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Workout of the day for Thurs 22nd Feb – Arm Balances or the Art of Flight

We’re in week 6/8 of the current cycle, which means the focus this week will be on arms & upper body again. During Saturday’s yoga practice, we’ll be flowing our way through a few progressions towards bakasana, the crow pose. Arm balances are of course an excellent – and ninja – way to build strength in the arms and wrists, but also to improve your proprioception and fine motor skills.

To allow us humans to walk upright and support much of our weight on our two legs, the hip joints are designed to be robust and stable. The shoulder on the other hand is extremely mobile, and therefore requires support from the surrounding soft tissues – muscles, tendons and ligaments. Because the joint is so unstable, shoulders are prone to pain and injury. This needs to be considered when practising any arm balance, as it’s easy to just collapse into the pose, without considering the necessity of having to lift up through the midline.  Abdominal strength is required in order to stabilise the torso and allow the pelvis and legs to come off the ground to achieve this type of posture. In other words, you’re equally going to have to work those abs in order to take flight.

Muscles are strengthened in the range of motion in which you work them, and in true CrossFit spirit, we want to keep things constantly varied – it’s good to mix things up and move in different ways, so come on down and channel your inner ninja.

Our weekly yoga class runs every Saturday, you can find further information about it here.

Non-members of Thames are welcome to drop in at a cost of £10, which can be paid either cash on the day, or online by purchasing a Yoga Pass.

Workout of the Day – CrossFit

A) Recovery

20 Minutes: Row/Skip/Airdyne at a easy pace

B)Skill work

Pick a skill you want to practice and spend some time on it

C) Mobility & Mashing

Get supple ready for the Open workout tomorrow!

Workout of the Day – Met-Con

For time with a partner. You Must share work equally 🙂
100 Caloire row
100 Dumbbell burpees 16/10kg
100 Dumbbell thrusters 22/16kg
100 Airdyne

Workout of the day for Wed 21st Feb

Workout of the Day – CrossFit

A) 8 8inute EMOM: 1 – 3 Bar muscle-ups

B) 18 miniute AMRAP (@ 70-80% effort)
8 Overhead squat 40/30kg
8 Hang power clean 40/30kg
10 Burpees
60 Second plank

Workout of the Day – Weightlifting Club

A) Snatch: Build to a heavy single for the day

B) Front squat: 5 x 2 @ 80-90%

C) Bent over barbell row: 4 x 6 @ by feel

Workout of the day for Tues 20th Feb – The 5 Weeks of the CrossFit Open, FAQ

So it’s that time of the year again where we all get to test out our hard earned fitness and we’d just like to provide a FAQ on how things are going to run over the course of the next 5 weeks.

When are the workouts released?
The workouts will be release late Thursday night/Early Friday morning. They are released by CrossFit HQ over on the CrossFit Games website.

When will we be doing the Open workouts?
All classes on Fridays will be doing The Open workout. Regardless of whether you are ‘officially’ signed up or not you get to join in the fun.

Will this affect class schedule?
Our class schedule will NOT be changing, all classes will run as per usual.

But we will not know what the workouts will be until a few hours before the first morning class on Friday, so please be patient if we need a few minutes to prepare for the unknown and unexpected.

Will I have a chance to redo the workout?
Friday is the time to give it all you’ve got and empty the tank but if for any reason you couldn’t make Friday class or you decide that you’d like to redo the workout then your options would be to do it in Open gym hours.

Open Gym Rules
Classes ALWAYS have priority over equipment and space. No exceptions. If you want to redo the workout in gym try to avoid peak times when there are classes on.

Open Gym Times

All coaches will be taking the Judges course, they will also be the ones who can validate your scores if you have signed up online.

You will need to submit your scores online at the latest 9pm the Monday following the workout or they will not be validated.

On the Friday if you are doing the workout in class then you may need to count reps for your Thames team mates.

Please don’t to turn up in Open gym hours and expect be judged by one of our coaches but please don’t hesitate to ask and if we have time then we will obviously help you.

And now the fun part!

Theme of the week
Every Friday will bring a different theme or treat

18.1 is ‘Pretty in Pink’ wear an item of Pink clothing.
18.2 Miller’s famous smoothie bar will be making a return!
18.3 is a ‘Total Blackout’ the theme is Black, interpret it however you wish.
18.4 Fresh fitness food will be suppling some much need recovery food for you all to try!
18.5 End of Open Party! Lets drink a beer or 2 from our very own Thames Tavern and enjoy some quality time reflecting on our achievements of this last year of training!

