3 Day a week Muscle Up Program

Still struggling with Muscle ups ? Have you targeted your weakness like Coach Alan in his blog about “Basic Abilities”? If you don’t address it , it wont just magically get better. Find the weak link in the chain and get to work!

Here is a free PDF from our muscle up workshop we did a few weeks ago. It’s free but you need to work for it to work. If you have questions then ask. Email Milo@crossfitthames.com 🙂

It’s broken down into 3 different days, Mobility , Strength and Volume. It’s a guide so if you need to change some of the numbers then do so. Would love to ear your thoughts and how you get on so keep us posted! #GetAfterThoseMuscleUps! 😛

Muscle ups – 3 Day Program

Workout of the Day

A) Alt EMOM 10
Lying Side Raise L
Lying Side Raise R
Cuban Press
Alt Med Press Up
Ring Row

B) Muscle Up transitions or Muscle Up Swings
5 reps every minute of MU transition for positioning, or kip swings, or swings and pull to the hip.

C) 5 Rounds For Time:
10 Double KB C&J 32/20kg
3 Muscle Ups (Bar or Ring, whichever is a bigger weakness)

Oly Lifting Club

Workout of the Day
A) Push Jerk 3-3-3

B) Unbroken
Hang Clean 9-7-5-3
Push Jerk 9-7-5-3
Building weight

C) DB Bench 10-10-10
superset with
max L-Sit Pull Up, if you cannot do 5+ do normal strict pull ups

Structural Strength – Workout of the Day

This 8 week cycle is all about bulletproofing the shoulders.

This cycle will have several objectives, primarily concerning improving shoulder mobility, increasing strength at end ranges and improving overall joint health.

If you follow the programming consistently you can expect to improve overhead position, pressing strength, core strength and improved grip and carry strength.