48 Female Kat 7.25 Oly Lifting…

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  • AMRAPs Are The Spice Of Life …

    24 July 2017 Milo

    Workout of the Day 3 rounds AMRAP for 4 Minutes: 200m Run 21 KBS 24/16kg 12 Pull Ups Max Wall Ball in remaining time Rest 4 mins Met-Con Class Workout of the Day 5 Rounds: 30 Goblet Squat 24/16 15 Wall Ball Sit ups 200m …

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  • It’s not all about the numbers – Coach Markus

    23 July 2017 Milo

    In today’s blog post, I want to talk about the word “progress” and how it drives and affects us. Progress is a very important concept in life and we humans seem to be hard-wired or at least trained to pursue it in …

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  • Events and Weekend WODs

    20 July 2017 Milo

    The Reebok CrossFit Thames July Challenge – The Sandbag Carry 400m Sandbag Carry for time! 62kg for Male and 45kg for Female! Bonus challenge is can you stay unbroken?! Mindset RX’d – Seminar What this …

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  • InterClass Throwdown Day 4

    19 July 2017 Milo

    Workout of the Day In a 20 minute window A) Run 1 mile B) in remaning time AMRAP Nate…

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  • InterClass Throwdown Day 3

    18 July 2017 Milo

    Workout of the Day Heavy Air Force WOD – Partner WOD Starting with 4 synchro burpees EMOM 30 Thrusters 50/30 kg 30 SDHP 30 Push Jerk 30 OHS 30 Front Squat Structural Strength – Workout of the Day Our next cyc…

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  • No Met-Con Class

    17 July 2017 Milo

    There will be no Met-Con class this week due to the Inter Class Throwdown! We want as many people as possible to take part so make sure you pick a class and dedicate yourselves 🙂 If you aren’t that fussed then j…

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  • How do you get your protein though? – Coach Alice

    16 July 2017 Milo

    This is likely the mostly frequently asked question I get. Being a lifelong vegetarian, it’s common for people to assume I can’t get protein into my diet. Because only meat has protein, right? Being a persona…

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  • Testing Week Day 5 – Interclass Throwdown!!! All Next week

    13 July 2017 Milo

    The InterClass Throwdown Monday 17th July to Saturday 22nd July Apologies for the email with the incorrect date (blame Coach Phil) but our Inter-Class Throwdown will be the week after testing week. Our present Champions …

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