We at Thames can’t wait to share the next 5 weeks of fun with you guys so let’s buckle our weightlifting belts and we’ll face Castros shit storm together.

Workout of the Day – CrossFit

Today should be looked at like a “Focus Day”. Focus on moving as well as possible and the quality of your reps rather than just trying to set yourself on fire and going as fast as possible.

A) 6 Minute EMOM: 5 Tng Power Clean & Jerk, climbing to as heavy as possible

B) 3 Sets: AMRAP strict pull ups, 90 seconds rest between sets

C)2 x 4 min clock:
40/35 Calorie row
75 Double unders
AMRAP HSPU in remaining time
*2 min rest

Workout of the Day – Met-Con

3 Rounds for time:
800m Run
50 Push ups
40 Sit ups
30 Walking lunge
20 Dumbbell shoulder to overhead 20/16kg
10 Burpee
*90 seconds rest after each round

Programming During The Open! – Coach Milo

Hey Crew !

With the open nearly upon us we are going to change the programming days up a little to tie in with the next 5 weeks.

Recovery days will change up from Wednesday to Thursday for the next 5 weeks as thats when most of you will be resting anyways with the classes doing the open WODs on Fridays.

Monday will be our 100% day where be it lifting or Intervals (or both 😛 ) we will be pushing you hard. Tuesday will be similar but we will recommend pulling back a little and some higher complexity skills will be thrown in to slow you down regardless. Wednesday will be a recommended 75% day. Again skill work will be a priority and breathing. May be a long slow chipper or some skill EMOMs. These days you should be focusing on moving as well as possible and at a steady pace. Thursday as above is a rest/recovery day.
Friday will be game time with the CrossFit Open WODs 🙂

As ever if you want to go over this in more detail or if you have questions then let me know !
Coach Milo , 🙂

Happy Monday gangsters!

Workout of the Day – CrossFit

A) Back Squat 3-3-3, all heavy, climbing.

B)For time:
400m run
12 Thrusters 70/50kg
12 Chest to bar pull ups
400m run
12 Thrusters 60/40kg
12 Chest to bar pull ups
400m run
12 Thrusters 50/30kg
12 Chest to bar pull ups
400m run
12 Thrusters 40/30kg
12 Chest to bar pull ups

Upcoming Events & Weekend Workouts

The CrossFit Open, Feb 22nd to Mar 26th

Yes, it’s nearly CrossFit Open time!

Unsure of what the Open is? Then check this out…

…and then read THIS BLOG POST.

The Open is for everyone and anyone and it’s some of the most fun you can have doing CrossFit!

We will be joining CrossFitter’s worldwide to complete 5 workouts over 5 weeks that we will perform during Friday’s classes at the gym. Each Friday we will have a theme to make the day even more enjoyable. The schedule for the 5 weeks is as follows:

Workout 18.1 – Feb 22-26
Workout date: Friday 23rd Feb (all classes)
Theme of the workout: Pretty in Pink

Workout 18.2 – March 1-5
Workout date: Friday 2nd March (all classes)
Theme of the workout: Smoothie Bar

Workout 18.3 – March 8-12
Workout date: Friday 9th March (all classes)
Theme of the workout: Total Blackout

Workout 18.4 – March 15-19
Workout date: Friday 9th March (all classes)
Theme of the workout: Be your own Superhero

Workout 18.5 – March 22-26
Workout date: Friday 21st March (all classes)
Theme of the workout: End of Open Party

Read more about the themes for each week here.

T0 register for the CrossFit Open just head over the CrossFit Games website.

Yoga for Athletes, Saturday 12.30-1.30pm

Workout of the Day – Friday

A) Max Rep Toes to bar

B) Max Rep Double Unders

C) Deadlift 1 or 5 Rep Max

Workout of the Day – Saturday

A) Power Clean 1 or 5 Rep Max

B) “Grace”
30 Clean and Jerks 60/40kg

Workout of the Day – Sunday, Weightlifting Club

A) Snatch Pull + Snatch
6 x 1+1@75%
B) OH Squat
3 x 2@ 90% of snatch
C) Front squat
3 x 2@75-80%
D) Bent over row
3 x 6@ by feel”

Workout of the day for Thurs 15th Feb – Testing Week Day 4 & Yoga for Athletes

Yoga for Athletes, Saturday 12.30-1.30pm

After last week’s guided relaxation, it’s time to get to work again, as the second half of the current 8 week cycle starts on Saturday.

This week’s focus is going to be legs and lower body again, so expect a bunch of hip openers and standing postures to challenge your balance. We’ll be revisiting some of the asanas (poses) from week 1, and add a couple new ones to your repertoire.

Don’t skip leg day!

Workout of the Day – CrossFit

CrossFit Open 14.4

Here comes another Open WOD for testing today. This is by far my favourite open WOD to date. It has a great combo of simple movements, capacity testing, will power to push and then building to slightly more complex movements as it goes. Whatever scale you used last time ensure you use the same one again to really gauge how much improvement you have actually made! – Coach Milo

14 Minute AMRAP:
60 Calorie row
50 Toes to bar
40 Wall balls 9/6kg
30 Cleans 60/40kg
20 Muscle-ups

Workout of the Day – Met-Con

4 Rounds:
400m Hard run
20 burpees
100 M heavy sandbag carry
15 KB power clean & press 24/16kg
20 box jumps 24/20″
plank to failure

-1 min rest

Workout of the day for Wed 14th Feb – Testing Week Day 3

Active recovery for the middle of testing week! Make sure you try and slow down a little today even if you are feeling good. We want to keep riding the wave on Thursday with the CrossFit Open 14.4 , Deadlifts and toes to bar on Friday and then with Power cleans and grace on Saturday 🙂

Workout of the Day – CrossFit

Active Recovery
A) Alternating EMOM for 20 Minutes
Min 1:
10/8 Cal Row/AD
Min 2: 10 Burpees
Min 3: 35 Double Under
Min 4: 5/5 Upside down KB Presses
Min 5: 8 Wall ball Sit ups/GHD

B) 5-10 Minutes of Skill work of choice and or Mashing/Mobility work

Workout of the Day – Oly Club

A) Cleans
5 x 1 @ 85-90%
B) Strict press
2 x 2@85%
2 x 1@90%
C)Push Press
1 x 2@80%
1 x 2@85%
1 x 2@90%
D)Sumo RDLs
3 x 8@ by feel

New Cycle Starts Tomorrow!

You all know it’s coming. You have set your goals for the year, is crushing the CrossFit Games Open part of it ? Or is improving your fitness a part of it ? Well the next 6 week program has got you covered. And I’m going to tell you this for free, its going to be awful. Its going to be hard. Its going to suck. You are going to hate me. It will however get you fitter than you’ve ever been and will definitely be worth it.

How is it going to work ?

Similar with the recent Strength cycle each day will be broken down with specific goals in mind, each week we will cycle the days, so if you have set training days you can benefit from the program. Check out the layout above for all the details.

If you can only do 3x a week and have the luxury of being able to make any day then I suggest you always make the IWT day, the interval day and Saturday. These will be the best for the aims for the aims of the cycle however these will also be the most painful. Be warned. 🙂 )

Here is the breakdown of what each day would mean.


Interval Weight Training was developed by Pat O’Shea in 1969.

An IWT is an intense type of interval work utilising a combination of athletic lifts and free aerobic exercise. The cross training of athletic type lifting for full range strength and free exercise for anaerobic power, has a major impact on developing explosive power endurance, and can also be great for torching some unwanted body fat. This will be by far the hardest day of the week and the one you must not skip out on. It will be rough but nothing has ever got me fitter than this type of training. Head down, embrace the suck and reap the rewards in 6 weeks time.

Strength Day / Focus Day

We will still have a set strength day to maintain your new found gainz. We still be lifting heavy to keep this as a balanced program, however as we will be lifting after the IWT days you may find this challenging, you will be tired but I can promise you aren’t “losing your gainz!”. Some of you may even find with this switch in training some numbers may increase.

All I mean by “Focus” day is that we will also have a WOD at the end of the Strength day where I want you to slow it down a little and focus on your quality of movement. Focus on moving as well as you can rather than setting yourself on fire and moving like an octopus on acid.

Gymnastics / StrongMan Fun

Self explanatory for both. Let’s take these gymnastic days seriously crew and take the time to break down some of these movements. If you have been chasing muscle ups for past year then maybe its time to actually dedicate yourselves to the process. There is no magic pill here. Put in the work and earn it.

Barbell cycling and Midline

For the cycle we will be specifically targeting Power snatch cycling as it’s almost guaranteed to come up in the open and the transfer of skills is a great one. It will also add an opportunity to really focus on the movement itself, to really break it down and improve on any issues you may be having.

Strength endurance that will come out of it for all movements will also be invaluable for the open and your fitness journey in general.

Midline is something we can all get better at. If you have a weak midline you have a weak everything. And vice versa, get a stronger midline you get a stronger everything. Don’t skip over this. It’s fact.

Saturday Team Beastings

Saturday sessions will be reserved for some team training and longer WODs. Grab your super best friend and get ready to put in the work.

If you have any questions going forward or if you want to send some general abuse my way after an IWT session then you can find me at , Hit me up! 🙂

Day 1 of the new Cycle ! Get excited ! This will be rough and fun all at the same time! Enjoy!

Workout of the Day

A) Find a heavy 5 Front Squat

B) Focus session.
400m Run
30 Toes to bar
50 Double unders
30 Pull ups
50 Double unders
30 Toes to bar
400m Run

Weekend WODs & Events

Yoga for Athletes, Saturday 1-2pm

This week we’re going to work on mobilising the spine through all sorts of twists, as well as a couple of backbends to release the lower part of the spine. Be prepared to get those obliques to work and challenge your balance crew!

October Challenge

This months challenge is set ! Max Rep Push Ups for one set. As soon as anything other than your chest hits the floor your set is done. Full lock out at the top of the movement and midline engaged. No sagging of those hips! You CANNOT rest in the down ward dog position.The only rest you can take in in the top plank position. Grab a judge and get pushing!

Kilos for a Cure – Saturday 21 October, from 9am

Every October for the past two years, CrossFit 1864 has hosted Kilos for a Cure, a charity event to raise money for Breast Cancer Now. For the event, the participating athletes (both from our box, other boxes in London and also a few weightlifting gyms), took on “Grace” and found their one rep max clean and jerk.

Prizes from our sponsors, including Kitbox, SGF speed ropes, Built up North, Whatever it Takes and Icon Nutrition, were awarded to the fastest Grace and the heaviest clean & jerk in beginner, intermediate and advanced divisions, as well as prizes for the best dressed athlete and the spirit of the event. In total, we have raised well over £4000 for the charity!

We have recently confirmed the date for the event this year, and I have dreams of making it bigger and better – the more athletes we have involved, the more money we can raise for charity.

To find out more and get registered please check out this page!

Halloween partner workout with MANDATORY FANCY DRESS

Friday 27th October
We will be having beers, Halloween games, treats and maybe a monster mash after some ‘pumpkin juice’😉

We’ll get the beers in so you just need to bring some Halloween themed treats/dishes for the Halloween buffet!!!

People can arrive for 6pm we’ll aim to start for 6:30pm

CrossFit – Friday Workout of the Day

A) 5×3 Power Clean

B) 15 Minute AMRAP:
30 Russian KB Swings
15/15 KB Russian Twists
30 Push Ups

CrossFit – Saturday Workout of the Day

Fight Gone bad Style WOD , 3 Rounds Of:

Min 1: Wall Balls
Min 2: Rebounding Box Jumps
Min 3: Sandbag Push Press
Min 4: Sandbag Over the shoulder
Min 5: Pull Up
Min 6: Rest

Weightlifting Club – Sunday


A) Clean
6 x 2@ 80-85%

B) Clean pulls
5 x 2@ 100-105%

C) Split jerk doubles
6 x 2@80-85%

3 x 5@ by feel

Back Squat and Bench

Workout of the Day

A) 3×5 Back Squat

B) Bench Press
40 Reps, break up as you want.

C) For Time!
50 Calorie Row or Airdyne
50 Burpee Box Jumps
50 Calorie Row or Airdyne

Met-Con Class

4 Rounds each for time:
30 Kb swings 32/24kg
25 Burpees
30 Ab Mat sit ups

* Rest 90 Seconds between rounds

Structural Strength – Workout of the Day

A) Lower Body Accessory

3 Supersets
A1) Dumbbell box step-up: 10 per side, 3 second controlled decent each rep
A2) Glute bridge with band at knees: 20 with 2 second hold at the top
A3) Strict knees to elbows: 15 reps in as few sets as possible
*Rest 30 seconds between B1, B2 and B3, and 2 minutes between rounds

B) Upper Body Accessory

3 Supersets
B1) Single arm dumbbell strict press: 10 per side
B2) Batwing row: 6 reps with 6 second hold at the top
B3) Banded pull aparts: 20
*Rest 30 seconds between B1, B2 and B3, and 2 minutes between rounds

C) Finisher
Every 3 minutes for 12 minutes
20 Death march immediatley into 20 Dumbbell walking lunges